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Title: Headache
Post by: pramanisa on June 21, 2007, 11:53:03 AM
The recommended exercises for headache are:
Bhujangasan (Cobra pose)
Surya namaskara (Sun salutation)
Shavasana (Corpse pose)

headache could be due to a whole lot of reasons:

weather..eating habits...smoking or near to someone who smokes...tension sometimes for no reason at all...hair dye..head bath ...too chilly weather..overeating.. sleeping late..watching tv for a very long time...computer too...no exercise...cramped place...in A/C room all the time...movies...too loud music...pmt...the list is endless...what you can do..

improve your eating habits
stay close to nature..take more natural foods
salads both veg and fruits
avoid fried...and nonveg
see if you are allergic to certain foods that trigger headache
avoid going out in the sun after meals
are you straining your eyes..take care relax more often
exercise in moderation preferably in the morning after just a glass of water...
try yoga as suggested by friends here
regular practice of yogasanas can improve health and hence you can avoid headache alltogether..it is also in the mind so once you make up your mind to stay away from headache..you can avoid it...
wear a wet bandage...towel wrung out with just plain cold water..
if it is pmt..avoid taking heavy food for almost a week before periods..
do not pop the pill for every ailment like cough cold etc..try getting home remedies first..

try alternate nose breathing
close right nostril with a finger and breathe deep.....in and out through left nostril .... three to four times initially..then increase to ten...no hurry take time doing it...but do not retain breath long and stop if you feel giddy or uneasy...doesnt work the same for everybody you see..!
then just about three or four times with your right nostril
remember that the left nostril cools down the system and the right one increases the fire element or heat in the body...
also perform namaskaram like indian women first day one second day two and go upto nine everyday preferably in the morning...