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Author Topic: Is any sin forgiven in Hinduism ?  (Read 851 times)

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Is any sin forgiven in Hinduism ?
« on: October 08, 2009, 05:35:41 AM »
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  • There is really no such thing as forgiveness in Hinduism, because there is no outside being that can punish you. The fundamental principle of Hinduism is that all the universe, including every living being, is one. In more familiar terms, you could say that we are all god. Not just created by god or related to god, but we ARE god. (But I don't like using the word god because it has nothing to do with the usual definition of god as a personal being. The ultimate reality in Hinduism is impersonal.)

    There is no sin in Hinduism, but rather actions that one does that obscure the light of the ultimate oneness in one's own consciousness. Anything done for purely selfish purposes or for the gratification of the ego tends to limit the mind and take one away from the knowledge that he is ultimately one with everything.

    When people say that any sin is forgiven if you repent, it really means that the limitations that you have imposed on your mental state through selfish actions are removed when you turn your mind towards selfless deeds and actions done purely in the knowledge of the oneness of existence. If you do this, everything that obscures the light of reality will eventually fall away and you will abide in the pure state of oneness.


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