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Author Topic: Restoring The Mind-Body Balance  (Read 2925 times)

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Restoring The Mind-Body Balance
« on: May 09, 2017, 05:34:20 AM »
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  • *Restoring The Mind-Body Balance*

    *Many people are under the impression that the focus of spirituality is only
    on the mind and the soul, and the physical body is neglected.*

    *But that’s not true. Our physical body is essential to our life and the art
    of living. It is our vehicle and our home.*

    *An appropriate balance of diet, sleep, relaxation and exercise is important
     for the body.*

    *However, when we enter the world of spirituality, the main emphasis is
     on the mind and the soul.*

    *This does not mean that we do not value or take care of our body.
    Without a healthy body, we would not be able to express ourselves
    mentally or spiritually.*

    *Spiritual progress, which includes the listening/studying and imbibing
     of spiritual knowledge, the practice of meditation, the inculcation of divine
    virtues and the spiritual service of others through different means is much
     easier and better with a healthy body.*

    *Unfortunately, though, we have lost the art or wisdom of balance and for
     very long we have placed too much emphasis on our physical form, the
     body; and less emphasis on our spiritual form, the soul, as a result, reducing
     our spiritual awareness.*

    *One of the aims of spirituality is to restore this balance between mind and
    body so that we can experience well-being and happiness at every level.*

    *So while our body and our physical energy are essential, the focus of
     spirituality is on the mind and the soul, to help regain the balance.*

    (Found on Net....Sharing)
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