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Handy Tips
« on: January 30, 2008, 01:40:56 AM »
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    For soft Dosas, add some boiled rice to white gram and rice, while grinding.
    Put some neem and turmeric pieces or garlic flakes in the container where you store rice or grains, in order to keep away insects.

    To adjust salt in curries add roasted rice powder. 

    If the curd is too sour, add 4 cups of water to it. After half an hour, remove the water collected on top. 

    When you cook dal  add some refined oil or garlic. It will reduce gas trouble.

    Keep rice flour and basin in a polythene cover in refrigerator when you want tem stored for a long time.

     Add some vinegar in the boiling water before steaming potato.

     For crispy dosas, add a teaspoon of tur dal  gram) and some fenugreek seeds while soaking rice 

    Add a pinch of corn flour to the jar of salt to prevent it from getting damp.

    While chopping raw bananas and potatoes, put the pieces in a bowl of water to avoid it from turning black.

    A bay leaf added to the flour container will keep the flour free from moisture.

    To peel garlic flakes easily, wash and soak them in cold water for about an hour.

    Green peas will retain their original colour, if you add a pinch of sugar while boiling.

    Leafy vegetables will remain fresh longer, if wrapped in news papers when you are storing.

    If you don't have any cream to add in the soup or gravy, add a mixture of butter and milk.

    Apply some oil on the sides of the vessel in which you boil milk, in order to avoid it from overflowing. 

    After extracting butter from milk cream, add a little milk or curd to the residue and boil. You will get soft 'Paneer'.

    For thick cream, cover the milk vessel with a thin muslin cloth and refrigerate over night.

    Barley powder will increase the taste of meat and vegetable curries.

    You can make tasty chappathi by mixing equal proportion of wheat flour and barley.

    While boiling eggs, put a hole with a pin on the rounded portion of the egg so that the shell won't break when boiling.

    Keep boiled eggs in cold water for 5 minutes, this will make removal of the shell easier.

    Cut boiled eggs with a knife dipped in hot water to avoid breaking. 

    Boiled eggs will last longer, if you store the shelled eggs in a bowl of cold water in a refrigerator.

    If the bread is too soft to cut into pieces, hold the knife close to a flame  and then slice the bread with it. 

    If you need only the egg white, for storing the remaining yolk, cover the yolk with water or milk and keep in a cool dark place. Just drain off the liquid before using  the yolk.

    Add a little powdered lemon rind to puddings or deserts to avoid the smell of egg.

    If you want to make crispy potatoes or banana chips, sprinkle salt water over them while frying.

    Soak almonds in warm water for a minute, if you need to peel them quickly.

    If a curry turns out too salty, garnish it with some grated coconut mix with cumin powder.

    Add a pinch of sugar while cooking spinach, it will retain its green colour.

    Dal will cook well, if you add a little sesame oil while cooking.

    To make the 'poori' more tastier, add one tablespoon semoline for each 100g wheat flour.

    Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda while mixing the dough for 'chappathi' to make it soft.

    For making soft sauce, add some paneer.

    Adding turmeric will help pickles from getting spoilt.

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    Re: Handy Tips
    « Reply #1 on: January 30, 2008, 01:44:42 AM »
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    While washing silk sarees add a little lemon juice. The colour won't fade and it will give a glossy finish.

    To remove the marks in furniture's, scratch with the paste made from ash of cigar and vinegar.

    Cleaning the furniture with shoe polish will lend an excellent sheen to it

     The furniture becomes more bright and shiny if it is cleaned with  the cloth dipped in strong tea.

    Apply some wax or soap on the sides of the drawer for easy movement.

    The furniture becomes more shiny if it is cleaned with mixture of olive oil and vinegar.

    The gold will become more brighter if it is cleaned in pumpkin juice.

    To remove the stain of wine from cloth  clean that portion with the cloth dipped in soda.

    To remove the stain of henna from the cloth, dip the cloth in warm milk for half an hour and wash with soap.

    To remove ink stain from clothes, rub the area with a cotton bud soaked in eau-de-cologne.

    While mopping the floor add two teaspoons of salt to the water to keep flies at bay.

    To remove stains from utensils, add bleaching powder in a tub of water and dip the utensils before washing  with detergent.

    Used mosquito mats is an excellent blotting agent.

    To keep a vaccum flask clean and odour free, fill up half the flask with vinegar, hot water and pieces of egg shell.

    If two stamps stick together, keep it in a freezer for some time and peal them out.

    Vinegar is an excellent cleanser for glassware.

    To prevent silver fish from attacking your clothes, keep a few 'kalonji' seeds tied in a muslin cloth in your cupboard.

