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Title: Please help
Post by: chawlavaibhav1 on September 29, 2009, 12:42:59 AM
From the past so many days, one question is striking my mind again and again. I request you to please provide me with the correct answer.
What does Sai baba prefers. Does he prefer that one should devote all his life for others and should not think about his own marriage and Grahasth Jeevan   
Does he think that Grahasth Jeevan is superior to devoting your life for others.
Please enlighten me with your thoughts on this.
Title: Re: Please help
Post by: saib on September 29, 2009, 01:31:26 AM
Dear Brother,

Rohit Ji has already posted a beautiful message on this. So, Just reposting the same here with thanks to Rohit for such a good message:

I agree with the sai brothers view of being celibate to avoid Maya...as like him, i too share the same thoughts...I am 38yrs old now...not married..but let me differ to my own views and share what i have learnt down through these years into spirituality...

Marriage is not an obstacle to moksha or any spiritual dharma or else many Lords/Saints would yet be on this worldly plane trying to attain moksha,
First..the greatest yogi according to indian scriptures is Lord Shiva...who himself is married to Mata Parvati and has 2 kids- Lord Ganesha & Lord Kartikeye. So, the question about following Spirituality and avoiding your worldly duties does not arise at all. Even Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna were married. Many other saints too led a happy married life together with their spiritual life. Lord Rama,King Janak all were too married.

You will have to comeback to fulfill any left over duties you were bound to complete.
Second, Now as one has to fulfill his duties & responsibilities for which he has taken birth, and if one avoids it or if for some reason fails to fulfill his present lifetimes mission...he will Definitely take a RE-BIRTH and come back to this world to complete his present and previous pending responsibilities...so one may avoid getting married, like myself but if i am bound to united with someone, i will definitely be united...if not in this lifetime..then the next for sure...now you tell me who wants to come back again and again to this world...& that even to get married ?

So as long as you enjoy everything without being bonded by it...the Karmic significance is nullified ...and you are not re-born for it nor can Maya touch you then.
Third, you cannot term marriage as Maya...as if so then all our relations are Maya too ! The food you eat, water you drink or the air you breathe is also all Maya then...now can you leave any of those to avoid Maya..., NO..you cannot right...so marriage is also a necessity , its one of the basics of life...You have to learn to live with Spirituality and the worldly Maya, hand in hand. Now how can one achieve that....its Simple...follow the doctrine of "NON-ATTACHMENT". You can live a luxurious life, Marry..go to discos etc etc but do it all without any attachment as attachments create Karmas for which one is Re-Born. Raja Janaka had all the luxuries in life, whcih he didnt abandon..but enjoyed every bit of it but yet remained non-atached. There are many such more examples of great saints who were married but yet Renunciates. 

So, if you see Baba everywhere and you know that Baba dwells in all and in all forms then how can you avoid anything in life...as then you will be avoiding Baba in some form or the other !!! Now that doesnt mean to adopt any or all vices in life as here the role of Discrimination arises...you have to discriminate as to what you consciousness guides you.

Thats why, in many indian scriptures they say that one should have 'VIVEKA" & " VAIRAGYA"...
thats Discrimination and Non-Attachment as explained above.

So my brother, sit calmly with a relaxed mind and go in touch with your deep consciousness and contemplate/discriminate what is right or wrong and then carry it on with Non-attachment.

By discriminate i mean...to draw a line between what your Maya driven "MIND" tells you & what your Soul driven "Consciousnees" guides you. As there is a very very thin subtle line between ones Mind and Consciousness..thats why people often get confused as to whats right and whats wrong leading to wrong decisions in life. (Like Me)..we often take our minds advice as the correct one as mind is driven by Maya and it makes us do whats good for it and not for us...if it finds comfort in vices ..it will make you dive into it and if it feels to enjoy freedom and not to be tied down in any restrictions ..it will make you a LONER under the garb of being a celibate or not getting along with others or Fault finding in others and then avoiding them....

