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Author Topic: Healing the pain - MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & YOU  (Read 1320 times)

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Healing the pain - MIND, BODY, SPIRIT & YOU
« on: May 24, 2007, 02:58:18 AM »
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  • जय सांई राम।।।

    Pain is an inevitable part of life and yet everybody tries to avoid it, whether it is physical or

    It seems the fear of pain is bigger than the actual experience; moreover the fear exaggerates the feeling of pain and makes it unbearable. However Osho draws our attention to an interesting fact, that there is no unbearable pain. Every pain is bearable. If it were really unbearable we would not survive it, we would be dead by now!
    What is required is to take a few deep breaths and look at the pain closely — be it physical or psychological. Awaken the watcher and start looking hard into this feeling of pain.
    If you can learn the art of looking at your pain, very soon the pain will turn into happiness and you will have found the key to your basic problem of life.
    “Whenever you feel any pain — even an ordinary headache — just sit silently and focus your whole mind on the headache. Listen to it... almost touch the texture of it. Then intensify it — make it more and more tense and pinpoint where it is. The more you concentrate, the more it will go on shrinking. Then it will come to a point, a needlepoint. It will no longer be the whole head. First you will feel just the front part, then you will feel that it is shrinking to the centre of that part. Then it becomes just a needlepoint — but a very sharp pain. Just remain with it.
    “If you can remain with that sharp-pointed pain, suddenly you will see that it has disappeared. Try it with ordinary pain such as a headache, stomach ache or anything. Then by and by try psychological pain. Suppose somebody has insulted you and you feel hurt, or you have come across something inside you and a pain arises, a memory, a wound from the past. Just go into it. Accept it and go into it totally and when it has become just a needlepoint, suddenly it will disappear.”

    अपना सांई प्यारा सांई सबसे न्यारा अपना सांई
    ॐ सांई राम।।। 
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