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Title: Give The Higher Self A Chance ......
Post by: ShAivI on June 05, 2013, 04:31:15 AM

Give The Higher Self A Chance ......


We all have a higher Self within; we were born with it.
However, mostly, neither are we aware of it nor do we act from it.
It remains dormant, but survives only to manifest at the right opportunity.
Sometimes we get a fleeting glimpse of the Self when we spontaneously
act out of unconditional love.  

Recall a sudden wave of empathy that engulfed you at the sight of a man
shivering in the cold that prompted you to give him clothes; picking up a
wounded animal on the road; the compassion on seeing the innocent face
of a newborn, the deep sense of fulfillment on rescuing someone in trouble.
These arouse an incredible flow of energy and feelings within.

Momentarily, you rise from an ordinary state of being to an extraordinary
one that’s difficult to describe. The shift is spontaneous, unintentional and
instinctive. During these moments, you are completely immersed in feeling
for the other. You forget who you are -- your status, position, your own troubles,
and miseries; you act without assigning reason and logic. Neither do you expect  
reward or recognition in return. These are moments when your higher Self takes
over to become active and alive. Undoubtedly, every act of the Self leaves
behind a deep sense of fulfillment, worth, accomplishment and joy.

The Self is a vast storehouse of positive energy within that propels us to
extend ourselves unconditionally. We drop our masks -- our ego-self, the finite,
entrenched in inhibitions, doubts, hesitations, ifs and buts.  No sooner than the ego  
takes over, we again restrain ourselves from reaching out. The demands of the
ego-self are fairly compelling. It has incredible influence on us and its conditioning
wields tremendous gravitational pull that holds us back. Our conditioned mind
constitutes our ego-self that endorses judgments, evaluations, biases, prejudices,
and predispositions. We have gathered all this ignorantly, and continue this
way out of sheer habit, thereby impeding manifestation of the Self.

The Self is the internal abundance that can be realised at our will any time.
It’s capable of lifting us up from difficulties particularly during moments of
stress, frustration, nervousness and duress. It has the power to nourish,
nurture, absorb and inspire. All we need is to have faith and surrender
our ego-self to the higher Self. The challenge we face, therefore, is not in
allowing the Self to take charge but in surrendering ego-self. It’s fear that
keeps the ego intact, preventing its surrender. Our ego-self survives and
feeds on our fears, miseries, doubts, compulsions, obsessions and cravings
which are nothing but self-created but that appears real. With continuous use,
they have become our mindset. We tend to derive solace in them even
if the payoff is pain.

Our social and professional demands keep our mind highly active, absorbing
most of our attention. Cluttering of mind obscures the higher Self. Our mind
occupies the primary circuit and our consciousness remains enveloped by ego.
Therefore, withdraw yourself from such mental activities and enjoy silence and
aloneness at frequent intervals. Practicing this distances us from mental chaos
and creates inner space for the Self to manifest. Once you do this, the ground is
created for recurrent manifestation of Self.

The more frequently you allow the Self to manifest, greater the possibility of it
being active for longer durations. In due course, gradually, the way is paved for
the Self to become fully functional. Nonetheless, acting from the higher Self does
not make things different; rather, we start seeing things differently, eventually
enabling ourselves to transcend duality.

OM SAI RAM !!!  

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Title: What is our Lower Self ......
Post by: ShAivI on June 11, 2013, 12:38:08 AM


What is our Lower Self ......

The Ego

The ego is that part of your personality that sees itself separate from God.
The ego self reacts and makes decisions based on your history: past experiences,
beliefs gathered over time, and your emotions. It usually wants to be in control
and it focuses on fear. Some people refer to the ego as “easing God out.”

When you start listening and noticing the difference between the ego's voice
and the voice of divine guidance, you will realize that one comes from a place
of fear and the other comes from love. The best thing you can do is learn the
difference between the two. Your angels will remind you over and over again
that your ego is separate from your divine self. Yet you live in your human body,
which has an ego and a history from all your past experiences. Make the choice
now to become a witness to your ego. Notice when your ego is focusing on fear
or making decisions based on fear. Then turn to the loving guidance of the angels
and ask them to help you transform the effects of fear in your life.

