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Title: A love–hate relationship
Post by: ShAivI on June 10, 2013, 01:42:34 AM
A love–hate relationship

A love–hate relationship is an attachment between two people or between
a person and a thing, based on the love and hate feelings simultaneously
or interchangeably.

People who are in this relationship will be deeply attached internally,
but fluctuating between these two emotions externally. The beauty in
this relationship lies in this fluctuation.


Generally we always try to change the unique nature of this relationship
either completely to the love or completely to the hate directions. Sometimes
we struggle more than enough to change and start getting frustrated which
leads to completely loose intimacy in the relationship. But instead of deep
passion, inside which is not identified or ignored, we may get feelings like
"duty" or "commitment" towards the relationship and totally turns up its
nature into lifelessness.  

Let us consider a player who enjoys the play when there is a win and lose in
the game. We can know the value of happiness when there is sadness. Similarly
the recipe which comes out of the love and hate ingredients always adds up spice
to the relationship. The enjoyment always lies in accepting the twin nature of it.

Once we understand this fact and start accepting this relationship as it is, it will
be the most amazing relationships ever. We can really enjoy the play of this
awesome relationship.

Usually we find this beautiful relationship between the lovers, husband and wife,
mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, in son and mother, son and father, daughter and mother,
daughter and father and even siblings etc.,


These kind of relationships are very much interesting because of its unique 'love-hate' spice.
They always like to love sometimes and hate sometimes, but the fact is they do not feel
complete and also cannot live without each other. The prettiness of the enjoyment
between their relationship is what more than this.


(found on the net ....interesting ...... sharing)
Title: Re: A love–hate relationship
Post by: Admin on July 10, 2014, 12:39:26 AM
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