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Author Topic: No such thing as Arthritis Pain Relief: What now?  (Read 1050 times)

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No such thing as Arthritis Pain Relief: What now?
« on: June 24, 2007, 11:53:47 PM »
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  • When in pain with Arthritis, it’s not Arthritis Medication you need, it’s taking a second look at your life…find out why;

    How to Live Life with No Arthritis Pain Relief in Sight, Part I:  Acceptance Accept.   Cope. These are two of the many proactive approaches to arthritis that a sufferer can do to live life productively amidst chronic pain.  There is no long-term”>relief from arthritis pain; in fact, there is no relief at all.  What we have in tablet form, in gels, in syrup and in other formulations are but symptomatic relievers, NOT the cure to this debilitating disease. There is no known cure for arthritis to date. On the face of this reality, most arthritic sufferers carry on with their lives grudgingly – who can blame them?  During an attack, the pain can grow from mild to worse; just like a prisoner who is given a reprieve to look at the sun each day for only 2 hours, then back into the dampness of his cell for the remainder of the day, an arthritic sufferer can only hope, during an attack, that the intensity of the pain will lessen by the hour and that his next attack would not be as bad as the last one –often with no guarantee. But life has to be lived, under whatever circumstances one finds himself in.  To dwell so much on the pain can rob an arthritic sufferer of the most essential things that life CAN still offer him.  Sure, there is life after arthritis.  There is even life after a doctor’s pronouncement of cancer.  It all depends on the victim’s resolve to process the pain and the uncertainty of his ailment, and come out of it with a resolve to bear the pain gracefully…and productively.  Like a soldier leaving the battlefield, bloodied and wounded, but whose spirit remains unscathed, a person living with arthritis has the power to choose -   either to let arthritis get the best of him or he gets better as a person because of arthritis.  After all, how you perceive things becomes your reality.  Sure, the pain lingers, it won’t go away.  Life can never be like yesterday when arthritis was a neighbor’s misery.  Today, that it is so much your reality as the neighbor’s, the best approach is not to cower from it, but to live around it and through it.      ACCEPT IT. To accept is not to deny help with the disease, nor does it connote one’s surrender to it.  It simply means that the sufferer has acknowledged that he is ill and that is a fact in his life.  His acceptance can work as a catharsis for real healing to begin.  Denial, on the other hand, which is a common reaction by some people, retards the process of healing, as the person suffering would not arrest the ailment at its source.  He would go round in circles taking opinions of others, without confronting his own. Denial robs one his time, which is the most crucial element for any healing to begin.   Often, it becomes too late and with fatal effects. How does one accept living life with arthritis? Learn all you can about it.  Arthritis affects not just the elderly, but also children, young adults and even people in their productive years.  Often associated with aging, yet it was scientifically proven as one of those myths believed for a long time, it nearly resembled the truth.  Arthritis, however, is an “illness without borders”- it is not defined by sex, race or age. Who can better define the illness but the one who suffers from it?  In suffering, find meaning.  Instead of wallowing in self pity, learn all you can about arthritis.  What are its symptoms, as you experienced them, and those undergone by others? What are the options available to the one who suffers from it? Know and understand natural approaches in dealing with the disease.  How is pain managed?  Are there factors, which relate to food and exercise? Are there proven”> arthritis diets? The best place to start is the internet.  The internet is one giant library with a heart.  You will not only find all the information about arthritis, it also presents chronicles of how others endured the disease, which can provide you solace in knowing yours is not an isolated case.
    Share it.  Arthritis pain, once shared with someone who can also identify with it, loses its sting.  Mutual dependency, work two ways:  you learn from others and others learn from you.  Both get help.  Conversely, when you don’t share your experiences with others, including that information you gather to alleviate the ailment, arthritis can overwhelm you.  It is just a malady you cannot shake away.

    The internet provides you access to online groups of sufferers who can help you carry the pain easier.  It has forums where you can ask questions from those who managed their symptoms or alleviate the discomfort.  Learning from other people’s experiences in managing the disease can work well for your own battle.  Do not hesitate to ask questions and gather insight.  Build friendships and draw inspiration from people. 

    When do you start?

    Right here, online.  Right now.”> Arthritis Pain Relief in a variety of”> arthritic medications has easy references available here on the internet.  You may visit their websites, or set an appointment for a personal consultation if you happen to live nearby.  It’s all up to you.

    As you accept your condition, with it comes the responsibility to seek for options that can help you resume a lifestyle that can still be productive but more attuned to your present needs.

    You have the power to choose.


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