I have so much more to say...my god...that if i do and if you do read all of it...your marriage age might be over by the time you understand what i am trying to say haha..so i am signing off now....let me know if anything else



Regards ,
Rohit bEHAL
Title: Re: Please help
Post by: chawlavaibhav1 on September 29, 2009, 03:23:52 AM
Dear Rohit Ji....

Thanks for your insights. It was a real help to me.
One more problem i am facing which i am sharing with you.
Whenever i am working for my profession, i used to get a feeling that all i am earning may go for my welfare. Even if i donate some money my mind tells me that why cannot u donate fully
My mind sometimes tells me to leave your profession and work for some poor people......
How can i continue my profession with full confidence?
How can i justify my job?
Title: Re: Please help
Post by: saib on September 29, 2009, 04:21:21 AM
It is good to think about others. If you earning ethically you should not worry. There are many who use to donate 2% to 10% as per their capacity to religious places, or helping organizations.

If you do your work honestly without wasting time in useless gossips at your work place, there is no problem.
If you help your co-workers in your capacity, then there is no problem.
If you are not part of office politics, It is Good.
Be a valuable asset for your organization.

Leaving Job and sitting Idle (Even you have other sources of income like Rent or interest etc.) is not good, as it will make only mind idle, to indulge in wrong way of thinking, bringing an idea of doership...............etc.

You can take care of poor while performing your duties at work too. Donate Food/Books/Clothes to Poor. Help in treatment who can't afford treatment. Grow Plants. Arrange Meals and water for birds. Do as per your interest and capacity. But, with care.

Lead a life to set an example, to be followed.

Good People are always Good, Whether at work or at society. If in your mind is to set a NGO, then do proper planning, analyze functions of organization already in that field, Study some project reports. and then see how you can contribute in welfare of your local society, known people, then country and whole planet.

May Sai Bless You!

om sri sai ram!
Title: Re: Please help
Post by: Anupam on September 29, 2009, 05:00:40 AM
Chawlavaibhav1 ji, Saibji has replied in the best way, a very intelligent reply. However, the fact in today's world, in this Kaliyug, is that being a celibate is much better, if u can have some self control, because you wud be saving urself so many headaches. Grihast itself is a big Tapasya. which won't allow the required peace or contentment to exist, there are bound to be endless demands and clashes with today's egostic so called wives. Any clash or mental tension. negative feelings, or other issues, actually destroy the spiritual ascension you might achieve with a day's niyam , japa, dhyan etc. and may in fact degrade the same. Also it creates a vicious circle of Karma, which may require settlement i9n next births

There are two differing views on the necessity of the Karma to reunite in the next birth if it is avoided in this birth. According to Yoga Philosophy, Gherand Samhita and specially Lord Dattatreya's philosophy. there are three types of Past Karmas, called Prarabdh,Teevra Prarabdh and Tarteevra Prarabdh. The first two, can be stopped by the force of Tapa, i.e. spiritual practice. The  various rituals etc. in fact are able to destroy the Prarabdh (previous negetive Karmas but slower), the higher spiritual practice like Japas, dhyan, Ygnas are able to nullify the Teevra Prarabdh. The Tarteevra Prarabdh is stopped by the practice of Higher Yogic Forms like Samadhi, and this is the only Prarabdh which is likely to happen if u r s spiritual practitionar. However if sombody has to have a marriage like Union bcos of Tarteevra Prarabdh, he will never be thinking of Celibacy, because the KARMA FIRST APPEARS IN THE MIND (etherial plane) before manifesting in physical level
Title: Re: Please help
Post by: chawlavaibhav1 on September 29, 2009, 10:44:34 AM
Dear Rohit Ji

Thank you for providing me with the key lessons.
You do not know how impatient was I for getting the answers to these questions. I believe and respect every single word u told. I was praying to my Malik “Shri Sai Nath” to make me aware of certain truths. I hope that whatever has been given to me in the form of your truth lessons are the words of “Shri Sai” himself. The purity of the lessons gave me a big relief. I am internalizing the learnings offered to me.
I am extremely thankful to you again. I will definitely try to keep in touch with you.
May Sai Bless u with happiness and good life.