Remember, the ego is not bad, it's just afraid. You can gain some valuable
wisdom by paying attention to this lower voice. Don't judge yourself for any
past mistakes you've made from following the voice of your ego, just grow from
it. Once you can discern and understand the messages coming from your ego,
you have the power to choose differently. Consider this information your gems
of wisdom to use in the future to live a better life.Your ego, or some call it
 “the lower self,” does not focus on love. It sees a fearful world and it does
not want to admit that it's afraid. The ego sends messages of worry, confusion,
insecurity, and it certainly doesn't want you to trust yourself. It doesn't want
you to feel confident, self-assured, or strong because it can no longer control
your actions.

The best thing you can do is learn the difference between the thoughts and
feelings coming from your ego versus divine guidance. Begin practicing by
learning some of the characteristics of your ego:

- Your ego is judgmental.

- Your ego is critical.

- Your ego is indecisive.

- Your ego procrastinates.

- Your ego is impatient.

- Your ego likes to control.

- Your ego is fearful.

- Your ego says you're unworthy and undeserving.

- Your ego is competitive.

As you witness your thoughts, notice if they hold any of these characteristics.
Then choose to recognize your ego and turn your attention to focus on the positive,
loving thoughts of the  Lord our Ishth Dev. Don't beat yourself up for having these
thoughts. Simply say, “Here my ego goes again,” and choose to take your power

Title: True (or Higher) Self .....
Post by: ShAivI on June 18, 2013, 06:54:45 AM


True (or Higher) Self

The self we normally identify with is a fabrication of our ego (intended to replace
what God made with a "new, improved" identity that better matches the EGO'S
ideals of perfection). By design, the mask totally conceals the real face behind it.
But, although we may get caught up in the dramas of self-centered existence
and even become totally identified with them, we can never reduce ourselves
to mere ego. The most convincing proof of that is found in our true spiritual
aspirations. If we were the egoic beings we may presume ourselves to be,
we would never be motivated to recognize, respond to, and aspire to the
realization of Truth, high ideals, and God.

When we talk about the True or Higher Self, we are referring to these
higher levels of being:

Unique God-given personality.

Higher and truer than the fabricated "self" is the unique, irreplaceable personality God made.
People who have learned to consistently recognize and express their unique soul characteristics
are considered to be "self-actualized."

Kinship with all God's children.
On yet a higher level, we find the universal selfhood that we share with all
God's children. At the LLF we call this the "Self-same Self," to underscore that
on this level, "my" True Self is not different from "your" True Self (and to explain
why, in our hearts, we all agree on what is most important and true). People who
identify with this level of being value what all human beings share in common more
than their own -- or any one else's -- unique attributes.

Divine spiritual essence.
At the highest level of our being lies the Spirit aspect of the human entity
-- the Divine essence of Life. That Spirit exceeds our individual personality and
even the universal aspects of our humanity, and overlaps with God. It is an indivisible
spark of infinite life and infinite consciousness. People who are conscious at this level
of being identify -- in a good way -- with Godhead. This is the state in which the enlightened
one ecstatically pronounces, "I am He!" and also, "World is God." Seeing the world is God
is an experience that is actually beyond even the all-embracing qualities of self-same-Selfhood.
It is perceiving the Absolute within the relative, and perceiving the relative AS the Unmanifest.

As we grow spiritually by releasing more and more ego, we progressively identify with more
and more of our True Self nature.

How to Connect with your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the spirit part of you that is said to ‘reside’ in the
Ether (the non-physical realm). It’s your Divine spark. This part of you helps you to
keep on track with your Life’s purpose and in touch with your passion and joy.

Is my Higher Self the same as my Soul?
Yes, it’s the part of you that has access to all the wisdom amassed over the course
of the many lifetimes you’ve lived, past, present and future. Some people like to make
a distinction between Higher Self, Spirit and Soul. I’m not sure how useful these distinctions
are unless you’re God and you need to get technical about it.

