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Title: Health tips!
Post by: fatima on February 02, 2008, 06:16:39 AM
10 Essential Health Tips
(The Basics to Practice Every Day)
[/color]  [/b]

1. Move More

Make it a daily challenge to find ways to move your body. Climb stairs if given a choice between that and escalators or elevators. Walk your dog; chase your kids; toss balls with friends, mow the lawn. Anything that moves your limbs is not only a fitness tool, it's a stress buster. Think 'move' in small increments of time. It doesn't have to be an hour in the gym or a 45-minute aerobic dance class or tai chi or kickboxing. But that's great when you're up to it. Meanwhile, move more. Thought for the day: Cha, Cha, Cha…. Then do it!

2. Cut Fat

Avoid the obvious such as fried foods, burgers and other fatty meats (i.e. pork, bacon, ham, salami, ribs and sausage). Dairy products such as cheese, cottage cheese, milk and cream should be eaten in low fat versions. Nuts and sandwich meats, mayonnaise, margarine, butter and sauces should be eaten in limited amounts. Most are available in lower fat versions such as substitute butter, fat free cheeses and mayonnaise. Thought for the day: Lean, mean, fat-burning machine…. Then be one!

3. Quit Smoking  

The jury is definitely in on this verdict. Ever since 1960 when the Surgeon General announced that smoking was harmful to your health, Americans have been reducing their use of tobacco products that kill. Just recently, we've seen a surge in smoking in adolescents and teens. Could it be the Hollywood influence? It seems the stars in every movie of late smoke cigarettes. Beware. Warn your children of the false romance or 'tough guy' stance of Hollywood smokers. Thought for the day: Give up just one cigarette…. the next one.

4. Reduce Stress  

Easier said than done, stress busters come in many forms. Some techniques recommended by experts are to think positive thoughts. Spend 30 minutes a day doing something you like. (i.e.,Soak in a hot tub; walk on the beach or in a park; read a good book; visit a friend; play with your dog; listen to soothing music; watch a funny movie. Get a massage, a facial or a haircut. Meditate. Count to ten before losing your temper or getting aggravated. Avoid difficult people when possible. Thought for the day: When seeing red, think pink clouds….then float on them.

 5. Protect Yourself from Pollution  

If you can't live in a smog-free environment, at least avoid smoke-filled rooms, high traffic areas, breathing in highway fumes and exercising near busy thoroughfares. Exercise outside when the smog rating is low. Exercise indoors in air conditioning when air quality is good. Plant lots of shrubbery in your yard. It's a good pollution and dirt from the street deterrent. Thought for the day: 'Smoke gets in your eyes'…and your mouth, and your nose and your lungs as do pollutants….hum the tune daily.

6. Wear Your Seat Belt

Statistics show that seat belts add to longevity and help alleviate potential injuries in car crashes. Thought for the day: Buckle down and buckle up.

7. Floss Your Teeth

Recent studies make a direct connection between longevity and teeth flossing. Nobody knows exactly why. Perhaps it's because people who floss tend to be more health conscious than people who don't? Thought for the day: Floss and be your body's boss.

8. Avoid Excessive Drinking  

While recent studies show a glass of wine or one drink a day (two for men) can help protect against heart disease, more than that can cause other health problems such as liver and kidney disease and cancer. Thought for the day: A jug of wine should last a long time.

9. Keep a Positive Mental Outlook  

There's a definitive connection between living well and healthfully and having a cheerful outlook on life. Thought for the day: You can't be unhappy when you're smiling or singing.  

10. Choose Your Parents Well  

The link between genetics and health is a powerful one. But just because one or both of your parents died young in ill health doesn't mean you cannot counteract the genetic pool handed you. Thought for the day: Follow these basic tips for healthy living and you can better control your own destiny.
Title: Re: Health tips!
Post by: fatima on February 02, 2008, 06:23:31 AM
Ayurved Healthtips

5-10 leaves of holy basil + 10 black pepper + 1 teaspoon honey. Recommended thrice in day.


Hoarsness of voice:
1teaspoon piper longum + 1 teaspoon honey + 1 teaspoon ginger powder. Recommended thrice a day. This combination can also be used in Hiccough.


Insect bites:
A paste of 1 teaspoon powder of black pepper + 1 teaspoon ghee. Recommended twice or thrice daily.


Intestial worms:
1 teaspoon bishop seeds + 1 teaspoon castor oil. Recommended 1-2 times a day.


Malaria :
10 leaves of holy basil + 10 pieces of black pepper +1 teaspoon of honey. Recommended 3-4 times a day.


Piles :
1/2 teaspoon dried ginger powder + 1 teaspoon jaggery. Recommended two or three times a day.


Prevention of Malaria :
1/2 teaspoon of asofoetida powder once a day after lunch to prevent recurrent attacks of malaria.


Cough & Cold :
1 teaspoon. dried ginger powder + 1 teaspoon. black pepper + 5-10 leaves of holy basil in a cup of tea. Recommended 3 -4 times in day.


Dental pain :
10 pieces of clove + 1 piece of camphor in a cotton piece and place it over the area of pain as required.


Diabetes :
One teaspoon of powdered Emblic Myrobalans + one teaspoon of turmeric powder & honey. Recommended thrice in a day.[/color]
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Post by: fatima on February 12, 2008, 02:10:42 AM
Maximize the healing power of garlic

Want to fight cancer when you cook garlic? The secret is peeling the cloves and leaving it aside for about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, roasting garlic while it's still in the peel may taste great, but it seems to knock out the healing power before it has a chance to develop.

In a study done on animals, those fed with garlic cooked in the peel had little resistance to a carcinogen. But animals that were fed garlic that was peeled and left aside for a while before cooking, were better able to resist getting cancer.
Why the difference? Heating garlic with the peel destroys the enzyme that activates garlic's cancer-fighting compounds. But peeling and not cooking them immediately activates the enzyme and allows it to work its magic[/b]
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Post by: fatima on February 12, 2008, 02:49:25 AM
Food that would look after your curves

To get rid of that extra roll of fat, go for a diet that includes proteins, carbohydrates and fat to give you the right caloric intake.

Well-known fitness expert Pervez Mistry tells you what to eat to stay trim:

To get rid of that extra roll of fat, go for a diet that includes proteins, carbohydrates and fat to give you the right caloric intake. That will be two servings each of dairy products and meat and four servings of fruit and vegetables. Pure vegetarians should have three servings of dairy and grain products a day. (A serving is half a cup).

Fruits and vegetables:  

A large piece of melon, two oranges and one or two bananas for your fruit intake, and brinjal, carrots and drumsticks for your vegetable diet will be right. They are low-fat sources of essential nutrients.

Grain and lentil:  

Four servings a day are adequate. If it is bread, consider a larger slice as a serving. But chapattis from whole wheat, naan and Goan rice in themselves are not enough as they are deficient in one or more amino acids.


Have two or three cups of milk a day. Vegetarians need four or five cups. Girls, middle-aged and pregnant women should drink skimmed milk. If you are lactose intolerant, take an enzyme product which will help digest lactose. Or make up the deficit with other food.

Red meat is the main source of fat and cholesterol. But what is required is moderation and not abstinence. Have three and a half to four ounces of red meat. Go for lean cuts of pork, lamb or beef, which have less than 10 grams of fat in a serving of 3 oz. It is always better to substitute chicken or fish for meat. Treat meat as a side dish that completes a meal of vegetables, grains and lentils. But first, trim the fat from red meat and remove the skin from poultry before cooking.

If you are a vegetarian, include low-fat dairy products, cottage cheese (paneer), soya bean and lentil in your diet.

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Post by: fatima on February 14, 2008, 04:13:41 AM
Natural Remedies for Gum Disease  

There are natural remedies that can be used to treat gum disease.

1. Vitamin C. To boost your intake of vitamin C, eat foods rich in vitamin C, such as grapefruit, oranges, kiwi fruit, mango, papaya, strawberry, red pepper, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cantaloupe.

2. Vitamin D. Sun exposure is one of the most important sources of vitamin D, because UV rays from the sun trigger the synthesis of vitamin D in skin. The NIH Office of Dietary Supplements suggests 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure twice a week, although the further away from the equator, the more polluted your city, and the more cloud cover there is, the less likely that this sun exposure will be sufficient. Look for at least 200 IU in a multivitamin.

3. Coenzyme Q10. Meat and fish are the best sources of CoQ10 although the better sources from these foods are organs such as lungs, heart, and liver.

4. Tea tree oil. This can be found at health food stores but is quite expensive.

5. Cranberry. Cranberry juice with no added sugar sold at health food stores is recommended
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Post by: fatima on February 14, 2008, 04:20:26 AM
Healthy Knees  

Some ways to keep your knees healthy

Maintain a healthy weight.
To lose weight or to keep from gaining eat only three times a day and limit portions. Do some form of exercise at least four days a week.

Strengthen the muscles that support your joints. And stretch.
Weight bearing exercises will strengthen your muscles and bones. Keeping the body flexible is just as important. Flexible people may be less likely to develop arthritis in their joints compared to those less flexible. Flexible people also appear to have better bone mineral density.

Take your vitamins. Nutrients like vitamins C, E, and D may help slow arthritis progression.
Raw red peppers and Brussels sprouts are good sources of vitamin C. Almonds and walnuts are good sources of vitamin E. Cod liver oil is rich in vitamins A and D.
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Post by: fatima on February 14, 2008, 04:25:57 AM
Healthy Fingernails  

You can do a few simple things to have strong and healthy fingernails. Add a glass of milk and a hard-boiled egg to your daily diet. Because they are rich in zinc, they will do wonders for your nails, especially if your nails are spotted with white, a sign of low zinc intake. Household chores are hard on the fingernails. To protect them from dirt and harsh cleaners, wear gloves whenever it's cleaning time and apply hand cream before you put them on. Rub a small amount of olive oil or castor oil into your cuticle and the skin surrounding your nails every evening before you go to bed or whenever your nails feel dry.
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Post by: fatima on February 15, 2008, 04:45:35 AM
Ginger Tea  

Ginger tea is usually used to help digestion and relieve nausea but it can be used to boost the immune system and ward off colds, sore throat and the flu. Ginger tea bags are available in health food stores but if you want to make it from scratch it's easy to make. Just heat 4 cups of water in a sauce pan. While it is heating peel a two-inch piece of fresh ginger root and cut it into thin slices. Once the water boils, add the ginger, cover it with a tight-fitting lid, reduce the heat, and let it simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. After it has simmered strain it and it is ready to drink. You may add honey and lemon to suit your taste but know that ingesting sugar depresses the immune system. Artificial sweeteners are not recommended
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Post by: fatima on February 15, 2008, 04:59:08 AM

Breathe Deeply, Lower Blood Pressure

Sitting with both feet flat on the floor and your spine straight, deeply inhale through the nostrils, filling your lungs to two-thirds capacity. Hold your breath for several seconds, then exhale fully through the nostrils. Repeat this 10 times.

"By holding in the breath for several seconds the carotid bodies, tiny clumps of nerve tissue containing specialized chemical receptors and located along the carotid arteries, are fooled into thinking that blood pressure is rising. The carotid bodies will then signal a message for blood vessels to dilate, which causes an overall drop in blood pressure and hence a diminishment of the stress response.

"By breathing in to only two-thirds of your lung capacity, you ensure that blood pressure won't go up from the sheer exertion of forcing the lungs to maximum expansion. By breathing out more fully than you breathe in, you help move stale air out from the lungs. Slow, deep breathing has also been shown to increase endorphin release in the body, producing a sense of relaxation and well-being."

Doing this before you eat can also help to prevent digestive problems--irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, constipation, chronic gastric upset, etc.
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Post by: fatima on February 16, 2008, 04:07:32 AM
Preserve the vision

Never use hot water to wash your eyes. Close your eyes and sprinkle cold water on your lids for a few minutes. Doing this every morning before sunrise will help the eyes remain healthy.

Don't strain your eyes. Blink often. Take a break from the book or computer screen and look into the distance, taking care to blink often. If you think your eyes are getting tired, rest them for a while.

Don't expose your eyes to bright sunlight. Take care to shield your eyes with a cap or sunglasses.

Insufficient sleep also tells on the eye. Make sure you get your nine hours of the dreamless. It adds a sparkle to your eyes.

Drink adequate water. Eight glasses of water a day is a must.

Protect your eyes from air conditioners, fans and even strong winds. They all tend to dry out your eyes. This leads to other eye problems.

Believe it or not but constipation and stress do affect eyes adversely. Make sure you move your bowels everyday and do de-stress.

Eat carrots regularly. Greens help as well. A healthy diet is invaluable.

Keep your eyes clean and well rested.  
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Post by: fatima on February 16, 2008, 04:12:15 AM
Feeling tired? Exhausted after a hard day's work? And you come to a house full of kids and a kitchen sink full of dishes? Feel like giving up? What you need is a quick pick-me-upper.  

Here are some ideas!

Soak your feet in a tub with hot water in which some rock salt has been dissolved. And while your feet soak, think of pleasant thoughts - a sea shore...a brook.... a meadow with green pastures... Feel the tension and tiredness easing away.

Light some aromatherapy candles.....something with lavender in it.

Play some Beethoven on your CD player and sit down and let the music sweep over your soul. Watch your kitten play with a ball of twine.

Put your chair out in the garden and sip a cup of hot tea. Watch the flowers..... the butterflies....the birds..... the trees swaying in the breeze.....

Have a refreshing bath, may be even in cold water (if it is not too cold) with a soap that smells good.

After your bath, sprinkle some talc on yourself and face the other challenges that still need your gentle touch.

Go for a long walk with that special someone and see the birds homing in for the night

Think positive!
Now that we have all these ways to get zip and zany and full of life, it is up to you to find out what works the best for you. Try one, try a few, whatever works for you.... but get fresh! Simply fresh!  
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Post by: fatima on February 17, 2008, 01:50:47 AM
Natural herbal remedies

Nature is rich in herbs that can cure naturally without any side effects – a mystery that allopathy is yet to solve or duplicate. We can maintain nutrition, cure diseases, alleviate pain and benefit from using what is available in natural form all around us.  

A vegetable loaded with nutrition is the avocado. But are you aware of its other uses? For example, use a small piece of the seed as a temporary filling for cavities. It will help you till you can get your dentist’s appointment! Only remember that you must replace the seed filling at least twice a day.

Ginger is a pungent addition to any dish. But its medicinal properties are many – chief among them is that it is an excellent remedy for sore throat. You can just chew on a washed and sliced piece of ginger for immediate relief.

A fruit high in fibre, the papaya is a natural laxative for people suffering from constipation. Just have a slice at breakfast and it will help you to digest your protein intake and relieve you of constipation. Want to use it as a cosmetic? You can mash a ripe papaya with some lemon juice and simply apply the mixture as a face mask. When you rinse after half an hour with warm water, you will find your face cleansed and exfoliated.

