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Author Topic: Remember, This Too Shall Pass..  (Read 1628 times)

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Remember, This Too Shall Pass..
« on: June 15, 2013, 01:52:29 AM »
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    Remember, This Too Shall Pass..
    On any given day, our emotional state changes many times. One moment,
    something good happens to us and we are joyful. The next moment we receive a bad news and
    we start feeling sad. Then, we get a cheque in the mail unexpectedly and we are happy again.
    Next, on the way home, someone cuts us off on the highway and we are enraged. When we get
    home and find our children received honours in school we are overjoyed. Thus, if we select any
    one day in our life, we will find a variety of moods and emotions playing out.

    Sometimes we go through longer periods of depression and sadness. Some lose all hope. Many
    try to drown their pain in self-abuse and take to alcohol or drugs. Often we feel that we will never
    be happy again.

    How are saints and mystics different than us? Saints realise that the soul is eternal and changeless.
    Life is passing show and the soul is an observer. Sometimes we see happy periods and at other
    times, sad periods. When we identify with the passing illusion or show, we experience ups and
    downs in life.

    There was once a seeker who would meditate in a room for several hours each day. He wished
    to solve the mystery of life. He would not speak to anyone but would stay in the room, meditating
    almost all day.One day, a dark cloud passed above the building, darkening the room. Once the
    cloud passed, the room became light again. Suddenly, the seeker came out of the room, went
    into the street and began dancing and singing with joy. Seeing this, the master asked, “What
    has made you so happy and full of laughter today?”

    The seeker said, “I have just figured out the secret to life. All life is maya or illusion. One day the
    sky is clear. Then a cloud comes and darkens the sky. Then, the cloud passes and the sky is clear
    again. Such are the events of our life. All the ups and downs in life will pass away also.”

    This simple realisation brings forth a calm approach to life, revealing the fact that our true Self is
    the soul. The soul, a mere traveler in the physical world, wears a physical body and is given a
    physical mind even as we experience maya and the transitory nature of existence.

    Life is like theatre. As the play progresses, there will be ups and downs in our role. We will have
    happy events and sad events. The key is to realise that each of them is like the clouds that too
    will pass. Although no one likes the sad parts, they will also pass. We should recognise their
    transitory nature and then move on. We should not become so caught up in them that we can
    no longer function. We need to be patient and wait for them to go. Instead of reacting to happy
    and sad moods as the play of our life unfolds, we can learn to remain calm. We can avoid the ups
    and downs of life by realising they will all pass. We should instead keep our attention on God and
    spend time daily in meditation. In this way we can remain in a calm state. Then, like the seeker,
    we too can experience joy and laughter because we know that whatever happens is but a passing
    dark cloud that will blow away to leave the skies clear once again.

    Baba Bless!!
    Sai Samarth.....Shraddha Saburi

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