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Author Topic: Should one discuss Love publicly?  (Read 774 times)

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Should one discuss Love publicly?
« on: June 29, 2010, 05:30:45 AM »
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  • Is this really good to discuss Love publicly?

    In earlier days most of the people’s focus were used to be as only on career and better employment. If exceptionally someone have any feeling for someone, He or she avoid to discuss in public, as for them Love was a very pious emotion and not something which can be shared with each and every one. a very personal matter.

    But now a days it seems many of people only to have a relation is important, they can discuss publicly their name whom they (think) love  I am not a expert, still I know if there is really love exist, it never makes anyone’s life hell, it is only affection that make one to suffer for long. If you Love Sai, You never have to make him realize that You Love him, Even you don’t remember him or chant him due to some genuine reason, He won’t mind and be with you always as a divine shadow. But can it be done with a worldly person, You have to make him or her realize every now and then that you Love him or her, and again it is only his mercy to respond you or not.

    Many times when I say We should not do any act at the cost of self respect, many people feel bad, that in Love they should go to any limit to convince other (or force that one emotionally) that We Love you, You too must love us. This is also against the law of freedom of individuality, Each one has his or her own conscience to accept one or not unless have reached a state to attain nirvana to accept only Lord.

    I am not against Love, For me it is another form of worshiping the lord, If this emotion is pious in it’s nature and physical body of 5 elements is not base of this Love, but also at same time what I know, Love is so pious and should not be taken as a way public do now a days, Suppose If one Love someone and share his or her personal details with others with a hope one day He or she will visit this page and realize how much I am suffering for him or her…………….trust me if that person would have even a small amount of self respect, He or she will never come in the life of that guy or girl who has made tamasha of his or her life and privacy treating that one as a heartless person without knowing his or her problem which can be genuine. Even he or she would be part of destiny, It will get changed and one will lose that forever.

    at last I can say only “Silent Prayers are always answered earlier because then spirit connect with lord directly!”

    Rest as Sai Wish!

    May Baba bless all! Heal All!

    om sri sai ram!
    om sai ram!
    Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak Raja Dhi Raj Yogi Raj, Para Brahma Shri Sachidanand Satguru Sri Sai Nath Maharaj !
    Budhihin Tanu Janike, Sumiro Pavan Kumar, Bal Budhi Vidhya Dehu Mohe, Harahu Kalesa Vikar !
    ........................  बाकी सब तो सपने है, बस साईं ही तेरे अपने है, साईं ही तेरे अपने है, साईं ही तेरे अपने है !!


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