Ladies’ finger (okra) is a common, popular desi vegetable, and cooked in many ways. But not many people are aware that its seeds, when dried, ground and boiled in two glasses of water for 15 minutes, can be cooled and strained for use as a medicine. This decoction helps to reduce fever, and is generally taken after a meal. Kids can be given this too – but just a tablespoonful, again after a meal.

Olive oil is strongly recommended to be used as a light cooking oil as it benefits the heart. But as a cure for hyperacidity? Hmmm… Grandma recommends that you simply swallow one teaspoonful at least 30 minutes before a meal.

Pineapple? And as a cure? Grandma says ‘Yes’! Internal parasites (worms) can be sent scurrying with 2 to 3 slices of delicious pineapple with every meal for at least a week.
Suffering from severe stomach pain and cramps? What you need is a good home-made antacid.

Mix a large slice of cabbage with a carrot, blend in the mixie with some sugar. Drink a glass full of this mix about half an hour before meals and get rid of gastric pain!
Gingivitis sufferers! Help is at hand – and it is from the common brinjal or eggplant. The brinjal leaves, when boiled in 2 glasses of water for about 10 minutes, and used as a mouthwash, can soothe gingivitis.

Lemon grass we know, is used to enhance many dishes and gives an exotic flavour. But did you know that it can control diarrhoea? Boil some lemon grass leaves in about 2 glasses of water for 10 minutes. Add sugar and crushed ginger to this decoction and drink 1 cup three times a day.

When you buy fresh corn, you will find corn hair when you open the covering. Remove these carefully, boil in 1 litre of water. Cool down this concoction and drink it 3 times during the day. It will help to alleviate cystitis or inflammation of the bladder. Kids can be given ½ a cup 3 times a day.

These days herbs like oregano are available fresh. This is a great cough reliever. All you have to do is to boil chopped oregano leaves in water for 15 minutes and use it as you would a cough syrup.

Guava leaves have many medicinal uses. Boil guava leaves in water for about 15 minutes. The decoction should be consumed at least 3 times a day. The crushed guava leaves can be used like smelling salts when someone has a fainting fit. The nausea subsides when the strong aroma is inhaled. A cup of the guava leaves, when boiled in water and cooled, are an excellent and soothing rinse for sunburn and prickly heat.

Suffering from athlete’s foot? Don’t worry! Simply chop a radish and extract the juice. Apply this on the affected part twice a day for instant relief!
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Post by: fatima on February 17, 2008, 02:07:18 AM
Nutty truths

Nuts are an all-time favourite in our country. We use nuts for garnishing desserts, adding flavour to our savouries, make our kheers with them and even serve them raw or salted for guests as snacks or appetizers. Here is a low-down on nuts – it is good to know a few facts about them too!

Did you know that walnuts are connected to fertility (in Rome) and anti-fertility (in China)? Our ancestors believed that walnuts were for divine consumption and it was considered a royal delicacy. It is often referred to as the “nut of the gods”. While the gods feasted on walnuts, lesser subjects were given nuts like acorns and chestnuts. In Italy, walnuts were considered a good-luck symbol and were thrown to wedding guests to ward off the evil eye.  

Selection and care

Never buy shriveled up, rubbery or shelled nuts – this is an indication of age. If you go in for shelled nuts, see to it that they are brittle and break easily. It is said that nuts that grow with the sun upon them are generally darker in colour and have a richer flavour. Because walnuts are high in oil content they require special storage to prevent them from tuning rancid. If you are planning to buy large quantities, it is better to go in for unshelled nuts – but you have to store them in the refrigerator where they would last for 2 to 3 months. They can last a year if you put them in deep freeze.

As health food

Walnut oil is excellent for using as dressing for salads but never use in regular cooking which involves heating at high temperatures. The nuts are high protein foods and are excellent for vegetarians. Like most nuts, they have a mild laxative effect as they lubricate the large intestine. They are also rich in Vitamin E which helps relieve arthritic pain and enhances mental well being.


The fruit is said to have originated in Persia. It is also known as the green almond though it is actually related to the cashew. The Pistachio trees survive for hundreds of years on stony soil and require very little care. They are now commercially cultivated in California, Italy, Turkey and Iran. The Roman emperor Vitellius and the Queen of Sheba were particularly fond of pistachios and were known to feast on these exotic nuts. The pistachio is a drupe like the cashew – it has a fleshy outer covering with a hard shelled nut inside which is removed and dried in the sun.

How to select and store

Buy pistachios that are split at one end. If they are unopened they are still immature. The nuts that are bright green in colour are better flavoured. The nuts are available as raw, shelled, unshelled and roasted. The thin covering on the nuts can be easily removed by blanching. As the shell splits on ripening, the shelf life is limited. They have to be stored in airtight containers and will last for 3 months when kept in the refrigerator. They cannot be frozen.

The nuts are widely used in desserts and they are also used to enhance seafood, salads and poultry dishes.


Almonds are the most widely grown and eaten nuts. The almond belongs to the plum family and is said to have originated from N.Africa, West Asia and the Mediterranean. The Romans referred to them as ‘Greek nuts’ as they were first grown in Greece. They are actually a fruit which looks like a longish peach. When mature, the husk is broken and reveals the shell which contains the nut. Almonds are given as symbol of good luck.

Uses and forms of almond

Almond extract is made from the oil of the bitter almond (which is different from the regular sweet almond). It is diluted and used as a flavouring. Almond milk is made from soaked, crushed and strained pulp of almonds .See that the almonds are completely dry before you grind them. Almond paste which is made from blanched almonds. Almond oil is from crushed whole raw almonds. It is rare to find food grade almond oil – it is also very expensive.

As health food

Almonds are known to help in reducing cholesterol and they are high in monounsaturated fatty acids. They are thus useful in reducing the risk f heart disease. They are also a very good source of Vitamin E which helps to prevent plaque in arteries. Just an ounce of almonds can give you at least 10% of your daily requirement of calcium and is therefore a good non-dairy source for vegetarians. They also help in body building for those who are underweight.
Almond oil also has its uses as a cosmetic.
However, if you are prone to cold sores or herpes, it is better to avoid this nut as it is rich in arginine which is known to aggravate the condition

How to buy and store almonds

If you plan to buy unshelled almonds, just take one and shake it vigorously. If there is a lot of rattling it means that it is rather aged and is shrinking. They will turn rancid when shelled. When soaked for half an hour, the almond should retain its whiteness and texture. If it is yellowed and has a honeycombed appearance, just discard it immediately.

Packaged natural almonds can be stored unopened in cool dark places for even two years. Unopened roasted ones will last for a year. They can last longer under refrigeration. If opened store them in airtight containers and use within 3 months. Store in refrigerator. Never keep them in the pantry or in a shelf in the kitchen as the heat will damage them.


Cashews are part of the mango and pistachio families. Originated in Brazil, it was brought to India by the Portuguese sailors. The seed of the cashew hangs from the bottom of the cashew fruit. The fruit too is edible but highly perishable which is why it has to be eaten absolutely fresh. They are used in making liqueurs

Uses and storage

Cashews labeled as raw are generally never completely so as they undergo a process of heating during the shelling and cleaning processes. Dry- roasted cashews actually have a lower fat content than other nuts. Cashews are highly perishable when shelled as they are rich in oil content. They should be stored in air-tight containers as they absorb food flavours very quickly. When refrigerated they can last up to six months and when frozen, for a year. Cashews are often used in curries, salads, rice dishes, desserts, stew, stir-fry and vegetable preparations. Always remember to add cashews after the cooking process is over as they will turn soft and disintegrate very fast. When used in baked dishes, they lose their crunchiness and become soft. Broken cashews have the same taste as full ones and are less expensive.
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Post by: fatima on February 18, 2008, 03:00:07 AM
Dental hygiene

Dental care is a vital part of personal hygiene. You just cannot afford to neglect it. All it needs is regular care and caution. Halitosis or bad breath can be embarrassing and could cause social and psychological problems. It can even affect marriages.

Remember, lack of dental hygiene will not only wreck your personal life, it could tell on your health too.

Bacteria that live on teeth and gums are the prime cause of bad breath. We need to take extra care and make sure that these bacteria are eliminated regularly and effectively.

Here are a few simple but effective ways to keep your breath clean and fresh.  

Brush your teeth well. Ideally, it takes two to three minutes to brush your teeth well. But most people seem to finish brushing their teeth in less than a minute. That won't be too effective.
Drink plenty of water. Bad breath is accentuated by dryness of the mouth. It helps bacteria flourish. Drinking a lot of water not only helps washing away left over food particles, it also stimulates saliva flow. Saliva plays a vital part in keeping the mouth clean and dissolving the compounds that could cause halitosis.

Chew sugarless gum. This will help clean teeth and also stimulate the flow of saliva. Gum with sugar is not considered healthy and is therefore not recommended by dentists.
Check for dental problems. This could cause bad breath too. These problems are easily solved by a visit to the dentist. A dental check up is necessary at least once a year.
Inter dental cleaning is very important. Flossing is a must. It helps removing plaque from between our teeth and under our gums.
Rinse well after every meal – don't depend solely on mouth fresheners. Whenever possible, try to rinse with warm water and salt.

Add a few drops of lime juice to a teaspoon of salt. Brush your teeth with it once a week. It will add a shine to your teeth besides keeping your breath clean.  

Your dental hygiene speaks volumes about your personality
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Post by: fatima on February 18, 2008, 03:07:43 AM
Ways of relaxation

Scurrying around won't help - you need those moments - those precious healing moments that can cleanse and rejuvenate you. Even if it is for only a few short moments in a day, it helps to stay calm - quiet - at peace with your soul and the universe. And then, and only then can you feel the healing flow. The idea is to practice mindfulness. Let your mind expand.

Breathe properly for starters. If your breath is shallow, you're breathing through your chest and are probably anxious. Breathe from your lower abdomen and you'll begin to feel more relaxed almost immediately

Here are some ways you can relax.

Use Your Senses  
Sight : Watch a beautiful sunset.
Smell : Dab on perfume, sniff vanilla, light an aromatic candle.
Touch : Put on your comfiest pyjamas.
Taste : Eat something yummy.
Sound : Listen to beautiful music.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Instead of fretting over a bad hair day or a sudden pimple, look in the mirror and repeat: "[Your first name], I love you and accept you just the way you are". Do this for 30 seconds to a minute, first thing in the morning and just before you go to bed at night. In a month, you'll see the unmistakable effects of this simple exercise. Why? Because every time you look in that mirror and say those words, you look into your eyes with love. That sure beats giving yourself the dirtiest looks of disdain possible!

Calm down - then take action. Ultimately, the only truly safe haven is the one you have within. But when you're being pulled in a hundred directions, it's all too easy to forget that. A great way to start to defuse stress is to ask yourself two simple questions throughout the day: How do I feel? What do I need? If your to-do list has 10 tasks on it and you only have time for two, don't panic. Instead, take a break, have a cup of tea and then ask yourself those two questions. You'll know exactly what to do and when. Do it for a day and see how profoundly powerful it is to truly nurture yourself from within.

Soothe yourself with prayer. The next time things aren't going your way - use a prayer to de-stress. Say: "All is well. Everything is working out for my good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe."
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Post by: fatima on February 19, 2008, 03:34:29 AM
Feet Treat

Tough day, huh? Been on your feet the whole time, rushing from one unfinished task to another? Was it ridiculously stress-filled? Or were you rushing from one personal disaster to another, putting out virtual fires? We know the feeling and we know how much you need to sit back, relax and give your feet the pampering they really deserve!

First, get a really big bowl or a pan or a tub.

Place a few drops of an aromatherapy oil of your choice in the bowl, or use half a cup of table salt or baking soda. Bath salts work fine too. You get some lovely perfumed ones in the stores these days. Now get some hot water into it. Get it into the right temperature that is not scalding hot, but hot enough.

Now sit in a comfortable chair and gently ease your poor little tired feet into the water and feel the heat through your toes. Close your eyes and concentrate on your tired feelings just draining out through your toes. Feel your tension ease and your whole body slowly relaxing.

Breathe deeply - and think of five things you can be grateful for.

After you soak your feet for about 20 minutes (set a kitchen timer or an alarm clock) towel dry them, and dab some favourite moisturising cream on it. Now you've got foot that's good enough to eat, and you're feeling great - ready to handle the challenges of the rest of the day!
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Post by: fatima on February 19, 2008, 03:38:25 AM
Indian women are now getting more particular about what they eat and how they look. But each of them needs to know what is best for their body in particular. They have to have a customised lifestyle that works for them. It isn't always effective to blindly follow any health plan.

Don't ever starve yourself. Eat three well-balanced meals a day. You should have proteins, fruits, vegetables and a little fat. You body needs appropriate fuel to work effectively through the day.

Take your vitamin supplement. They help in digestion and absorption of your food. Plus a supplement makes up for anything that your diet lacks.

As your activity level changes, so should your diet. If you are working out more often, you need to eat what your body needs in order to keep up. Pay attention to your body's needs.

Avoid processed foods. They aren't really recommended by the health specialist. Stick to organic foods as far as possible.

Keep the sugar levels low. Your sugar intake should be about 10% of the carbohydrate level.

Always cook a reserve of nutritious food. If you're too tired to cook on any particular day, you can rely on the stock in your refrigerator - instead of compromising on your meals.

Avoid soda and caffeine. Water is great for fighting fatigue. It helps you lose weight and cleanses your system too.
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Counting sheep in order to sleep]

Are you aware that with less sleep your workouts will be less effective and that your body will be more likely to store fat? It is a vicious cycle. You get prone to stress, which in turn, makes you resort to food to soothe and comfort yourself. The hormone cortisol, which is directly related to stress levels, is produced in excess if you are sleep deprived. As its level increases, the effectiveness of your workouts decreases as it depletes muscle. But not to worry! Help is at hand. An Expert has devised a few tips that, if followed meticulously, will help you get a good night's sleep

Keep yourself busy and occupied during the day. For some people, an afternoon snooze may cause sleep depletion at night.

Before you actually hit the sack, prepare the room a little in advance. Dim all the lights in the house, particularly in the bedroom.

Never have a forty-wink session on the sofa. When you feel sleepy, simply get into bed.

Don't convert your bedroom into either a workplace or an entertainment centre. Maintain its sanctity as purely a place to sleep in.

Close your eyes and imagine a soothing scene if sleep eludes you. At this juncture, you could also resort to time tested deep breathing techniques.

Still not able to sleep? No point in forcing yourself - you will only become wide awake with all that unproductive effort. Instead, get out of bed and engage in reading or other light activity. The minute you feel sleepy, get back to bed.

Don't keep consciously looking at the clock. You will never be able to sleep if you are conscious of the time.

Always sleep on your side or back - never on your stomach.

Don't let your pets disturb your sleep. Never have them with you in your bedroom. Get them their own warm, cosy beds.

Don't resort to swallowing pills to get you out of your misery. It might become an addiction and you may also get immune to them.

A glass of warm milk taken at bedtime also helps induce sleep Gently massaging feet (with or without moisturiser) also helps at times.