    Soak your silver articles in tamarind water for 30 minutes and wash off with fresh water, if you want them to shine like new.

    To remove mud and mud strains from clothes, rub the affected area with potato stock and wash it with water.

    To remove the tea stains from the vessels, take some water and add 2 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate  and boil it. After some time, wash the vessel with  detergent.

    To remove lipstick stain, apply Vaseline on that portion and wash it with soap after some time.

    To sharpen a sewing machine needle, stitch through a piece of sand paper.

    Keep the water in your flower vase odourless for along time put a piece of charcoal in it.

    Rub toothpaste over the fine scratches on glassware. It acts as a slight abrasive and smoothens out the area.

    Soften hardened shoe polish with a few drops of white spirit.

    Instead of scratching off candle wax from an object, hold the object close to a flame or some source of heat for a few seconds till the wax melts away.

    Clean dust particles and  dirt from your steel or iron sieve by holding it over the fire for some time. After the grime burns to soot and falls off, wash with soap and water. Your sieve will look better and shine like a new.

    To soften a tight leather shoe, apply some curd on their inner surfaces at night.

    'Agarbatti.' ash can be used to  clean silver and brass articles.

    In order to keep away the termites and insects from your bookshelves, keep few pieces of sandalwood.

    Hardened glue becomes soft and useable again if you add some glycerin and warm water to it .

     To remove the stains from  white foot wear, soak a small cotton wool  in nail polish remover and rub briskly on your foot wear. 

    Use a few drops of after shave lotion  to get rid of a stubborn dirt from shoes.

     Clean the silverware with dry ash or common salt for shiny appearance.

    To clean your diamond ornaments, soak it in water for 15 minutes, add some washing powder  and boil for 7 to 8 minutes and wash it in running water.

    Put some bits of lemon peels in the pressure cooker while cooking, the cooker will remain white inside.

    To remove the chewing-gum stuck to the floor, clean it with a little kerosene.

    Nail polish remover is excellent for removing stains from bone china. 

    Diamonds will regain their luster if you rub a piece of chalk over them and wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.

    Add a little water to used tea leaves and used them to clean glass and window panes for sparkling results.

    To remove stains from vessels, rub it with a wet cloth dipped in baking soda.

    To remove stains from brassware dip it in tamarind water for some time and wash it and then polish it using brasso.

    To remove tea or coffee stains from steel cups clean it with salt water.

    To clean non stick pans easily, pour some warm water into it and keep it for some time and then wash it  with any  detergent.

    To remove the smell of masala form mixi, put few pieces of dry bread and powder it.
    Not every heart is capable of finding the secret of God's love.

    There are not pearls in every sea; there is not gold in every mine.

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    Re: Handy Tips-------(Henna and its uses)
    « Reply #2 on: May 27, 2008, 03:07:48 AM »
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    Marriage season is on again and everyone is looking forward for the best form of mehendi or henna. The best mehendi will turn out more red on the hands. The Rajasthani mehendi is believed to be the best of all in India. Even for the recently concluded Ash-Abhishek wedding mehendi was procured from Rajasthan.

    Mehendi Virtues

    Mehendi is traditionally used at weddings, Henna symbolizes fertility. Mehendi in the North of India marks the rite of passage of marriage in a girl's life and her initiation into womanhood.It is also a symbol of love between husband and wife. The bride's intricate mehendi pattern normally has the name of the groom interwoven into it. Henna, is also believed to have other unique properties as well,for example it is a coolant in hot summer, also a tranquilizer and is considered a nice deodorant, because of its succulent earthy aroma. Henna/mehendi is widely used in ‘Siddha’ medicine, as deodorant, astringent, detergent, coolant and a tranquilizer. Traditionally it was used for its medicinal qualities.

    Uses of Mehendi

    The fresh leaves of mehendi mixed with lime juice or vinegar are used to apply on burns, churned leaves are applied on the sore joints for rheumatism, its juice is applied on the body and its flower is used to cure headaches and induce sleep.

    Ways to use it - Just mix the flower with vinegar and apply it to the forehead.

    Henna oil is applied on the hair to prevent graying of the hair.The leaves of this magnificent herb also seizes bleeding or secretion and prevents skin diseases. For years, leaves of mehendi are being used in the treatment of vitiligo, a skin disease.

    Henna seeds are used for curing fever and also for regulating menstruation. The seeds can also be used for curing dysentery.

    Way to use it- Take powdered henna seed, mix it properly with ghee, make small balls of it and take them regularly with lukewarm water.

