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Author Topic: Be Happy, Be positive and Be Strong!  (Read 19919 times)

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Be Happy, Be positive and Be Strong!
« on: June 07, 2016, 12:05:01 PM »
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  • OM SAI RAM!!!

    Be Happy, Be positive and Be Strong!

    Life is certainly not easy and many of us face situations
    when we feel as if this is a dead end.

    We tried our best to make things work out but things have just
    not fallen in place.

    We probably tried heat, given our understanding and yet things
    did not work out.

    We are then in a situation that we are just unable to think of a
    way out.

    Our brain- the rational tool that thins it can know everything
    suddenly lets us down.

    It is in many such situations that devotees have recalled
    how Baba has gently guided them, through a message
    from someone or in dream- showing a way out. And suddenly
    you begin to see a way ahead where you thought was a
    dead end.

    But it needs deep trust- shraddha, and deep patience -Saburi- as
    Baba says. So being Baba's devotees, his children, I hope that we hold
    onto the two strong ropes of life that Baba has given us, instead of getting
    flown and drown in sea of emotions and pain.

    In such times, one has to also keep in mind that, we owe a big
    obligation to our parents, loved ones. And that our actions and deeds
    have a huge impact on them. So when the chips are down, lie low and
    trust Baba to lift you up.

    May we all be blessed with the due strength needed when such turns
    come in our life. And we are lucky to be part of this forum, it is like a
    Buddhist sangha- where all monks are at some stage of self realistaion....

    Be Happy, Be positive and Be Strong!


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    JAI SAI RAM !!!


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