Follow these Expert devised tips and you are on your way to a restful night's sleep! Do get back to us with the positive results and you are welcome to add tips of your own to help other sleep deprived people.
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Exercise for perfect legs

Try the eye-high kick, the ultimate butt-burner. Stand straight, hands on hips, feet parallel. Take a small jump and simultaneously kick your right leg as high as you can (careful now, you don’t want to strain yourself). Land lightly and repeat with the left leg. Continue for 20 counts, alternating legs.

For those curvy calves, bend over so your body forms a 90-degree angle, with hands and feet shoulder-width apart. Raise yourself up on your toes and then lower your heels back to the floor; repeat 30 times.

Now, for the squats that firms your thighs and butts. Stand with your legs apart, toes facing outward, thighs parallel to the ground. Place your hands on your hips, then bend your knees to lower your upper body straight down to knee level, keeping your back straight. From here, push yourself back to start. Do 15 reps.

For the cross-kick, you stand with feet together, kick your right leg out across the body, no higher than your hip. Keep your hands on hips. Make sure your hips face forward. If they twist too far with your kick, the exercise won’t work. Alternate legs for 20 counts.

What your inner thighs need is some tightening. To do that, lie on the floor with your arms extended on each side and your legs straight up in the air, spread out so that both feet are past your shoulders. Your toes should be pointed. Squeeze your inner thighs to lift both legs three to four inches. Repeat 20 times.
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Avoid breakfast blunders

Studies reveal that cutting calories - which is still how 82% of people say they are losing weight - is painful to health-harmony and it doesn't even work. Contrary to popular wisdom, there's no point trying to 'save' calories by skipping breakfast. It doesn't work and, it actually changes your biology so that you gain more body fat.

There are many who believe that they feel great without breakfast. It's easy to be lulled into thinking that you don't need your morning meal. The problem is even more compounded when you stay physically inactive all morning. Your body too ends up misinterpreting the signals and responds by trying to save you from semi-starvation. How? By driving you to overeat, and eat more high-fat foods, during the rest of the day and into late evening.

And once you have skipped breakfast, whenever you do eat, there's a greater tendency for your body to store fat at a frightening rate.

The key to fight this is to begin your day with a great-tasting low-fat breakfast for you and your family.

Another very important thing that you must do nice and early in the morning is to go through a five-minute physical exercise. This would be a nice wake up call for your body

Two popular myths about breakfast

Myth 1
Skipping breakfast saves calories and will help you control weight
No! This is not true. By not eating breakfast, you are sending out a wrong signal to your body. Your body will still be in the sleep mode and will turn on your fat-burning switch and stimulate the fat-preserving and fat-storing processes instead.

Myth 2
If you skip breakfast, you will eat less all day
Not likely! Skipping meals can lead to a ravenous appetite. People, who skip breakfast, tend to go on a binge the whole day, instead of eating moderately.

So, start your day with a healthy breakfast. Include a fruit or a fresh fruit juice. Make sure that your family does not skip this very important meal however pressed for time.
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Beneficial effects of Green Tea

Recent years have seen a tremendous interest in Green Tea and several tests have been conducted in order to determine the health benefits that it is said to have. Green tea not only has excellent anti-oxidants, it is known to prevent cancer, heart ailments, arthritis and protects the liver from degenerative diseases.


Research has proved beyond doubt that consumption of Green tea contributes significantly to the prevention of cancer in many of the body’s vital organs like the pancreas, bladder and the upper and lower digestive tracts


The antioxidants that are present in Green tea work on reducing the cholesterol levels, help in minimizing cardiac diseases and even controlled hypertension. Research over the years has proved that there were fewer incidents of the above diseases in people who drank Green tea regularly as compared to those who didn’t. Minimising the bonding of blood cells is another major contribution of the antioxidants in Green tea. – which when translated into lay language means reduction in clotting which results in strokes and heart diseases.  


People who suffer from Arthritis are known to benefit from drinking Green tea which has a soothing effect on the painful symptoms associated with this disease. This is because of its ability to reduce inflammation that all arthritis patients suffer from. Though it cannot totally prevent arthritis which may occur due to hereditary reasons, the intensity of the disease can be controlled to a large extent by the antioxidants in Green tea.


That very important organ, the liver, can also be protected by the regular consumption of Green tea. Again, it is the antioxidants that help in the normal function of the liver. It is the liver that rids the body of all toxins which get into our system through the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the smoke in cigarettes and through the alcohol we consume. The antioxidants help not only by protecting the cells of the liver, they also stimulate and strengthen the immune system within our bodies.

With strange new diseases appearing on the horizon every day and with our immunity levels growing abysmally lower, what we need is an awareness of the health giving features present in natural food that Mother Earth, in all her bounty presents us with so that we can arm ourselves against these diseases in the most natural way. Three cheers for Green Tea!!!

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Constipation - Causes and natural cures

Causes of constipation

Constipation is caused by a wide variety of problems that range from simply not drinking enough liquids to having a very low fibre diet.

Medications such as iron and calcium supplements, drugs used to treat allergies, cold, hypertension, depression, antacids, diuretics (drugs which increase the flow of urine), non-steroid and anti-inflammatory drugs also cause constipation. Parkinson's disease, spinal cord disease and paralysis are the other known causes.

Weakness of the abdomen muscles and pelvic floor also lead to constipation, especially in the case of the elderly.

Nature cure for constipation

There are many home remedies which are effective in the treatment of constipation.

* A large slice of papaya every day will help in easy bowel movement.

* The juice made from the pulp of the ripe bel fruit is also recommended. Break the shell of the fruit and remove the seeds. Add water to the pulp and sugar if desired. Strain and serve.

* 6-8 apricots a day are also helpful. The cellulose in apricots acts as roughage and the pectin retains water. Two raw apples per day can also be taken.

* Figs have a high cellulose content. The fig seeds increase the peristaltic movements, thus easing constipation.

* Curd is also beneficial in treating constipation. Dates, bananas, raw cabbage and beetroot also help a great deal. Lemon juice with honey taken first thing in the morning is a good bowel stimulant
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Look after those eyes

Some tips to protect your sight:

Protect your eyes from sand, dust and smoke.

Keep flies away as they are a source of infection.

Keep the house clean and develop healthy sanitary habits.

Never use common handkerchiefs, towels for wiping eyes and face.

Make sure that you get proper and adequate light when you work, read, write and watch TV.

Industrial workers should use protective devices if necessary.

If there is an inflammation in the eye, consult a doctor immediately.

In elderly persons, failing vision must be reported to the doctor.

If a foreign body enters the eyes, it must be removed preferably by a doctor.

Avoid marriages between cousins and near relatives. It is estimated that the danger of blindness resulting from hereditary causes is 20 times higher among children of related parents than among those of unrelated parents.

Never watch the solar eclipse without protective glasses.
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Memory magic  part 1

Struggling to remember your mobile phone number? Want to perform better at work? Here's how to be a clever clogs...

Just as our body needs a healthy diet to function at its best, so does our brain. What we eat can affect our concentration, memory and ability to solve problems. In particular, it’s important to eat breakfast. After 10-12 hours without food, our brain needs fuel to kickstart it into action. It’s also essential to drink enough. About 85 per cent of the brain is water, so even mild dehydration can cause lethargy and poor concentration, making even simple tasks seem harder. Here are some particularly important brain nutrients.  

If you want to boost brain power, forget the Atkins diet. Ditching carbs from your diet cuts off glucose, the brain’s preferred source of fuel. The brain can’t store glucose so it needs a constant supply, particularly during intense mental activity when more is used up. Indeed, Canadian research reveals that eating carb-rich foods improves the memory of elderly adults within an hour of eating them.

Smart foods  

Unprocessed carbs provide a steady supply of energy to the brain, so choose wholegrain cereals and breads, wholewheat pasta, brown rice, couscous, fruit and veg

Omega3 fats  
Docosahexanoic acid – an omega3 fatty acid – is essential for our brain and eye development. Babies can’t make this fatty acid so they need to get it from their mother during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Research carried out on 9,000 mothers and their children found that those with the lowest intakes of omega3 fats during pregnancy had children with a lower verbal IQ at 3½ years. However, the Food Standards Agency believes that more research needs to be carried out to confirm the link between omega3 fats and improved learning and behaviour in children.
Smart foods Oil-rich fish such as sardines, mackerel, salmon, fresh tuna and trout are good sources of omega3 fats. Pregnant and breast-feeding women and those planning to conceive should visit eatwell.gov.uk for guidance on fish intakes.

Numerous  studies suggest that even a mild iron deficiency can affect children’s learning ability, while boosting intakes improves concentration, mental sharpness and cognitive development. Similarly, American research indicates that women with iron-deficiency anaemia perform less well in cognitive tasks and take longer to complete them.
Smart foods Red meat, oil-rich fish, eggs, green leafy veg, dried fruit, pulses, nuts, seeds and fortified breakfast cereals. The iron in meat is more easily absorbed and used by the body than the iron in plant foods.

This trace element is needed to make thyroxine, a hormone that regulates metabolism and promotes growth and development in children, including the brain. A deficiency in iodine has been linked with poorer intelligence, IQ, motor skills, coordination, manual dexterity and school performance, plus more learning disabilities. An analysis of 18 studies concluded that iodine deficiency lowers average IQ scores in children by 13.5 points.
Smart foods Dairy products, eggs and seafood are good sources. Fruit, vegetables and cereals may contain variable amounts depending on the iodine levels in soil.  

                            To Be Continued...

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B vitamens
The B vitamins are important for a healthy brain. Thiamin (vitamin B1) is essential for making a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine that allows messages to be sent between nerve cells. Indeed, research suggests that a deficiency in this vitamin can hinder memory. Vitamin B6 is needed to make serotonin, a feel-good chemical in the brain. And folate is important for development of the nervous system and brain function. Studies indicate that folic acid supplements may improve memory in older people.  

Smart foods Eating a variety of foods from the four main food groups will help to provide sufficient B vitamins. Find thiamin in wholegrain cereals, fortified breakfast cereals, oats, brown rice, dairy products, pulses, nuts, seeds and red meat. Vitamin B6 is in fish, pork, eggs, brown rice, soya beans, oats, wholegrains, peanuts, walnuts, avocado and bananas. Good sources of folate include green leafy veg, peas, oranges, fortified breakfast cereals, nuts and pulses. Pregnant women and women planning to conceive should also take a 400 microgram daily supplement of folic acid to prevent neural tube defects.  


This nutrient is needed for the development of the brain’s learning and memory centres. Animal studies show that offspring who receive insufficient choline when in the womb are born with poorer memories, while those who receive choline supplements are smarter and have a greater learning capacity. More research is needed to confirm these findings in human beings and to discover whether giving young children foods rich in choline benefits memory.


Several animal studies have shown that antioxidant nutrients help to slow cognitive decline in old age and may even help to boost memory, although more research is needed to confirm these findings in humans. Like all other cells in the body, brain cells are vulnerable to damage from an excess of free radicals, and antioxidants help to mop these up.

Smart foods Tea, dark chocolate, red wine and most fruit and veg provide a variety of antioxidants

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Mangosteen Juice for Health Benefits

Drink a glass of Mangosteen juice every morning for a month and see the difference. Fruits and vegetables have always been considered vital for a healthy body and glowing skin. Mangosteen juice with its added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will work wonders and put a halt to the body natural process of decay. Have a glass of Mangosteen juice for health benefits daily. You will never regret it.

Why Mangosteen juice

There is nothing like eating fresh fruit. If you had lived in the tropics, you could have gone to the tree in the height of summer (up to 108 degree F), pick a fruit fresh and ate it there. But not everyone lives in the tropics. Let me assure you that you can have the same ingredients in a glass of mangosteen juice. All fruit juices have a special purpose to serve and mangosteen juice for health benefits is no exception. In today hectic world, there is shortage of time even to have a proper breakfast, leave aside peeling a whole fruit, slicing it down and then consume it. Here mangosteen juice comes to your help. Just open the bottle and drink it down.

The Key Fruit

South East Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, and others are the chief producers of Mangosteen fruits. There they grow in profusion during the summer. When ripe, they are around 3 to 5 inches in girth with a stone inside and are very palatable to taste. Mangosteen juice for health benefits are best achieved from fully matured ripe fruits with a golden yellow skin.

Mangosteen juice for health benefits

Mangosteen juice is the source of many health-giving properties. First of all, the presence of antioxidants in the juice curtails the aging process in humans naturally. If you insist on a wrinkle-free skin till later years in life, drink at least a glass of the juice daily. A chemical substance called Xanthone in the juice is responsible for immune building that helps fight infections and related disorders. Also available in a single glass of Mangosteen juice are other natural supplements like Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C. Abundant quantity of fibrous products enrich the juice. What is more, all these vital elements are available in the Mangosteen juice in natural form, ensuring quick and easy assimilation. Studies have confirmed that the health benefits are rapidly absorbed by the body in the juice form instead of any other formation like concentrated or dried pulp powder.
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8 Foods That Help You Lose Weight!]

When it comes to losing weight, the following eight food strategies have helped thousands of my personal clients achieve their goals. Go ahead and give them a shot!  

Fiber -- Both types of fiber, insoluble and soluble can help your weight loss efforts.

Insoluble fiber provides volume to food without adding a lot of calories. Foods rich in insoluble fiber include high fiber cereal, whole wheat bread, wheat bran, fruits and vegetables.

Soluble fiber helps stabilize your blood sugar levels, which in turn can better control hunger and cravings. Also, this type of fiber slows down the transit time of food in your gut, so it may keep you fuller for longer. Foods rich in soluble fiber include strawberries, apples, pears, oatmeal, chickpeas, and beans.

Juicy Foods -- Fruits and veggies with a high water content "built into the food" helps to fill you up, so you'll eat less collectively throughout the day. Go for watermelon, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, grapefruit, and cantaloupe.

Lean Protein -- Protein can slightly rev your metabolism after ingestion (more so than carbs and fat). Be sure to include some type of lean protein with every meal. Good sources include chicken breast, canned light tuna, wild salmon (fresh and canned), egg whites, crab, shrimp, tilapia, turkey breast, tofu, lean red meat, low-fat dairy, beans and lentils.   

Foods That Make You Work  -- People eat less of the very same foods when they require a bit of work. For example, buy shelled peanuts versus unshelled peanuts and prepare soybeans in the pod versus the straight bean.

Sugarless Gum -- Contrary to what people think, sugarless gum does not stimulate your appetite. In fact, it's a great way to give your taste buds a shot of flavor and prevent yourself from popping something caloric in your mouth. Keep a pack of sugarless gum on hand (or a pack of mints).

Hot Beverages -- Sipping a hot, low-cal beverage is a great way to stave off extra calories when you're looking to eat out of pure boredom. And because they're hot, you'll have to slowly sip over an extended period of time. Choose beverages under 100-calories such as green and herbal teas, diet hot cocoa, skim latte and cappuccino, and reduced sodium bouillon.