What does my Higher Self do?
Your Higher Self is like a pure background consciousness that offers forth
its wisdom and directions about where to go now. Sometimes these directions can take
a while to come through into your mind consciousness. But, there are ways to access
the wisdom of your Higher Self directly by bypassing the mind.

Your Higher Self is not ‘out there’ in the Ether. I want to put forward the idea that
your Higher Self is you, your consciousness, in your body.

It’s you who set the course of your life and the things you came here to learn about
before you even got here. It’s you whispering guidance to you about your highest path
and purpose. It’s you who has your feelings in response to your thoughts, which create
your reality. It’s you who set that up as a mechanism by which you could use those as
spiritual feedback about where you’re headed in your life.

Am I ever separate from my Higher Self? I don’t feel connected to my Spirit.
You can sometimes be alienated from your Higher Self when you see yourself
as an inferior being or when there are other beliefs you have which block you from the
truth of who you are as a spirit.

Have you ever had that exciting feeling which tells you that you’re here to do great things?
Have you ever had a humbling feeling that you’re someone really special, with a special
perspective to bring? Those are background input from your Higher Self. We mostly drown
out such input with our thoughts and our fears and when we listen to our fear, we feel
disconnected from our spirit.

How can I be more connected to my Higher Self?

Connecting to your Higher Self means living your Spirit.
It involves three things:

1. Empowerment – remembering that you are a child of the Universe,
with the power to create your world

You came here to be incarnated in the physical and to keep a connection to your Spirit intact.
You want to keep a connection to your Higher Self because that’s the part of you which knows
where to go and, what to take on the journey and what to do to get there. Many souls who
are incarnated here already do not have that connection anymore. They’ve lost it because
they see themselves as separate from God or from the Divine energy that is the Creator of
all things. People often treat themselves as if they’re at the mercy of an outside force that
controls the course of our lives. This is the ‘normal’ way to be and behave.

Living your Spirit means remembering that you are God energy or Source energy in a
physical body and the Creator of your world. The power inside you to create your world is
the same power that creates worlds. It’s your life purpose to utilize it to create the world you want.

2. Intuition – talking to yourself

You don’t need to contact your Higher Self as an entity outside of you – it is you!
And you don’t need to hire a psychic in order to contact your Higher Self (although you
can if you’re particularly alienated and don’t know where you’re headed or what you want).
The wisdom is inside of you, if you will access it.

Listen to your desires
Above all, pay attention to your desires. Your truest, heartfelt desires are
feedback from your Higher Self about what you want to do now.

Living from your Higher Self means not sacrificing or ignoring those desires. It also means
listening to those desires on a daily basis.

I manage my day by asking myself ‘what do I really want to do now?’ You might think that
asking myself that means that the stuff I don’t want to do never gets done but it’s not
the case. I actually regularly become inspired to overcome the challenges and the difficult
tasks also, when the time is right, or I manifest someone to help me. I take my desires
as feedback about the direction I want to go in. And when I remember to do it, it allows
me to live in an inspired way.

Meditate and quiet your mind
The quickest way to practice accessing your truest self is meditation.
It quietens the mind and the chatter which tells you who you are and what you can and
can’t do and be and takes you straight to the quiet and calm which is your Higher Self.
Start meditating by just focusing on your breath.

3. Healing – Clearing the clutter which stands between you and your truest self.
Most people don’t know they want healing – they just know that they feel bad.
So what can you do if you mostly feel bad? What if you don’t know what to do to heal that?
You can just put out the intention to be as aligned as possible with your Higher Self. Putting
out that intention will put you on a healing journey back towards who you are.

If you have the energy to be proactive, make it your work to clear away anything which is
not aligned with who you really are. Your Higher Self is pure joy. You know what is not aligned
with your Higher Self by how good it feels. If you feel good, then it’s aligned with your Higher Self.
If you feel bad, then it’s not aligned.

The clutter I’m referring to includes unhelpful beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’, any past
associations or events which cause you to feel bad, any feeling which does not feel good to
you is out of alignment with your Higher Self and it helps to find its source and purge the
belief or attitude that causes it.