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  • Om Sri Sai Ram. this is a great site,which gives great details about  simple techniques for daily practice,beauty tip and much much more....daily gyan

     Nadi Shodhana: purifying your energy field

    to charge up the right brain (creativity) or your left brain (logic).
    Yogic poses which use the left and right side of the body equally, like Trikonasana (triangle), gomukh (cowface), ek pada pranamasana (one-legged prayer pose), garuda (eagle), practices like jal neti (nostril cleansing) are powerful activators of both hemispheres. But the secretive swar yoga is a branch of yoga which exploits breath to activate the brain hemispheres, as per individual will. In swar yoga, when engaged in emotionally fulfilling tasks –like sexual intercourse, courtship, art, etc -- the right hemisphere is deliberately activated, with pranayamas like surya bhedhana (sun breath). This works on the pingala nadi, the creative aspect in us. When we require logic – like attempting to unravel a mathematical problem, or argue a legal case, or create a formal document -- swar yoga will advise you to heighten the ida nadi or the cooling aspect in us.

    According to yoga, though we believe that we breathe through both nostrils one nostril is always more active than another. You can check it out for yourself by breathing lightly against your palm – you will find he flow of breath more vigorous in one, while the other is weak. This stimulation of a particular nostril lasts one-and-half hours. Then it switches. By being aware of this subtle flow, the yogi understand whether he is in the right or left-brain mode. He then deliberately suppresses one nostril and activates the other as he wants, to suit the task at hand. Obviously this was a powerful tool, so this practice was kept very secretive so that it did not fall in the hands of the wrong persons.

    Nadi Shodhana(alternate nostril breathing): This is just a very simple version. In advanced practice of nadi shodhana which actually means purifying the energy channels, the retention and exhalation of breath become progressively longer and more challenging and include the three major bandhas.

    Sit in a meditative pose, eyes shut. Use your right hand index and thumb to open and shut nostrils as instructed. Shut right nostril with right thumb, inhaling from left nostril to a slow count of four. Shut both nostrils. Exhale from right to four counts by lifting off the thumb. Inhale from right. Shut and exhale from left. This is one round. Do five rounds. Counts must always be four. And remember to always inhale into the nostril from which you just exhaled. Close, by final exhalation from left.

    This simplest of pranayamas is the most powerful because it balances both brain hemispheres. Counts may be increased over several weeks of practice. It is healing and calming.

    there are many more such great health tips....

    Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai


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