Spicy Food and Capsaicin Research have reported that you're often satisfied with less food when the meal is spicy hot. Plus, you automatically eat slower and drink more water! If your taste buds can handle the heat, add chili peppers, hot sauce and salsa to your meals.

Pre-portioned Snacks -- There's no chance of overeating when you only have one portion in front of you. Try the following legalized snacks when you want something fun: 100-Calorie Pack, Glenny's soy crisps, Skinny Cow-Silhouette flying saucer, Healthy Pop mini bag microwave popcorn, Nature Valley granola bar, Pria bar, People Pop, Tootsie Pop, Weight Watchers ice cream pops, or a Swiss Miss/Jell-O fat free pudding.   
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A 7 day exercise plan

To keep that fat from bulging and feel the difference in body composition you can alternate a strength training routine with a two-kilometre walk. Get a good exercise video on strength training to learn a home workout routine

Here's what your schedule might include:

Monday: two-km. walk
uesday: upper-body strength training (45 minutes), including chest, arms, upper back, lower back,
abdominals and stretching

Wednesday: two-km. walk

Thursday: lower-body strength training, including hips, buttocks, thighs, calves, hamstrings, adductors, abductors, abdominals (again) and stretching

Friday: two-km. walk, and exercise abdominals, do push- ups and stretching

Saturday and Sunday: recreational games, sports, outings, hikes -- fun!  
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Water and health

The importance of water to our health can never be underestimated.

The medical world now says we all need to make it a habit to drink at least ten glasses of water a day.

Even those who live in cold arid regions need to drink water. They can choose warm water, which will help them combat the weather and ward away the cold.

We wait till we are thirsty before we drink water. But thirst is a sign of dehydration in our systems. It is more effective to drink water regularly and prevent dehydration from setting in.

Dehydration is the cause for many problems in our bodies. But more often than not, the symptoms alone are treated and the cause is ignored. The cause is lack of water. Drinking plenty of water will prevent the onset of many troublesome ailments.

Not only does water flush out the toxins from our body, it also prevents and alleviates many other ailments and discomforts in our bodies.  


More often than not it is a symptom of lack of water. People who drink less water than they should, are generally more prone to heartburn. Drinking water regularly is an effective way of preventing acidity.


Migraines can be chronic and excruciatingly painful. They occur because of excessively dilated blood vessels due to stress, heat and dietary allergies. Dehydration can worsen each of these factors. Water can help you cope better with these factors that could be the cause of migraines


Exhaustion and low energy levels are very often due to dehydration. We need an adequate supply of water to keep our body working at its optimum level. When there is a lack of this important fluid, our energy level starts flagging and we find our performance going down.


Lack of water clogs up our system. and builds up our toxins. Chronic constipation can lead to many other diseases including dental problems and mood swings

Flush it all out.
Drink more water.
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Mood swings

It's not just Monday morning Blues. I'm talking about 'every day blues'    something that comes thanks to increasing stress and is fast becoming a matter of concern. Forget adults, even children seem increasingly prone to mood swings. While depression attacks every 1 in 15 people, studies show that women are more susceptible to the listlessness, general apathy, irritability, lack of appetite and self-esteem that characterise these blues. But there are ways to chase these blues away try some of these they work!


Exercise is the best pick-me-up of all. Throw away those tranquillisers and walk, jog, swim or just dance your blues away    at least for about 20 minutes at a time. A workout releases endorphins, which are natural mood lifters that drive out stress-related depression and give you a high.


Exercise your lungs, gurgle and chortle. Learn to laugh at yourself. Once again, it is the magic of endorphins.  


You'll be surprised how the art of concentration and reflection helps control mood swings.  

Forgive and forget:  

Let go of irritants that prey on the mind and heighten stress levels.

Meet people:  

Sometimes, the company you keep can affect your moods. Have happy and contented people around you; those with a good sense of humour can make a substantial difference to your outlook. Look for a man who can laugh at himself and hang on to him for life. If nothing, the association will teach you to laugh at yourself. And that is a big mood-lifter!  

Get out of the rut:  

Move away from the mundane. Buy clothes that you haven't dared to wear before. Change your hairstyle. Opt for the outlandish. Tune into a different kind of music. Shift furniture around. Look at life differently.  

Of cats and dogs:

Pets are great mood enhancers. The unconditional love a pet gives you is therapeutic; it makes the world a nicer place to be in.


There can be no greater source of joy than the company of children. Getting down to their level and letting your hair down is one helluva way to cheer up. There can never be a dull moment when a toddler is around.

Get Arty!  

Ever held a paintbrush in your fingers or exercised your vocal chords? Now is the time to start. Paint your emotions in bright colours    green, pink and yellow. Release pent-up fury by painting a fiery picture with red, blazing orange and threatening black. The strokes of the brush will relax you. And hey, you just may discover you have a latent talent. Or simply sing away your blues! Might sound awful, but sing. Loud. It's therapeutic and will lift your spirits.  
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50 Habits of "Naturally Thin" People

Small Changes, Big Weight Loss
This is not a diet -- or a rigorous exercise program. (Nobody can stick to those for long.) Instead, it's a simple way to make weight loss a natural part of the life you already live. And guess what? It's fun! You don't have to give up the foods you love or join a gym. It's about balancing calories in tiny ways that add up to big benefits. You just adopt some tricks naturally lean people do. Pick the ones you like, stick with them, and you'll slim down and tone up -- for good!

Morning Makeover
1. Wake-up workout When your eyes open, sit up slowly without using your hands. With legs straight out, lean forward until you feel a gentle stretch in your back and hamstrings. Hold; then, using your abs, lower yourself flat. Rest and repeat two more times. Strengthens core. Burns 10 calories

2. Go for the grains Not ready for Twigs & Rocks cereal? Sprinkle on a few tablespoons of wheat germ or oat bran. Work up to 3/4 cup of low-sugar whole-grain cereal with at least three grams of fiber per serving, and you'll pass on that Danish. Saves 100

3. Add some protein The more you eat earlier on, the less you eat as the day wears on, research has shown. So after your cereal, add a hard-boiled egg or a part-skim mozzarella cheese stick to keep you feeling full -- and away from that pre-lunch brownie. Saves 200 (or more)

4. Balance booster While you brush your teeth, alternate standing on one leg as you switch mouth quadrants (every 30 seconds). Balancing develops your core muscles and may even be good for your brain. Burns 10

5. Be a ballerina As your coffee drips, stand sideways, put one hand on the counter, and lift the outside leg straight out in front of you, keeping it extended. With upper body straight, hold for a few seconds and move it to the side; hold and extend it behind you. Do five to ten times on each leg. Tones outer thighs, hip flexors and quadriceps. Burns 10

6. Coffee saver Instead of pouring that 1/3 cup of half-and-half (a whopping 105 calories!) into your mug, replace it with the same amount of 2% milk. Saves 60

7. Better your bagel You can walk 10,000 steps to justify your 500-calorie bagel with cream cheese, or try this: low-fat spreadable cheese like Laughing Cow Light on an English muffin. Saves 300

Nine-to-Five Fixes
8. Tone in traffic Use the time spent bumper-to-bumper to develop your buns of steel: Squeeze your derrière each time you tap the brake, holding for 10 seconds. Shoot for 10 to 15 squeezes a trip. Burns 10

9. Snack smarter Portion out the day's snacks into pint-size zip bags, or buy single-serving portions. For example, four regular Oreos have 200 calories versus the 100-calorie snack bag version. Go for the lower fat chips: a Lay's Light bag has only 75 calories, while the regular has 150. Saves 175 (over two snacks)

10. Casual day payoff You will blast more calories during the day wearing comfy clothes like jeans or khakis, sport shirts and soft-soled shoes than donning constricting suits, skirts and heels. Why? Because you walk more, a study found. Now you just have to convince the boss. Burns 25

11. You know squat! At your desk chair, pretend you're going to sit but don't -- stop and come back up without using your arms. Always start squats by lowering your hips, not bending knees forward, and keeping your weight on your heels. Repeat the motion throughout the day (even at the potty!) for 15 to 20 total. Strengthens quadriceps. Burns 15

12. Switch your soda Your body doesn't register calories from liquids the same way it does those from foods, so you won't get those "stop eating" signals to help you compensate for the overload later on. Change from two glasses of regular soda or fruit juice to diet soda or a flavored seltzer. Saves 300

13. Talk it up Every time you grab the phone, stand up and pace around. Heavy people sit on average two and a half hours more per day than thin people, according to the Mayo Clinic. Burns 50 or more

14. At lunch, pick a pita Use one mini whole-wheat pita instead of the usual two slices of white or refined wheat bread for your sandwich. Saves 70

15. Get face time We use e-mail so much we've forgotten what our co-workers look like. Pick a colleague or two who sits farthest from you and deliver 10 of those daily messages in person. And go out of your way: Hit a bathroom or a copier on another floor -- and take the stairs, of course. Burns 100

16. Firm as you file Pause from your papers with a few wall push-ups. Place hands wide at shoulder height against the wall. Take a couple of steps back so your body is at a slight angle and your weight is on your toes, and do three sets of 10 push-ups. Strengthens chest and triceps. (For more desk exercises, go to changeone.com/workout.) Burns 10

17. An apple (or more) a day They're packed with fiber and water, so your stomach will want less. Plus, studies out of Washington State and Brazil have shown that people who eat at least three apples or pears a day lose weight. Try two small apples and two fewer large cookies. Saves 100

18. Try a simple chair workout
Dips: If your chair has wheels, brace it against something. Facing forward, place palms on the front edge of the seat with knees bent at a right angle. Lower butt toward the floor; raise and repeat for two sets of 10. Tones triceps. Burns 10
Lifts: Seated in a chair with your back straight and your feet on the floor, squeeze knees together and gently bring them toward your chest. Do two sets of ten. Strengthens abdominals. Burns 10

----------to be contin....
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 Om Sainathaya Namaha

Obeisance to Sri Sainatha, Lord of this universe.

2.        Om Lakshminarayanaya Namaha

 Who has the wondrous form of Lakshmee Narayana .

3          Om krsnaramasivamaruthyadhi rupaya namaha
Who appears in the divine forms of Lord Krishna, Rama, Shiva
and Anjaneya

4.         Om seshasaine namaha

 Who has His yogic sleep on Adhisesha.

5.         Om Godhavarithatasirdi vasine namaha

Who has taken shirdi the village situated on the bank of Godavari as
His earthly abode.

6.         Om Bhakthahrudhalayaya namaha

Who is Seated in His devotees hearts which are as holy as temples

7.         Om Sarvahrunnilayaya namaha

Who is the universal self in the hearts of all beings.

8.         Om Bhuthavasaya namaha

Who abides in the hearts of all both animate and inanimate.

9.         Om Bhuthabhavishyadhbhava varjithaya namaha

who removes all evil thoughts of past present and future

10.       Om Kalathithaya namaha

Who is the eternal time and greater than the dutiful and munificent, kala.

11.       Om Kalaya namaha

Who is the impartial kala, the all destroying Death

12.       Om Kala kalaya namaha

Who subdues even the all powerful kala or yama

13.       Om Kaladharpadhamanaya namaha

Who puts down the pride of kala, the eternal time-spirit

14.       Om Mruthyunjayaya namaha

Who has vanquished mruthyu or yama and who is none other than
Mruthyumjai, Lord Siva

15.       Om Amarthyaya namaha

Who is immortal, eternal and imperishable Brahman

16        Om marthyabhaya pradaya namaha
Who removes fear and grants 'Abaya' or assurance of protection to His
devotees at the time of death.

17.       Om Jivadharaya namaha

who is the bestower of abundant life energy to all

18.       Om Sarvadharaya namaha

who is the source of all power.

19.       Om Bhakthavanasamarthaya namaha

who is competent and all powerful in protecting His devotees

20.       Om Bhakthavana prathijnaya namaha

Who has taken the promise of protecting His devotees.

21.       Om Annavasthradhaya namaha

who always provides His children with food and clothes.

22.       Om Arogyakshemadhdya namaha

who takes care of the good mental and physical health of His devotees
and offers them supreme bliss.

23.       Om Dhanamangalya pradhaya namaha

 who pours wealth and auspices in abundant

24.       Om Ruddhi siddhidhaya namaha

who offers success, prosperity, affluence and helps in the accomplishment
of everything by removing all obstacles.

25.       Om Puthramithra kalathra bandhudhaya namaha

who grants the blessings of good progeny, friends wife and relatives.

26.       Om Yoga kshema vahaya namaha

who bears the burden of His devotees and frees them from grief and takes
care of their welfare.

27.       Om Apadhbandhavaya namaha

who is our only kinsman in times of troubles and distress.

28.       Om Margabandhave namaha

who is our only guide in our life journey

29.       Om Bhukthimukthi svargapavargadhaya namaha

who bestows wealth, everlasting bliss and eternal state (Heaven) to us.

30.       Om Priyaya namaha

who is extremely dear to us.

31.       Om Prithivardhanaya namaha

 who increases our devotion to God

32.       Om Antharyamine namaha

who is. Antharyamin or the indwelling soul in us dispelling the
darkness of ignornance

33.       Om Sacchidhathmane namaha

 who is sat, chit and Anandha or eternal bliss.

34.       Om Nityanandhdya namaha

 who is always drowned in eternal bliss.

35.       Om Paramasukhadhaya namaha

Who offers His devotees, the supreme bliss that is mukthi or freedom
from the cycles of birth and death.

36.       Om Parameswaraya namaha

who is none other than the great siva, parameswara.

37.       Om Para brahmane namaha

Who is Brahma Swaroopa pervading the entire universe.

38.       Om Paramathmane namaha

Who is the divine purusha paramartha, the supreme God pervading
the whole universe.

39.       Om Jnanasvarupine namaha

who is jnana or wisdom incarnate.

40.       Om Jagathaha pithre namaha

            who is our universal father

41.       Om Bhakthanam mathrudhathrupithamahaya namaha

Who is the dear mother, father and grand father to all His devotees.

42.       Om Bhaktha abhaya pradhaya namaha

who gives refuge to all who surrender to Him

43.       Om Bhakthaparadhinaya namaha

who is the slave of His devotees

44.       Om Bhakthanugrahakatharaya namaha

who safeguards His devotees in distress and pours blessings.

45.       Om Saranagathavathsalaya namaha

who pours affection on people who surrender themselves to Him seeking
His refuge.

46.       Om Bhakthisakthipradhaya namaha

who offers devotion and mental power and strength in abundent.

47.       Om Jnanavairagyadhaya namaha

who bestows divine wisdom, (gnana) and self control (vairagya) upon
His devotees

48.       Om Prema pradhaya namaha

who showers selfless love on all His devotees

49.       Om Samsaya hrudhaya dhaurbhalya papakarma vasana
kshayakaraya namaha

who completely removes the low desire of constant doubting, lust and other unwanted desires characteristic of weak hearts.

50.       Om Hrudhayagranthibhedhakaya namaha

who removes the illusion 'the body is the self '.

51.       Om Karmadhvamsine namaha

who destroys our sins accumulated as a result of our evil activities.