    Bark of this herb is used for treating the symptoms and signs of jaundice. The crushed form of its bark is applied to skin as a treatment for certain skin diseases like scabies, eczema, burns and fungal infections.There are people who have hair problems like thinning of hairline. The best treatment for all of them is henna leaves.

    Way to use it-Take fresh henna leaves and boil them in mustard oil, apply this mixture and massage it properly over the scalp for healthy and shiny growing hair.

    If there is any soreness in the throat, you can use the decoction of mehendi leaves for gargling. The grinded leaves of this herb can also be used for relieving prickly heat.

    Way to use it - Apply water dipped leaves over the affected area.

    Henna for beauty

    The henna plant is common in India and is used in rural areas as a hedge. Rural women pick fresh mehendi leaves, prepare them and use it on their hands or hair. Henna is also sold in powder form. The plant is prepared and made into a paste. Lemon juice is added to the paste to intensify its red color. Other ingredients such as tea leaves, coffee powder, and eucalyptus oil are also added to it increase smoothness and viscosity.
    These days henna is also being used for body art.
    Not every heart is capable of finding the secret of God's love.

    There are not pearls in every sea; there is not gold in every mine.

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    Tips And Tricks
    « Reply #3 on: July 19, 2008, 06:37:41 AM »
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  • Cutting Edge

    Soak lemons in hot water before squeezing the. That way you will get more juice.

    Prevent eggs from cracking, while boiling: pierce them with a pin before you boil them

    Put oil on garlic pods, put them in the oven for 5 minutes. See how easy it is to peel the garlic pods!

    Soak garlic in a cup of water for 5 minutes before you peel the pods. This way the skin will not get stuck to your hands.

    Peeled too many potatoes? Cover the peeled potatoes with water, to which a tablespoon of vinegar has been added. Store covered in refrigerator. They will easily last till the next day.

    Wondering what to do with potato peels? Soak them in warm water, to which a teaspoon of salt has been added. Remove after 2 minutes. Dry on a paper napkin / towel. Deep fry. Here’s your secret for the crunchiest wafers

    To store half cut onions, rub cut side with a little butter and refrigerate. It will be fresh for you to use the next day.

    Save the Day

    Apply a thin coat of glycerine to the rim of the vessel, if you don’t want milk to boil over.

    Fed up of fresh dough getting stuck to the rolling pin? Keep it in the freezer for a few minutes before use.

    Stuck with overripe tomatoes? Dip them in cold water, add a teaspoon of salt and leave overnight. You can use these tomatoes the next day.

    Looking for instant salad dressing? Whip up a cup of curd with lemon juice. Add seasoning and toss the salad vegetables in it.

    Wondering what to do with stale, hard bread? Put a pan of water to boil and place the slices on the lid of the pan. They will become soft and fresh.
    Not every heart is capable of finding the secret of God's love.

    There are not pearls in every sea; there is not gold in every mine.

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    Re: Handy Tips----------The Right Way To Clean Jewellery
    « Reply #4 on: July 21, 2008, 07:52:55 AM »
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  • A lot of us wear a lot of jewellery everyday - and expose it to dust, to sweat and all kinds of irritants that can leave your jewellery looking dull and tarnished. Even if you don't wear jewellery too often, the need to keep them clean cannot be over emphasised. It is the mantra of the day! But before you get into some heavy duty cleaning, make sure that all settings, clasps and prongs are secure. Once you've done that, you're ready to proceed.

    For Gold, Platinum and Gemstones

    Use a jewellery cleaner- you can buy this at any major jewellery store. Or use mild soap and water. All you have to do is to dip the jewellery in the solution. Leave it there to soak for a couple of minutes or according to specifications on the instruction sheet of the cleaner. Rinse in warm running water. And pat dry with a soft, dry, fuzz-free cloth.


    You can clean silver using the homemade way of rubbing it with tamarind paste or even with vibuthi. Or you can use a silver cleaning solution that is available in jewellery stores. Use a soft cloth and rub well. Or if you are cleaning sturdy jewellery, you could use a soft toothbrush and rub gently. After the cleaning routine, you can wipe the jewellery with a soft cloth.

    Did you know that if you keep wearing your silver jewellery, you can actually keep it from getting tarnished?

    In general

    Get your jewellery cleaned professionally once a year.

    Do not use jewellery cleaner on pearls, emeralds, rubies, lapis lazuli, coral and turquoise (porous stones). Wipe them clean with a soft, damp cloth or have them cleaned professionally. Consult a jeweller when you have any apprehensions about cleaning a particular stone at home. Better to be safe than sorry!
    Not every heart is capable of finding the secret of God's love.

    There are not pearls in every sea; there is not gold in every mine.

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