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Title: Seeds of Happiness: By Dadi Janki, Brahm Kumaris
Post by: ShAivI on June 29, 2011, 12:35:47 AM

Seeds of Happiness: By Dadi Janki, Brahm Kumaris

1. Our happiness should be independent of others.  We eat independently, we walk independently.
 Likewise, we should practice being happy independently.  Some will give us happiness and some
will give us sorrow.  If we are dependent on others for happiness, we will not always be happy.  
Therefore, we should learn to create our own happiness and let others have their own happiness
 and sorrow at their choosing.  I choose happiness for myself.

2.  There is a time for everything.  In silence I pay attention to myself, and get to know myself.  
I nourish myself with silence.  When I am in silence with my self, I am happy. Then someone comes
 in front of me.  Do I remain silent and stare at them?  No, I meet with them, I talk with them.
 I enjoy the relationship.  There is a time for everything.  In today's world, people are awake when
they should be sleeping and they sleep when they should be awake.  When they should be active,
they make excuses and when they should take time out, they remain active.  There is a time for
everything - do the right thing at the right time.

3. Keep my inner space clean.  Rubbish attracts rubbish.  People will notice your rubbish and add
theirs to yours.  Keep your space clean and no one will dump their rubbish in your space.  By keeping
clean (honest) you will keep your self respect.  Look at the windows.  Ok, they might be slightly water
marked, but you can see through them.  They hide nothing.  There are no secrets.  This is how you should be.

4.  Remove the ego of the intellect.  With such an ego, you may experience happiness at one moment
and then insult later.  Your happiness fluctuates - it cannot stand firm.  There is the story of the
boatman - he was uneducated, all he knew was taking people across in the boat.  Some educated
men looked down upon him, "What does he know - all he knows is how to get people across in a boat.  
He is not educated like us."  Then one day, when there were storms, the men had to go across the water.  
The boatman started taking them across and then stopped.  "Here, you are educated, you take the
boat across."  But the boat was being tossed in the water because of the storm and the educated
men were frightened.  "Oh no," they replied, "we cannot take the boat across.  We don't know how
to keep it from tipping over.  You have to take us across."  Don't keep ego of the intellect like the
educated men of the story.

5.  Don't fill your mind with waste.  When someone or something comes before you with waste,
close our eyes to it.  It pollutes you.  How can you have a light (positive) vision of others around
you if you are constantly filling your mind with waste (negativity)?  If you turn on the TV, everything
is negative.  So much sensationalisation of sorrow and promotion of negative thought.  Don't waste
your time with that or with others who constantly speak waste.

6.  Keep God as your companion.  God is one - He is like the thumb.  And I am like the index finger.  
When I bring God close, thumb and index finger come together.  They are very firm, the relationship i
s firm - complete.  When I keep God with me, He influences me, then my self respect does not falter.

7.  Do not have any weaknesses.  Remove them all.  One weakness can cripple you.  Someone who
breaks a finger feels the pain far down in his hand.  The whole hand has to be bandaged.  Only one
finger is broken, but then the whole hand is useless until it heals.

8.  Don't be careless.  Pay attention to everything.  When you walk, don't rush about, because you
risk stumbling and what good is rushing if you hurt yourself.  We should show care in everything -
how we say things, how we act, how we think.  Always pay attention.  Carelessness affects your self respect.

9.  Don't make excuses.  Today, if someone is asked to do something they have no interest in, they
will say they are too busy.  But if you ask them to do something they have an interest in, they drop
everything to do that thing.  We are so full of excuses.  It's called laziness.  Don't be lazy.  Laziness
takes away your self respect.

10.  Always experience newness in everything.  No matter what big thing comes in front of you,
consider that it will bring you something new.  Even if someone starts to make a big deal of your
situation, stop them and tell them it will bring something new to you.  Always look for the newness.  
We like new things, yes?  We get excited by newness.  So always remember that each situation
brings something new with it.

11.  Make big things small.  When something big comes in front of you, transform it into a small thing.  
Turn mountains into molehills.  Others will see what you are doing and will notice how you transform
big things into small things, and this will give them a lot of happiness.

12.  Share happiness with others.  Teach them or just share the vibrations of happiness.  You
don't even have to speak anything.  Your pure feelings of happiness will spread to them.  This
is the greatest gift you can give to others.  

Be Blessed!
Love & Light!
Om Sai Ram!  :)
Title: Re: Seeds of Happiness: By Dadi Janki, Brahm Kumaris
Post by: PiyaSoni on June 29, 2011, 02:41:39 AM


Title: Re: Seeds of Happiness: By Dadi Janki, Brahm Kumaris
Post by: vishwanath69 on June 29, 2011, 08:39:41 AM

Dear Shaivi ji,

Thank you for your lovely post. Can we implement it..I mean can all of us implement it ?
Like Baba had said there are many flowers that come up on a mango tree, however only a few will blossom into fruits, viz people with such attributes. I ardently pray that we are not blown away by this wind of illusion and remain steadfast in our prayer to Baba. Pleading for Baba's mercy,

Title: Re: Seeds of Happiness: By Dadi Janki, Brahm Kumaris
Post by: saib on July 01, 2011, 09:18:09 AM
Dear ShAivI,

Beautiful Message. Worth to read and understand. Thanks for sharing.

Dear Vishwanath Ji,

Do agree with You. This is not easy to implement in our day to day life but constant efforts one should keep making. Baba has so much of faith in ability of his men, that he never loses confidence and hope even after thousands of our failures. Such is our beloved Sadguru Baba Sai!

om sri sai ram!
Title: Re: Seeds of Happiness: By Dadi Janki, Brahm Kumaris
Post by: sweta on July 05, 2011, 04:15:58 AM
Dear ShAivI Jee,

Thank you for posting such an inspirational message.

May Sai's blessings be with you and your loved ones always.

Om Sai Ram