52.       Om Sudhdhasatthvasthithaya namaha

who has chosen pure and tranquil hearts as His abode.

53.       Om Gunathitha gunathmane namaha

who possesses all superior and good virtues.

54.       Om Ananthakalyana Gunaya namaha

who possesses all auspicious traits in abundance

55.       Om Amitha parakramaya namaha

 who possesses immeasurable valour

56.       Om Jayine namaha

who is always victorious

57.       Om Dhurdharsha kshobhyaya Namaha

who removes all calamities of His devotees

58.       Om Aparajithaya namaha

who can never be vanquished

59.       Om Thrilokeshu Avighathagathaye namaha

Who can freely go around all the three worlds unobstructed

60.       Om Asakyarahithaya namaha

who can execute everything perfectly and nothing is impossible for Him.

61.       Om Sarvasakthi murthaye namaha

      who is the personification of all kinds of powers.

62        Om Surupa sundharaya namaha
who is graceful and dignified in appearance

63.       Om Sulochanaya namaha

whose eyes are attractive, beautiful and impressive

64.       Om Bhahurupa viswamurthaye namaha

who takes multifarious divine forms and who can also appear
as universal being.

65.       Om Arupavyakthaya namaha

Who is all pervading and has no definite form and whose glory
cannot be delineated

66.       Om Achinthyaya namaha

who has an infinite form which is beyond our conception

67.       Om Sukshmaya namaha

who is found even in the smallest creatures like ants and flies.

68.       Om Sarvantharyamine namaha

who is present in all beings.

69.       Om Manovagathithiya namaha

Who has extraordinary or remarkable power of speech and thought.

70.       Om Premamurthaye namaha

who is the very personification of pure love.

71.       Om Sulabhadhurlabhaya namaha

who is easy of access to devotees and hard to be seen by sinners

72.       Om Asahaya sahayaya namaha

who readily extends His help to the helpless.

73.       Om Anathanatha dhina bandhave namaha

who remains the close relative of both distressed and afflicted people.

74.       Om Sarvabharabhruthe namaha

 who bears the burden of protecting His devotees

75.       Om Akarmanekakarma sukarmine namaha

who   seems  to  be  not  doing  anything but continuously involved
in actions.

76.       Om Punya sravana kirthanaya namaha

whose sacred name is worthy of being sung and to be listened to

77.       Om Thirthaya namaha

who is in the form of all sacred rivers.

78.       Om Vasudevaya namaha

Who is none other than Vasudeva or Lord krishna.

79.       Om Satham gathaye namaha

Who is always the refuge of all.

80.       Om Sath parayanaya namaha

who possessed all the merits of being worshipped by good people.

81.       Om Lokanathaya namaha

who is the Lord of this universe

82.       Om Pavananaghaya namaha

Who possesses the most sacred form.

83.       Om Amruthamsave namaha

who is as sweet as nectar

84.       Bhaskara Prabhaya namaha

who has the lustre and brilliance of the sun.

85.       Om Brahmacharya thapascharyadhi suvrathaya namaha

who follows strictly the austerities of a bachelor .

86        Om Sathya dharma parayanaya namaha
who always treads on the path of righteousness and truth.

87.       Om Sidhdhesvaraya namaha

who is the master of all eight sidhis or superhuman faculties like anima,
legima etc.,

88.       Om Siddha sankalpaya namaha

who executes His wishes perfectly and in no time.

89.       Om Yogesvaraya namaha

 who is the head of all yogis or ascetics

90.       Om Bhagavathe namaha

who is the supreme Lord of the universe

91.       Om Bhaktha vathsalaya namaha

who is fond of his devotees.

92.       Om Satpurushaya namaha

who is eternal, unmanifest, supreme purusha

93.       Om Prusothtamaya namaha

who is the highest and supreme being.

94.       Om Satha thatthva bhodhakaya namaha

who preaches the true principles of truth and reality.

95.       Om Kamddhishad vairi dhvamsine namaha

who has vanquished six internal enemies kama, krodha, Loba, moha,
 mada and mathsarya.

96.       Om Abhedhanandhanubhava pradhaya namaha

who grants the bliss of realisation of the one absolute

97.       Om Samasarvamathasammathaya namaha

who is well pleased with all doctrines of philosophy and all religions

98.       Om Sree dakshinamurthaye namaha

Who is Lord Dakshinamoorthy, the guru of all gurus,

99.       Om Venkatesaramanaya namaha

who is Lord Venkateswara of Thirupathy

100.    Om Adhbhuthananthacharyaya namaha

who is always wandering through the wonderous land of supreme bliss.

101.    Om Prapannarthiharaya namaha

who removes the difficulties of His devotees

102.    Samsara sarva duhkha kshayakaraya namaha

who sweeps away the grief accumulated in this worldly life.

103.    Om Sarvavith sarvatho mukhaya namaha

who is the knower of everything and who has faces in every direction

104.    Om Sarvantharbhahisthithaya namaha

Who resides in the heart of His devotees and also found outside
and everywhere.

105.    Om Sarvamangalakaraya namaha

Who is always doing good and auspicious for the welfare of His devotees.

106.    Om Sarvabhishtapradhaya namaha

who fulfills the genuine wishes of his devotees

107.    Om Samarasa sanmarga sthapanaya namaha

who has established unity and good will among all people

108.    Om Samartha sadguru sayi nathaya namaha

who is samartha sadguru, the greatest of all gurus who takes care of
both our worldly life and life after.
Title: Re: Health tips!
Post by: fatima on May 24, 2008, 04:08:56 AM
Obviously, you want to have what you want – don’t you?
Then why are you not able to have the body that you want, or the job that you want, or the relationship that you want - why don’t you have the life you want?

You are conflicted. Truly, you think you want something but then you think (consciously or unconsciously) of all the reasons why you can’t have it. You think about what has happened in the past, and that discounts your thoughts of what it is you want.

So, you must believe that you can have it. Here is where the struggle comes. You are, I am guessing, based on your past experiences, convinced that you cannot improve your fitness, change your diet, change your job, lose the weight, and so forth, since every time you have tried in the past, it hasn’t worked, or lasted.

Here’s what you must do to get the body you want:

1. Continue to have the desire. Think it, wish it, and see it (in detail) for yourself.

2. Make small changes in your diet and exercise program, changes that you will be able to do now. Don’t commit to an unrealistic exercise plan; just do what you truly know you can do, like 20 minutes every morning, or three days a week.

And make minor alterations in your diet like reducing the amount on your plate, cutting out dessert, reducing the number of sodas that you drink in a day.

3. Keep your vision intact. Even if your actions falter, do not let that throw you for an emotional loop. Stay focused on what you want.

You will soon have the desire and the belief, and changes will occur, don’t give up.
Title: Re: Health tips!
Post by: fatima on May 25, 2008, 02:43:52 AM
All of us have used canned food once in our life time. Canned foods are the most prominently used packed food all over the world. We can see the canned food in each house hold. People use them because they are easy to be maintained & need less time to be cooked. Moreover they don't loose their natural taste as well. But to keep their taste & quality for long time certain care should be taken while using them. Moreover there are certain limits to how long food quality can be preserved. You must be asking why? It's because several factors limit the shelf-life of canned foods such as:-

Cans or glass jars with metal lid can get rusted if not used properly i.e. touched by wet hands or spoon & when rust will be deep enough, tiny holes open in the can or lid may let spoilage agents in & will spoil the food. That's why we should avoid water contact from can.
Cans could even corrode, if food will chemically react with metal container. Especially highly-acid food like canned tomatoes and fruit juices gets easily corroded. When kept or used for several years causes change in taste and texture. It eventually lowers down the nutritional food value also. So this type of food should not be kept for very long time in home
Temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit are harmful for canned foods. If the storage temperature rises, the risk of spoilage of food jumps sharply. There are high chances of loosing nutrient of the caned food, if stored at above 75 degree for very long period. In the glass jars the light can cause color changes and nutrient losses in foods. That's why we are advised to use the older canned food earlier than the newer one i.e. we should follow the technique of LIFO (last in first out).
We should never use foods from containers with the spoilage warning signs given on the container. So before taking the can check for statements written along the top, side or bottom seam.
You should never take loose or bulging lids on jars; leaking or badly dented can or foods with a foul odor. These all are the symbols of old or poor packaging of food. If the packaging will be old the product inside the can can't be used for longer time period.
If the cans doesn't show any sign of spoilage or damage than also you should take care as a edible inside it may deteriorate in color, flavors & nutritive value. So don't go on packaging but check out the date.
There are certain points which should be kept in mind while storage of the canned food. For better & prolonged use of canned food we must keep them in mind. It will solve your purpose of keeping canned food at your home. So be ready to apply them in your kitchen & enjoy your food as longer as you want.

Tips For Using Canned Food
You should always store cans in a cool, clean & dry place where temperatures must be below 85 degrees. It is advisable to keep temperature between 50-70 degrees but not at the freezing temperatures.
Foods should be rotated so the older one is used first &later one at last. Moreover you should not try to keep canned foods more than one year because the edibles may get spoiled after such a long period.
As like other food canned foods, canned meats and seafood must be used within 12 months.
The high-acid canned foods must be used within 6-8 months as they can easily react with metal.
Canned fruit juices can be stored up to 3 years but keep check on it. They should be kept at right temperature, what is prescribed on the can.
Before storing the food you must read the instructions given on the can. It will help you out in storing the food at right temperature & right place.
These all points or safety measures will help you out in keeping your canned fresh & usable for longer period. You can feel free in using the canned food if you will keep them carefully. So handle the canned food with care & enjoy the nature fresh food anytime, anywhere.  
Title: Re: Health tips!
Post by: fatima on May 26, 2008, 03:53:07 AM
How to eat more iron  

Iron deficiency has become fairly common. And Indian women and children are particularly prone to iron deficiency. It is easy to get enough iron in your diet without gulping down cans of greens like everyone's favourite cartoon sailor, Popeye.

Eat chicken, fish, egg yolks and red meat.

If you are vegetarian then feast on dark green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, methi or any other local greens available in the markets.

Snack on high-iron dried fruits such as prunes, apricots, dates, figs, peaches and raisins.

Eat a porridge made with ragi. Ragi has a very high iron content.

Eat iron-rich foods in combination with foods that are high in vitamin C to better absorb the iron.

Eat foods that are naturally high in both iron and vitamin C, such as broccoli.

Drink tea between meals, not with them. Tea contains tannin, which blocks the absorption of iron. Herbal tea is a good alternative if it is easily available
Title: Re: Health tips!
Post by: fatima on May 26, 2008, 03:58:19 AM
Mother Nature's remedies

Here are some more useful tips from Mother Nature. Apart from being time tested, they could perform wonders

Asafoetida (Hing): Gulping it with water serves as an effective appetiser. When consumed with half a teaspoon of curd, it helps in eliminating gas and stomach pain.

Cumin Seeds (Jeera): Powder it and mix it with water. It acts as a digestive and increases the production of urine.

Black Pepper (Kali Mirch): Take half a gram with warm water to improve your digestion.

Raisins/Dried Grapes (Kishmish): It is used to cure constipation. Every night, take a fistful of raisins with milk for curing constipation. However, this treatment is only for non-diabetics. For those who are down with dehydration, raisins help in increasing the water content of the body.

Sugar Candy (Mishri): It is used as an effective remedy for dry coughs. Powder a few cloves (lavang) and mix with sugar candy. Mix it with water and take it at least twice a day.

Neem Leaves: It is used to treat skin diseases. A paste of neem leaves, applied externally, helps blood to clot faster. The paste can also heal wounds formed after a bout of measles. The juice of neem leaves taken internally (10-15 ml.) helps to deal with worm infestation.

Gooseberry: (Amalaki or Emblica officinalis): This is the common amla. Rich in vitamin C, it is best eaten raw. One can also have it in the form of supari, which is dried amla. Amla is a good appetiser and digestive. It is used to cure cold and helps to increase weight. To get relief from eye pain, put 2-3 drops of amla juice into the eyes. Amla Durva (Green grass with three stalks): This is used to reduce body heat. Boil a handful in two glasses of water and simmer till the mixture reduces to one-fourth. Consume this mixture twice a day. In case of bleeding from the nose, add two drops of this mixture into the nostrils. The bleeding will stop immediately.

Basil (Tulsi): In case of skin infection, crush the leaves and make a paste. Apply this paste on the skin.
Title: Re: Health tips!-------(Nutrients Glossary)
Post by: fatima on May 28, 2008, 07:50:58 AM

Acidophilus: Beneficial bacteria

Calcium: Acts on much more than just your bones

Carotenoids: Any class of yellow to red pigmented veggies. Known to have anti cancer properties

Phytonutrients: Transform your body health and boost your vitality and immune system – found in fruits and vegetables, those with the strongest colours being healthiest. Orange and red peppers, tomatoes, spinach, and carrots are examples.

Cruciferous: Gives protection from hormone related cancers – generally found in any of various plants in the mustard family (Cruciferae or Brassicaceae), which includes the cabbage, radish, broccoli, and many weeds.

Essential fatty acids: Any of a large group of monobasic acids, especially those found in animal and vegetable fats and oils. Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the heart of healthy people, people at high risk of cardiovascular disease and patients with cardiovascular disease.

Fibre: Simply cleans up your insides. Mostly indigestible material in food that stimulates the intestine also called bulk, dietary fibre, roughage

Flavonoids: Substances of plant origin containing flavone in various combinations and with varying biological activities. Present in the 5 to 9 servings of fruits and veggies in your daily intake

Allium: Keeps most diseases at bay. Allium is present in onions, leeks and garlic

Iron: Most important for a woman’s child-bearing years

Lecithin: Supplies food for the brain. Found in egg yolk and plasma membrane of plant and animal cells

Lipotropic factors: Clean the blood and prevent abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat in the liver

Macronutrients and Micronutrients: these are essential components of nutrition

Minerals: Very important to shore up on these

Omega – 3 fatty acids: These are special oils that serve to improve the quality of your life in so many ways

Phytonutrients: These often prove to be the ultimate bodyguards of your health

Protein: you can call them building blocks to great health

Vitamin A, B,C, D and E: Certainly help in many ways - to keep the doctor away, help in general health upkeep, prevent colds, make for healthy bones, work as anti oxidants and help to take care of the skin.

These are the most common nutrients about which doctors and healthcare professionals keep talking to us about. It will do you good to be able to follow intelligently all the advice you have been given – hence this short but really helpful glossary of the ‘nutrient terms.'
Title: Re: Health tips!
Post by: fatima on May 30, 2008, 01:41:39 AM
Recipe for Oily Hair Rinse
If your hair is lifeless and is greasy all the time, then try these at home rinses to add extra bounce to your limp locks. Wash your hair using a herbal shampoo with key ingredients like mint, lemon, neem, amla etc. Tea and Lemon Rinse: Take one litre of freshly brewed tea and squeeze the juice of two lemons into it. After shampooing your hair, rinse hair with this solution. This strengthens roots and adds extra gloss to your hair Orange and Lentil Water Rinse: Keep aside the water that was used for washing lentils. Boil the rind of three oranges in water and set aside to cool. Blend the two and use as a last rinse after shampooing. It tightens the pores in the scalp to control oil and adds a fresh scent to your hair.  
Title: Re: Health tips!---(Get 'Scents'-ible)
Post by: fatima on May 30, 2008, 01:45:44 AM
Get “Scents”-ible!

Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment, which uses essential oils for healing purposes. These essential oils can be massaged into the skin or added to the bath.
We bring you some essential oils and their uses…

• Eucalyptus oil has antiseptic and analgesic properties. It acts as a decongestant and a diuretic. It relieves muscular aches and pains, relieves bronchial conditions and is known to stimulate circulation.

• Jasmine oil is renowned for its aphrodisiacal properties, but is equally effective as a uterine tonic, as an anti-depressant, and for its antiseptic properties. It is used to treat depression, muscular spasms, uterine problems, skin problems, coughs and colds

• Lavender is one of the most versatile therapeutic essences. It is used as a first aid oil, sealing cuts and bruises, it soothes and induces relaxation. It can relieve headaches, hypertension, PMT, bronchitis and abdominal cramps.

These essential oils are extracted from flowers and plants and used in the purest form.  
Title: Re: Health tips!------------Care & Exercises For The Eye
Post by: fatima on June 07, 2008, 02:52:08 AM

Vitamins A, B and C are very essential for the good care of the eyes. Milk, butter, cod liver oil, egg yolk, yellow and orange coloured vegetables such as pumpkin, carrot, tomato, mango, papaya, melon as well as green leafy vegetables such as celery, parsley, spinach etc contain a large amount of vitamin A. 8 to 10 hours of sleep is a must for bright eyes.

To avoid eye strain :

Do not work in dim light

Wear sunglasses whenever you step out in the sun

Use face wash instead of soap because soap tends to darken the skin on the eyelids.

Do not read continuously in moving vehicles.

Do not stare too tong at anything without blinking the eyes. Blinking provides lubrication and relief from light.

Do not rub the eyes too hard.

To give momentary relief to the eyes, close the eyes with your palms so that no light can enter. Now open the eyes in the palm cup and stare into this darkness for a minute.

Exercises for eyes :

Lift the eyes to the ceiling and then to the floor. Repeat it for 10 times. Rest the eyes either by blinking rapidly or rubbing your palms together and covering your eyes with them. Do not press the eyes. Palming reduces strain and gives relaxation to eyes.

Look straight ahead at eye level, then slowly to left side at eye level and then to right side at eye level. Repeat it for 3 or 4 times.

Make a circle, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise, with the eyes. Repeat for 5 times.

For eye care

Splash the eyes with cold water. Apply cotton wool pads, soaked in warm milk, witch hazel, weak tea solution or rose water on the eyes. Press gently and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.

Care for Eyebrows and Eyelashes :

Eyebrows and Eyelashes should be brushed daily with a small brush.

Rub eyebrows and eyelashes with olive oil or coconut oil or almond oil to encourage hair growth.

For cleansing and nourishment of eyebrows, rub them with a little egg white and rinse it off after 10 minutes.
Title: Re: Health tips!----Eat Right For Healthy Hair
Post by: fatima on June 25, 2008, 04:12:50 AM

Great nutrition is the most effective way of getting awesome hair. Shiny, healthy hair is a reflection of a healthy body, so it's like two for the price of one. Just like your body, your hair needs a balanced, nutritious diet to stay healthy. So follow this recipe for healthier hair, and be amazed at the difference it makes!


Water makes up one-fourth of the weight of a strand of hair. Moisture makes the hair supple, so make sure you get plenty of fluids. A key point is NOT to wait until you're thirsty. If you're thirsty, it means your body has already lost more water than it should have, and it's urging you to fill up the tank. Water not only hydrates your body, but helps keep your hair silky and shiny. Ideally, you should drink between eight and ten glasses of water a day.


Protein is the building block of hair, so a diet for healthy hair contains an awful lot of protein! Protein will give the shaft of your hair more strength, and will reduce the likelihood of dame through snapping and splitting. You can get protein from foods like fish, meat, milk, cheese and cereals.


Iron helps to carry oxygen to the hair. Without enough iron, hair and its follicles get starved of oxygen. This means that the 'goodness' in the root of your hair is much less effective along the length of the strand. You can increase your iron intake by eating red meat and dark green vegetables, or by iron supplements.
Zinc builds hair protein which helps to prevent hair loss. Meat and seafood are the foods highest in zinc.
Copper is involved in the pigmentation of hair. You can optimize your natural color with a diet with plenty of copper. Shellfish, liver, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and meat are all high in copper.

Vitamin A will give you a healthy scalp, because it's great for the skin! You can get vitamin A from foods like vegetables - in particular, in carrots.
Vitamin B and C are important for good circulation, hair growth and hair color. If you ensure that you have enough vitamin B and C, you'll have strong, supple strands of hair that do not split. You can get these vitamins from eating foods like fruit, vegetables, cereals, eggs, milk and bread.
So follow this healthy guide… be sure to add a dose of daily exercise to keep that blood pumping… then add proper hair care on the surface! Go ahead! Try it!
Title: Re: Health tips!-Love Your Body
Post by: fatima on June 25, 2008, 04:15:18 AM

Most of us can think of a time when we thought a new haircut, diet, or lipstick would turn everything around for us. But that mindset can lead to a lot of wasted time and money. Poor body image can lead to crash dieting and excessive exercise, which can, in turn, lead to poor nutrition, injuries, and depression.

When you are continually distracted with physical appearance, the energy of your mind, body, and spirit is diverted from more salient endeavours.A more positive body image can help you in all of your roles. Improve your role as a mother by teaching your children how to love their bodies. Improve your physical health.

Make small changes. Enforce changes on a smaller scale.

Use Positive affirmations. Once you get yourself out of the negativity rut, you'll feel better about yourself, and you'll better understand your power to create and maintain a healthier mind, body, and spirit.

Focus on Health.Food is fuel for active living. Ask yourself if your diet contributes - or takes away from - your health and energy levels. When we stop focusing on our bodies, and begin to focus on our health, our bodies have an easier time finding our optimal weight.

Regular exercise creates power and endurance, which can help you enjoy more activities. Find an exercise you enjoy. If you hate aerobics, don't join an aerobics class. Try exercises you've never tried before. Is there an exercise that makes you feel 'good' and 'happy'? Do that .

Your body is your best friend. Respect it as such
Title: Re: Health tips!--Herb And Hair!!!
Post by: fatima on June 27, 2008, 03:46:11 AM
We have always known that olive oil conditions; bhringraj boosts growth; while lemon and tea tree oil prevent the white flakes. But how many times have we actually made an effort to give our hair direct benefits of the ingredients in nature? In fact natural or herbal products sustain the beauty of your hair longer. The great thing about hair care with natural products is that the benefits are instant and you start feeling the difference. They give your hair a new lease of life.

The herbal extracts work by penetrating the scalp and strengthening the roots from within. Some essential oils from key herbs stimulate blood circulation there by improving hair condition.

There are many herbs but the trick is to know which give you the best benefits for a particular hair problem. It is necessary to have the right combination of herbs and apply in the right dosage to get optimum benefit. You need to be very persistent with the treatments to see a long-term benefit.

Nature Care

Once in a while hit your kitchen shelves to dig out fruits, spices, eggs, milk to give your hair some extra benefits. Some of these give your hair instant lift.

Scalp feeling tight and itchy? Hair totally devoid of moisture? Soak your scalp and strands in a cup of milk. Keep on for 20 minutes. Wash and condition as usual. Voila! Scalp and hair are soft and smooth.

If you are plagued with stubborn dandruff, slather your hair and scalp with plain yoghurt. The lactic acid in the yoghurt will neutralise the yeast that cause flakes and soothe scalp.

Using tea as the final rinse gets your hair shining. A massage with almond or olive oil half an hour before your shampoo conditions hair and protects from free radicals.

Pick Your Herb

Hair Fall: Try hair oil with Brahmi or Bhringraj to tone scalp and improve blood circulation to the roots. Extracts from flowers like carnation and hibiscus also help stressed scalp. Shampoos with Reetha and soapnut are gentle and build hair strength.

Hair Breakage: Try products with fenugreek, muskroot and Bengal gram as they have protein compounds that restore hair strength and smoothen cuticles.

Hair Flakes: Shampoos with margosa, tea tree oil, rosemary and fennel have anti bacterial and astringent properties to fight dandruff.

Itchy scalp: Hair vitalisers with poppy seeds, peppermint, milk protein, sandalwood alleviate itchiness.

Stressed Scalp: Indian gooseberry (amla), lemon, black cumin based hair tonics, lotions or shampoos help in soothing scalp and prevent premature greying.  
Title: Re: Health tips!--Food That Lower Chlestrol
Post by: fatima on June 29, 2008, 03:25:20 AM

Eat a fibre rich breakfast such as oatmeal, whole grain porridge, fruit. Read nutrition labels to choose cereals with 5 grams or more of fibre per serving. Oat bran and rice bran are the most effective. Switch to whole grains.

Eat legumes (beans) at least three times a week. Try bean soup, cold bean salad, hummus sandwiches, black bean dip, toasted soy beans as snacks. Soy protein is especially effective, so be sure to include plenty. Even soymilk, tofu and textured soy protein are good.

Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. One at breakfast, one veggie (e.g. carrot sticks, tomato slices) and one fruit (e.g. orange sections, apple) at lunch, and one salad and one cooked vegetable at dinner ... that makes an easy five! Choose whole fruit, skin included, instead of juice. Juice is the fruit with all the fiber removed.

Eat garlic. Cooked or raw garlic both contain compounds that help lower your liver's production of cholesterol. Other good foods include raw onion, salmon, olive oil, almonds, walnuts, avocados (the latter five are all high in fat but most of it is monounsaturated fat which helps to improve cholesterol).

Eat plenty of foods that contain the natural antioxidants, vitamins C and E: These do…Sweet red and green peppers, melons, sunflower seeds, walnuts,strawberries, papaya, almonds, peanuts, oranges, grapefruit juice, wheat germ, soybeans, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.
Title: Re: Health tips!---The Wonder Stick!!!
Post by: fatima on June 29, 2008, 03:43:01 AM
South Indian cooking uses a lot of drumstick in its sambar and curry. Grandmothers use the small, round leaves of the drumstick tree to make a vegetable of sorts because it is rich in minerals. Anaemic people and pregnant women are given this rather appetising dish every other day because of its rich iron content. It is the natural way of taking in minerals. The leaves and pods of the drumstick are a source of calcium, phosphorous and vitamin C.

Beneficial for Children

The leaves can be ground, filtered and mixed in milk for children. It is a good, natural health tonic and is an excellent source of calcium, thereby making the bones of growing children strong and healthy. It also helps in purifying the blood.

For Pregnant Women

Drumstick leaves and tonic are beneficial to pregnant women as it helps ease the delivery and it is said to reduce post delivery complications. The leaves (which can be prepared into a simple, tasty vegetable) help in lactation after childbirth. The leaves are boiled in salt water. The water is drained and then ghee is applied to the leaves and eaten.

Antibacterial Properties

Drumstick has antibacterial properties and so a soup can be made using the leaves, flowers and boiled drumsticks. The soup helps in preventing infection of the throat, chest and skin. No wonder nearly everyone in South India has at least one drumstick tree in their backyard! Grandmas knew exactly what they were doing!

Respiratory Disorders

Suffering from asthma, bronchitis or tuberculosis? Take drumstick soup to breathe easier! Put a handful of drumstick leaves in a vessel containing 180 ml. of water. Boil it for five minutes and cool. A little salt, lime juice and pepper may be added for taste. Drink it and feel yourself breathe with ease!

For a Beautiful Face

The juice of fresh drumstick leaves mixed with lime juice is useful in lending a glow to the face; it is used in the treatment of black heads and pimples!
Next time your mother or your grandmother serves you drumstick, don't wave it away ―you'd be waving aside good health!  
Title: Re: Health tips!---------Safe Remedies....
Post by: fatima on June 29, 2008, 03:49:43 AM
Oooooh ! Aaahhhh! Ouch! Are you heading to your medicine cabinet once again? Why don't you try your kitchen instead? Grandma says there is many an adequate cure on your kitchen shelf and there is little need to dose and drug yourself for small ailments and problems. Why don't you give it a try? Most kitchen cures are harmless - you needn't worry about the side effects. After all, the history of medicine did begin in the humble kitchens of yore.

The scorching Indian summers can create havoc with your skin. While brown skin doesn't peel with heat - it still reacts adversely to an overdose of the sun. You need to cool your skin first. Rubbing cold water or ice on the skin helps immensely. If you've spent too many hours in the sun - try cold water first and gradually introduce ice - so as to decrease your skin's sensitivity to the extreme change in temperature.

Lavender oil is just as effective for soothing parched skin. Rub it gently onto your skin - and you'll feel better in a short while.

But if the spell in the sun has dehydrated you (when you feel dizzy or listless) - you need to act a lot faster. Get out of the sun and stop all activity. Drink a few glasses of cold (but not chilled) water. Add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in it if you can.

Here's a sweet way to get rid of hiccups - try a spoonful sugar. Or if you prefer a sour taste - suck at a slice of lemon - your hiccups will disappear before you can say Jack Robinson. Some people believe that if you block your ears with your fingers - and drink water through a straw - you can get rid of hiccups.

Regular migraines? Try two spoons of honey after every meal. This remedy could even prevent potential migraine attacks.

Plagued by sinus? You need to clear out those blocks. Use an extra pillow and keep your head elevated through the night - it helps drainage and prevents the blocks from forming. A totally sugar free diet is said to do away with sinusitis. And helps you lose weight as well!

Regular dose of garlic, and hot milk with turmeric can ward off many a cold and throat infection.

It's important to remember, though that home remedies are recommended only for minor ailments that plague us regularly. You should consult your doctor for major or chronic symptoms.
Title: Re: Health tips!---------Treatment For Puffy Eyes From The Kitchen
Post by: fatima on July 16, 2008, 06:28:10 AM

Eyes need to look bright and sparkling to attract attention. Puffy or red eyes are lack lustre and make you look tired and ill.

Nature's best ingredients for removing puffy eyes are cucumber and potato.

Take a small raw potato or cucumber
Slice into small pieces
Blend to a fine consistency in a mixie
Strain the excess juice.
Preserve the pulp.
Make a cup of tulsi tea
Mix the tea and the pulp well
Pour into ice trays and freeze to make ice cubes.
Every time your eyes are puffy or red, just scoop a cube and dab them on your closed eyes for a few minutes.
Rinse your eyelids gently and pat dry.
Puffiness is often caused by the accumulation of fluids around the eye. Use your middle finger and gently press along the eyebrow and around the eye socket. This will stimulate the lymphatic system and help drain excess fluid. The swelling will reduce.

Take a rounded metal spoon and place it in your fridge for a few minutes. When it gets cold, take it out and hold the rounded bit against your eyes for a few minutes. This again will help reduce puffiness.

Red eyes or sore eyes are often caused by exposure to the sun, wind or chlorine. They need some soothing treatment to look healthy and sparkling again.

Mix 2 tablespoons of water to a glass of mineral water. Stir well. Bathe your eyes in this solution 3 - 4 times a day. Open your eyes and blink gently while you move your eyeballs around.

Gently pat your eyes dry.
Too much of salt in your diet will cause your body to hold onto fluid. This could show up under your eye or anywhere else in your body.

Use an extra pillow at night. If your head is elevated when you sleep, it discourages fluids from settling around your eyes.
Title: Re: Health tips!
Post by: fatima on July 16, 2008, 06:32:13 AM
Grind a raw potato and add almond paste to it. Apply this mixture regularly under your eyes to get rid of dark circles and puffiness.

Make a paste of amla powder and lemon juice. Apply this regularly on the greying hair. The hair will darken again gradually..

Drink a cup of carrot juice everyday to reduce your weight and make your skin glow.  
Title: Re: Health tips!------Tips To Help Keep Your Voice In Shape!!!
Post by: fatima on July 18, 2008, 02:05:52 AM
The following 10 tips to help keep your voice in shape:

1. Drink water to keep your body well hydrated, and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Your vocal cords vibrate very fast, and having a proper water balance helps keep them lubricated. Important note: Foods containing large amounts of water are excellent hydration-conscious snacks, including apples, pears, watermelon, peaches, melons, grapes, plums, bell peppers and applesauce.

2. Allow yourself several "vocal naps" every day, especially during periods of extended use. For instance, teachers should avoid speaking during the breaks between classes and find quiet ways to spend the lunch hour rather than talking in a noisy staff room with colleagues.

3. Don't smoke, or if you already do, quit. Smoking raises the risk of throat cancer tremendously, and inhaling smoke (even secondhand smoke) can irritate the vocal cords.

4. Don't abuse or misuse your voice. Avoid yelling or screaming, and try not to talk loudly in noisy areas. If your throat feels dry or tired, or your voice is getting hoarse, reduce your voice use. The hoarseness is a warning sign that your vocal cords are irritated.

5. Keep your throat and neck muscles relaxed even when singing high notes and low notes. Some singers tilt their heads up when singing high notes and down when singing low notes. "The high notes are on the ceiling and the low notes are on the floor," Rosenberg says. "Over time, you'll pay for that"—not just with strained vocal muscles but also by causing future limits on the vocal range.

6. Pay attention to how you speak every day. Even performers who have good singing habits can cause damage when they speak. Many skilled singers don't continue their healthy habits when they speak; indeed, says Herseth, "many people—including singers—should have much more breath flow when they speak."

7. Don't clear your throat too often. When you clear your throat, it's like slamming your vocal cords together. Doing it too much can injure them and make you hoarse. Try a sip of water or swallow to quench the urge to clear. If you feel like you have to clear your throat a lot, get checked by a doctor for such things as acid reflux disease, or allergy and sinus conditions.

8. When you're sick, spare your voice. Don't talk when you're hoarse due to a cold or infection. Listen to what your voice is telling you.

9. When you have to speak publicly, to large groups or outdoors, think about using amplification to avoid straining your voice.

10. Humidify your home and work areas. Remember, moist is good for the voice.
Title: Re: Health tips!----Water Melon
Post by: fatima on July 22, 2008, 04:03:05 AM
cool wedge of watermelon on a hot summer day? Refreshing, for sure.

But watermelon is more than just a seasonal treat. Here are three great health reasons to dig into this juicy fruit:

It's loaded with lycopene. Watermelon juice actually gave tomato juice a run for the money in a recent study of lycopene levels. That’s good news for your body, because early research suggests that lycopene may be a cancer crusher. (Here's a trick for unleashing more lycopene from your tomatoes.)

It can make your skin pretty. Watermelon is loaded with a key compound credited with helping skin's healing and regenerative processes. Say no more -- bring on the melon! (Find out what other foods support youthful skin.)

It's practically calorie-free. With fewer than 50 calories in every cup, watermelon is one smart way to satisfy a sweet tooth. And with a whopping 141 grams of water per cubed cup, watermelon will keep you hydrated, too. (Here are 10 more low-calorie treats to try.)  
Title: Re: Health tips!
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Here's a list you'll want to check twice: Five ways to slash your risk of cancer.

Doing just one of the anticancer steps is better than nothing. But do all of them and you're cancer risk could drop by as much as 30 percent.

1. Don't smoke (a no-brainer).

2. Limit red meat, alcohol, fat, and . . .

List of 5, Cont'd. . . .
. . . salt.

3. Eat fruit, veggies, and whole grains -- lots of them!

4. Exercise regularly.

5. Watch your weight.

Pick and Choose, Just Pick
Although there is no surefire way to prevent cancer, making healthy choices in your daily life may reduce your risk. If you don't feel capable of following all the anticancer guidelines, at least choose to do the ones you know you have a good shot of sticking to. You can add a few more later, once you've made some progress. Baby steps are fine. And they're waaaay better than doing nothing
Title: Re: Health tips!----------Benefits of adding yogurt in your daily diet
Post by: fatima on July 27, 2008, 08:32:04 AM
Yogurt happens to be edible bacteria. It is a by-product of milk and is a popular item in one's daily diet in the south where people swear by it. Surprisingly, it is not as popular in the northern parts of India - maybe people there are not really aware of the great benefits of this yummy milk derivative!

Yogurt is low on fat. Plain yogurt contains just 1/3 of the fat in, say, a piece of apple pie.

People who are on a daily intake of antibiotics and sulfa drugs which affect the intestines, should take yogurt as it can help stem the destruction.

Teens! Do you know that yogurt can help you in your battle against acne? Simply consume a lot of natural unsweetened yogurt. It will cool your system and reduce the onslaught of acne. In addition, you can also wash your face daily with water to which the juice of one lemon has been added (1 litre water to juice of 1 lemon). You could also apply a face mask of honey once a week for about an hour. See the difference it makes!

Do you suffer from bad breath? Never fear! Help is at hand - and it is help of the inexpensive kind! All you got to do is eat a lot of yogurt and you will no longer be afflicted by this embarrassing phenomenon!

If drinking milk causes intestinal discomfort, just switch to yogurt. People who cannot digest milk due to the lack of lactase can easily tolerate yogurt as it already has adequate lactase in it which aids in quick digestion.

Did you know that yogurt is naturally high in calcium? Should the dreaded disease osteoporosis run in your family causing brittle bones and teeth, take plenty of yogurt - it will help to strengthen bones and teeth.

As you can see, consumption of yogurt has multiple health benefits that cannot be ignored. Added to which it is really tasty, lends itself to many dishes, and is economical too! So, have you started on yogurt?
Title: Re: Health tips!---------Tips For Healthy Refrigerator
Post by: fatima on July 27, 2008, 08:42:46 AM
The refrigerator is the backbone of your kitchen. You can make it a healthy one by stocking low calorie or low fat food, high fibre foods, sauces, nutritious vegetables and fruits. Here are a few tips.

Clean the refrigerator once a fortnight.
Arrange foods that are only good for you, eg. low sugar foods, high fibre vegetables like saag or palak, barley etc.

Masalas and vegetables that are cut can be stored in a container. When you buy vegetables, cut them and store them. This can be used to make a ready to eat meal. Keep on the top shelf.

Meal from left overs. Left overs can be made into a sumptuous meal. This can also be kept on the top shelf.

Low fat foods. Reduce the oil and ghee as much as possible. Place low fat foods on top. For example: instead of whole milk, skimmed milk can be used and margarine can be used instead of butter.

Conceal Desserts. We often place vegetables and fruits in the crisper and sometimes even forget about some of them. Yummy desserts can be kept in the crisper so that we don't gorge on them always.

Healthy eating can be fun. Healthy eating can be fun provided you plan the food well. Put a sticker of a particular colour e.g. yellow for a very nutritious meal and a red sticker for salads etc.

Freeze fruits for children. Some fruits can be frozen like oranges, grapes, bananas etc. Children can snack on these. Instead of ice cream and creamy cakes, fruits can be given.

Organise the foods. Keep the less used foods in the lower shelves.

Make these tips a part of your routine to save you time and make you healthy.
Title: Re: Health tips!--------------Dealing With The Menstrual Cramps-The Homely Way
Post by: fatima on July 28, 2008, 03:43:59 AM

Menstrual cramps are the bane of many a woman – and they seem to occur just when it is most inconvenient! Lays many a strong woman totally low – and no medicine seems to help at the crucial time! To tackle this problem which is almost as old as Eve, maybe, just maybe, we could turn to Grandma for help! Dare we consult her?

Herbal remedies - get relief the naturally!

It is a common enough occurrence and happens in more than 70% women at some point of their lives. In some the cramps may last but a few hours, in others, even 48 hours. Should it last longer, please take a doctor’s advice – there is no point in suffering endlessly. However, you could try out some of these remedies that have been suggested by Grandma after checking out your allergies of course!

The most natural solution, according to Grandma, and one that is easily the best is exercise! Did you know that walking helps in reducing menstrual cramps – and it is because when you walk, you automatically exercise your pelvic organs and increase the blood supply to them. Avoid vigorous or strenuous walking. Just remember to relax and move your arms and hips freely.
Have you tried having a warm bath or kept a heating pad where it hurts most – like the small of your back? You will find that it not only alleviates your pain but helps to relax those painful muscle spasms too.
Learn to keep your body warm when the attack is on – like covering your hips (the pelvic region). It will reduce the cramping pain quite a bit.
Ginger tea is supposed to really help in painful moments. You can also simmer some roots of ginger for about 15 minutes and drink that concoction after it cools (strongly recommended by Grandma).
Are you having your calcium supplements? Calcium intake is supposed to actually prevent menstrual cramps as the muscle tone is maintained. If there is any calcium deficiency, he muscles tend to become hyperactive and therefore cause the painful cramps. You will need at least 800 milligrams of calcium every day (equivalent to 3 cups of milk – Grandma of course feels this is best!)
Another vital necessity is magnesium as it increases the body’s capacity to absorb calcium, thus indirectly reducing painful cramps. Beans, whole grains, whole wheat flour, salmon, shrimp, tofu, all vegetables and nuts are foods rich in magnesium.
Acupuncture and other such holistic treatments are known to have a beneficial effect.
A tablespoon of aloe vera gel with a pinch of pepper can be had up to 3 times a day. Just check for possible allergic reactions.  
Title: Re: Health tips!------Slimming Foods
Post by: fatima on August 04, 2008, 04:05:15 AM

Have you been searching for that miracle diet? You know you need to exercise, but you just aren’t the exercise type? “Eating right” has only been a phrase to you, but you’ve never known where to start?

If your answer to all of the above is “yes” then you are in the right place….
Did you know, certain foods provide satiety (or fill you up) better than others? The simple logic is, if what you eat fills you up, you are bound to eat less. And, if you eat less, you are sure to knock off a couple of kilos! Foods that fill you up better are rich in fibre, full of proteins or those with a high water content. What’s better, these foods come packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals!

Mum was right, after all! Breakfast is very important and oats are good for you! Did you know, that people who eat breakfast, have a lower BMI than those who don’t eat breakfast? Oatmeal is one of the best “fillers” you can get! It is packed with fibre, a great source for protein and it definitely keeps you full for longer. Oats can be cooked in water, and a little milk can be added later to cut down on calories. Oats mixed with yogurt tastes great too. This is a great combination for hot summer months. You can also add some almonds, raisins, or even fresh fruit to make it into a virtual powerhouse of nutrition!

Eggs eaten at breakfast, keep you full for a longer period than a bowl of cereal, toast or plain fruit. They are packed with proteins and that is the secret of feeling “full”. Of course, if you have cholesterol issues, you may consider switching this option, or going only for egg whites whipped up with some fresh vegetables.

Low fat yogurt
Now, low fat yogurts are available off the shelf, in India too. What’s better, you can make your very own, at home. Boil the milk well, cool it, skim all the fat on the surface, and set the yogurt. Yogurt is a storehouse of calcium, which, when combined with other compounds found in dairy products, slows down the body’s process of manufacturing fat and it increases the body’s capacity to burn more fat. The good news is, moreso around the belly! Two or three servings of low fat yogurt a day will definitely help. Sneak in more yogurt into your meals by adding it to dips, soups or sauces.

An apple a day, they say, keeps the doctor away! We’ll tell you why….apples have a very high water content ( almost 85%), as well as lots of soluble and insoluble fibre, which makes you feel less hungry, after eating one. A great anytime snack, loaded with goodness and nutrition. Apples also contain quercetin, a flavnoid known for its anti oxidant properties in fighting cancer, loweringcholesterol levels and it aids in keeping your lungs healthy. Make sure you eat the peel for that’s where you find the fibre, the Vitamin C, iron and magnesium!

It’s important to eat right, rather than just eat less, if you want to lose weight.If you end up eating the wrong stuff, you will feel hungry faster and consequently will end up eating more! Fight the battle of the bulge the right way…  
Title: Re: Health tips!------------Constipation - Causes and natural cures
Post by: fatima on August 18, 2008, 08:03:14 AM

Constipation is caused by a wide variety of problems that range from simply not drinking enough liquids to having a very low fibre diet.

Medications such as iron and calcium supplements, drugs used to treat allergies, cold, hypertension, depression, antacids, diuretics (drugs which increase the flow of urine), non-steroid and anti-inflammatory drugs also cause constipation. Parkinson's disease, spinal cord disease and paralysis are the other known causes.

Weakness of the abdomen muscles and pelvic floor also lead to constipation, especially in the case of the elderly.

Nature cure for constipation

There are many home remedies which are effective in the treatment of constipation.

* A large slice of papaya every day will help in easy bowel movement.

* The juice made from the pulp of the ripe bel fruit is also recommended. Break the shell of the fruit and remove the seeds. Add water to the pulp and sugar if desired. Strain and serve.

* 6-8 apricots a day are also helpful. The cellulose in apricots acts as roughage and the pectin retains water. Two raw apples per day can also be taken.

* Figs have a high cellulose content. The fig seeds increase the peristaltic movements, thus easing constipation.

* Curd is also beneficial in treating constipation. Dates, bananas, raw cabbage and beetroot also help a great deal. Lemon juice with honey taken first thing in the morning is a good bowel stimulant
Title: Re: Health tips!-------Eating Out Guide For Diabetics
Post by: fatima on August 30, 2008, 03:38:17 AM

If you are a diabetic or someone in your family is, going out to eat may seem like taboo, but it isn’t! Of course, no two diabetics will have the same meal plan, but essentially diabetics need to limit fat and salt, they need to limit calories and eat more fibre.

A diabetic has to watch her calories, and if you eat smart, you can eat healthy and nutritious as well. What’s even better, if you know “what” you can eat, you can enjoy your evening even better!


Choose a fresh fruit or vegetable starter
Munch on roasted papads or some almonds
Avoid cream based soups
Stay away from bread rolls and definitely from the butter!
Salted nuts, pickles and honey based sauces are not for you.
Have a diet coke, buttermilk or a fresh lime soda ( without salt / sugar)


Select a fresh fruits / vegetable salad
Avoid creamy dressings, pickles, canned or marinated vegetables, cured meats, seasoned croutons, cheese etc
Order salad dressings on the side and use small amounts of them.
The secret is to ensure, your stomach is half-full even before you start on the main course

 Meal Time…

Take your pick from grilled, tandoori or roasted chicken, meat, fish, or shellfish.
Eating lots of vegetables will fill you up, but they are low on calories, so you are safe.
Go easy on the salt. Sprinkling salt on cooked food is taboo.
Avoid butter naan, parathas, casseroles, dishes with white sauce, coconut based gravies, and honey based sauces.
If you are eating at a fast food restaurant, avoid the pickled gherkins, cheese and sauces you-are-not-sure-of.

Desserts and diabetics don’t go together. Don’t even consider dessert unless your sugar levels are under perfect control. In which case, you can select a fresh fruit salad. Pick fruits like apple, orange, pear, papaya etc that are low on sugar. Do not opt for fruits high in sugar, like chikoo, mangoes, grapes etc.

Eating out today is inevitable: it may be a business lunch, dinner with friends, fast food joints with the kids or food from a take-away. Eating out can also be quick, easy and fun! But diabetics need to watch what they eat! When you eat out, order only what you need and want. You don’t necessarily have to finish enormous portions Learn how to make changes in your meal plan in case the restaurant doesn't have just what you want.

Title: Re: Health tips!----------Best foods for healthy & slim body
Post by: fatima on August 30, 2008, 03:40:23 AM

We women are constantly struggling to find the right way to add the minerals and vitamins through our daily diet. For we know that the minerals and vitamins got from natural sources is easier for the body to absorb than supplements. Often times we are confused as to what food gives us the right minerals needed to keep our body healthy and fit. Here’s a list of food that every woman needs to consume to remain slim without compromising on health.

Full of Beans

We know that eating fibres is a must for a good digestion. If you are looking for sources to add fibre to your daily diet, go for beans. Beans in every form and colour gives you more than 5 grams of fibre per helping. They are low fat, inexpensive, nutritious and can be cooked in various ways. Add a type of beans everyday in your menu.

Scrunchy Cabbage

We women need folic acid in double doses to fight various health problems and keep looking young longer. It is known that deficiency of folic acid during pregnancy can harm the child and mother. To add that naturally to your diet, go for cabbage. It has folate, a water-soluble vitamin B, a form of folic acid. According to health experts consuming 400 micrograms of folic acid daily is a must for women. You can add that to your diet by going for cabbage based salads, or sandwiches.

Munch on Carrot

We women are looking for ways to improve our skin and hair. Well the magic mineral for is beta carotene, an antioxidant and essential mineral that improves eyesight. Since the body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, this nutrient helps repair your skin. So stock up on veggies like carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and squash to add a dose of carotene to your food daily. If you can’t figure out what to cook with theses, then simply munch on a fresh red carrot. Make carrot cake or a pumpkin pie, sweet potato or carrot halwa to add beta carotene to your menu in a fun delicious way.

Pump in Iron

To have a well-balanced diet, it is necessary to meet your body’s iron requirements. Instead of just taking iron capsules, you should try to get this as much as possible from the food you eat. In fact it is easier for the body to absorb iron got from natural sources than from supplements. Make sure to add at least on of these namely beetroot, spinach, mutton, poultry or lentils in your diet daily.

Plenty of Soy
Eating phytoestrogen-rich soybeans help women significantly lower their bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise the good (HDL) cholesterol. One great source of soy protein is tofu. But if you are unable to get your hands on tofu, then pick up soy nuggets. They are tasty and interesting additives to any vegetable or mutton dish that you prepare.

Chalk up on Calcium

Osteoporosis is a bane to us women. Experts say that a daily dose of at least 800mg is a must to keep your bones healthy. So how do you do that? Just consume plenty of yoghurt, milk, paneer and cheese every day to stay strong longer. In case you are not a fan of dairy products then chomp on broccoli or an egg to get your dose of calcium. Broccoli is a fabulous source of calcium and contains other important nutrients like potassium and B vitamins.

Sole Curry
Experts have been talking about the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids and how important it is for a healthy body. Most types of fish and fish oil provide the body with this type of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Well to get that just go to fish market and stock up on fish like salmon, mackarel, sole and sardines, tuna or any other cold-water fish. If you are a vegetarian then add some flaxseed or linseed, and kiwi fruit to you diet to get the same.  
Title: Re: Health tips!
Post by: fatima on September 18, 2008, 06:44:24 AM
There are many fad diets that promise to help you lose weight in almost no time at all. After two or three weeks on the diet you find yourself losing enough to be able to brag to your family and friends about it, and you're so optimistic that this new lifestyle will be your ticket to a smaller waistline that you start to browse the stores for new clothes.

You continue to lose weight for another couple of weeks, and then something happens: you start to feel sluggish, you begin craving something that your diet absolutely forbids you to have, or the general sense of optimism begins to transform itself into a feeling of constriction, frustration, and even dietary imprisonment.

You decide to have just one snack, or spend just one day eating whatever you want with the intention of going back to the diet the following day. What happens then, is that you feel such satisfaction from that treat that the entire effort falls apart and you put the weight back on in practically no time at all.

Does this scenario sound at all familiar?

Diets are very hard, as is the feeling of being overweight. Many of these fad diets may promise instant and significant weight loss results, but most of them rely on depriving your body of certain nutrients and disrupting the natural function of your body's metabolism. Chinese medicine considers obesity to be partly the result of declining function of the metabolic fire of the kidney network and a diet that provides a well-balanced array of nutrients is the key to losing weight in a healthy way. What follows are five foods that will help you restore your body's ability to use energy and help you become your healthy weight.

1. Millet: A well-balanced diet should consist of whole grains instead of refined grains like white rice and pasta, and millet is a beneficial and delicious staple of this category of food. This non-glutinous grain is over 10-percent protein, has high amounts of fiber and B-complex vitamins, and because it isn't an acid forming food, is easy to digest.

2. Asparagus: When losing weight, it's important to favor chlorophyll-rich foods, including asparagus. Asparagus is a nutrient-rich vegetable packed with folate, vitamins A, C, and K, and fiber. Asparagus also contains a carbohydrate known as inulin (not to be confused with insulin) that promotes healthy bacteria in the large intestine - which in turn promotes a healthier digestive function.

3. Pomegranates: Eating a balanced diet to lose weight should include eating fresh fruits, and pomegranates are a wonderful example of a healthy, nutritious fruit that has antioxidant properties and will help prevent cancer. While the benefits of drinking pomegranate juice have gained a lot of attention recently, you will be more likely to lose weight by eating the fruit fresh to increase your fiber intake and keep the calories down.

4. Pine Nuts: Pine nuts are the edible seeds of pine trees and are considered an essential ingredient in the tasty Italian mixture pesto. Chinese medicine uses pine nuts to improve gastrointestinal tract and digestive functions, and pine nut oil is even used for appetite suppression. Pine nuts and other nuts are a tasty part of a well-balanced diet intended for weight loss.

5. Green Tea: It has been found that consuming large amounts of coffee and caffeine can lead to food cravings, increase one's appetite, and induce stress-related eating. Green tea is a wonderful alternative to coffee in that it does provide a little caffeine but also contains beneficial antioxidants. So drink up!

A healthy diet also includes lean proteins like chicken breast, legumes such as lentils, and other whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. While fad diets may promise a large amount of weight loss in a short period of time, there's almost a guarantee that you will put that weight back on-and then some!

Eat five smaller meals a day, avoid processed foods, chew more slowly, and incorporate more healthy foods into your diet-starting with these five. Also, click here to learn more about the Tao of Wellness B-Slim dietary supplement, which will help you lose weight naturally.

May you live long, live strong, and live happy!

Title: Re: Health tips!----------5 Healthiest Anti-Agining Snacks
Post by: fatima on September 18, 2008, 06:48:32 AM
Snacking often gets a bad rap, but if you make intelligent choices about what you eat, you can actually benefit your health and longevity. Read on to find out how!

Why Snacks?
Most of us are used to eating three times a day, but it is much healthier to eat smaller meals more frequently -f ive small meals a day, for instance. Eating in this way delivers a steady stream of nutrients, blood sugar, and energy to your body throughout the day and is also much less taxing on the digestive and metabolic systems.

And when you eat more small meals throughout the day, you will most likely avoid the pitfalls of overindulging at your next meal and may actually consume fewer total calories for the day.

Keep healthy "grab-and-go" snacks on hand all the time to avoid the tempting lure of high-calorie snacks. Here are my top five snack choices:

1. Nuts and Seeds Keep You Young
Healthy and appetizing, nuts and seeds are absolutely the best snack of the bunch. Helping yourself to a handful of nuts and seeds every day can improve circulation and muscle tone.

And nuts and seeds are especially full of arginine, an amino acid that helps to combat heart disease, impotence, infertility, and high blood pressure, and it also facilitates the healing process. Additionally, arginine can stimulate the pituitary gland at the base of the brain.

The pituitary releases growth hormones, which begin to decline quickly in humans after age 35. This means that after 35, your hormones start to plunge and you experience some aging symptoms. The skin loses elasticity, the muscle loses mass and strength, the lean body tissue decreases, fertility and virility decrease, and other signs of aging start to set in.

Many nuts and seeds are rich sources of vitamin E, lignants and omega-3 fatty acids, which protect you from heart disease and also from the ravages of aging.

Almonds, pine nuts, sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, peanuts, and pistachios: mix them in any combination and enjoy! Keep in mind that there are more nutrients in the raw form than roasted. Make sure that the nuts and seeds are fresh and not old and rancid. 

2. An Apple a Day for Heart Health
There are many reasons to eat an apple - or two or three - every day. One study discovered that subjects who ate five apples or more a week had a healthier lung function than those who ate no apples.

And scientists have confirmed that apples also contribute to a healthy heart. Thanks to the fruit's rich pectin content, eating two to three apples per day leads to decreased cholesterol levels. Pectin also helps prevent colon cancer, one of the top causes of death in adults over age sixty.

3. Bring On the Berries
In season again, berries are bursting with antioxidants. The enticing red, purple, and blue skins of berries contain bioflavonoids, antioxidant compounds that reduce free radical damage.

These flavonoids are more potent antioxidants than vitamins C and E, and they also help to reduce inflammation - more effectively even than aspirin!

• Blueberries are your best pick because not only do they have the highest level of antioxidant activity, but they also possess powerful neuroprotective properties that shield brain cells from damage , helping to slow down the age-related onset of memory loss, Alzheimer's, and senility.

• Cherries also contain these beneficial anthocyanin compounds, which stimulate your pancreas to produce insulin. In fact, Chinese researchers have observed that cherries help keep diabetics healthy. These compounds also protect you against cancer, arthritis, and heart disease because they lower cholesterol.

To learn more about the health benefits of berries, click here.

4. Avocado: Packed with Nutrients
Among the many antioxidant nutrients, glutathione is known as the "master antioxidant." This naturally occurring compound, found in avocados (as well as asparagus, walnuts, and fish), is made up of the three amino acids glycine, glutamic acid, and cysteine. Glutathione regulates immune cells, protects against cancer, and assists in detoxifying.

A deficiency in glutathione can play a part in diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, low sperm count, and premature aging. Avocados are also a source of L-cysteine, which helps protect your body from the harmful effects of pollution, chemicals, radiation, alcohol, and smoke. L-cysteine may also help boost immunity, protect you from heart disease, and build muscle. It is also useful for combating inflammation and encouraging healthy hair and nail growth.

Pair your avocado with whole-grain crackers or whole-grain crisp breads for a fiber-rich tasty treat.

5. Apricots for Anti-Aging
One of the staple foods of the famously long-lived centenarians in the Hunza valley of the Himalayas is the apricot. Research has discovered that apricots have the highest levels and widest variety of carotenoids of any food.

Carotenoids are antioxidants that help prevent heart disease, reduce "bad cholesterol" levels, and protect against cancer.   
Title: Re: Health tips!-------The Great Six To Detox
Post by: fatima on October 01, 2008, 02:29:27 AM

Green Vegetables. Tucking into crunchy, green, leafy vegetables are the best favour you can do your body! Eat them raw, juice them or throw them into a soup. The chlorophyll in green vegetables washes out environmental toxins and protects the liver.
Fruits. They are full of all the good things! Get your quota of fibre, vitamin C, nutritious fluids, and all kinds of antioxidants. Besides, nothing tastes better than fresh strawberries, a ripe mango or a perfect pear!

 Garlic. Add it to sauces and soups. It helps activate liver enzymes, that filter out toxins. It has great cardio benefits as well. 

 Cabbage This potent veggie helps activate the two main types of detoxifying enzymes in the liver. Shreds of cabbage in your salad, cooked cabbge or cole slaw anyone?
 Green tea is an antioxidant, and contains catechins, which helps stimulate the liver. It’s a great way to get more fluids into your system during the hot months

 Lemons are perfect for any season! Fresh, citric and easily available. Loaded with Vitamin C, it is known as the “detox” vitamin. Go for fresh lemonade, squeeze it over a salad, add it to iced tea or float a slice in icy water. It converts toxins into a water soluble form, making it easy to flush them out of your system.
Cleanse your system with these detox foods and give your body a new lease of life…  
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Post by: Sai Parivar on December 10, 2009, 07:00:13 AM
सेहत के लिए नारियल पानी
नारियल के पानी में दूध से ज्यादा पोषक तत्व होते हैं क्योंकि इसमें कोलेस्ट्रोल और वसा की मात्रा नहीं है। नारियल पानी में बेहद गुण पाए जाते हैं। इसमें बहुत ज्यादा मात्रा में इलेक्ट्रोलाइट और पोटेशियम पाया जाता है, जो ब्लड प्रेशर और दिल की गतिविधियों को दुरुस्त करने में सहयोगी होता है।

इसके इस्तेमाल से रक्त स्राव तेज गति से काम करता है और पाचन क्रिया भी दुरुस्त रहती है। नारियल का पानी न केवल शरीर में रोग प्रतिरोधक क्षमता को मजबूत करता है बल्कि शरीर में मौजूद बहुत से वायरसों से भी लड़ाई करता है। अगर आपको किडनी में पथरी की समस्या है तो यह आपके लिए बेहद उपयोगी साबित होगा।

नारियल का पानी लगातार सेवन करने से किडनी में मौजूद पथरी अपने आप खत्म हो जाती है। अगर आपको किडनी से संबंधित अन्य कोई समस्या हो तब भी फौरन एक गिलास नारियल पानी पी लीजिए, मिनटों में निजात मिल जाएगी। नशे को कम करने में भी नारियल पानी बहुत ही प्रभावी है।