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Author Topic: Skin Conditions - Dandruff, pimples etc  (Read 1594 times)

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Skin Conditions - Dandruff, pimples etc
« on: May 23, 2007, 02:28:23 PM »
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  • Skin Conditions remedies
    Om Sai Ram !


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    Re: Skin Conditions - Dandruff, pimples etc
    « Reply #1 on: May 24, 2007, 01:41:07 AM »
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  • Om Sai Ram...

    ~~~~Secrets of skin ~~~~

    A glowing skin indicates a healthy body. Yoga postures that bend your body are good for the skin, says Swami Kriyananda

    One indication of the health of the body is the skin. Boils and other eruptions are an obvious sign of impurities in the bloodstream. A pallid complexion is an indicator of low vitality. Smooth, soft skin is a sign of good health.
    A yogi’s body is very soft in repose. The muscles of a strong man who practices yoga may feel like those of a woman; but when the yogi chooses to send energy to his muscles to tense them, they become hard like steel. The softness of a yogi’s body has a resilience to it; it is not flabby.
    The palms are a good indicator of one’s health and vitality. Soft, flaccid palms are not a sign of good health, or of dynamic vitality. Hard hands are a sign of tension throughout the body, that in time result in breakdowns, inviting diseases. The palms should be resilient to pressure from the fingers. A certain rosiness in the colour of the hands is an indication of good health.
    Exercises that are good for the skin are yoga postures that bend the body, the headstand and especially those poses which tense and relax the muscles, and which gently exercise the heart (as in Plow Pose and Cobra Pose).
    Other practices for healthy skin include the following:
    Be outdoors in the fresh air for some time every day. Expose as much of your body as possible to the elements, especially to the sun’s rays.
    While bathing, do not expose your body to hot water for too long. Hot baths are demagnetising. It is always better to follow a hot bath or shower with a thorough rinsing of cold water.
    Much of the air that we breathe is drawn into the body through the skin. Keep the skin clean. It is good to invigorate it by rubbing it briskly all over with the hands, recharging it with divine energy.
    A healthy skin is far more attractive than one that has been made soft artificially using a variety of creams and lotions. (Certain lotions, however,can be beneficial if applied temporarily. Mud packs, for instance, are considered beneficial.)

    Jai Sai Ram...
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    Re: Skin Conditions - Dandruff, pimples etc
    « Reply #2 on: May 24, 2007, 08:05:36 AM »
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    Anju ji and Anu ji Sai Ram!

    Few tips I used to follow (I made my sai too follow) are:

    Liberal intake of fresh fruit juices, salads, milk and plenty of water takes care of general health moreso reflecting in the health of the skin as well.

    Always use mild soaps. Stick to one brand of cosmetics if any are to be used but, it is better to minimise usage of cosmetics to the extent possible. Avoid long exposures to Sun and if it inevitable, use sunglasses and a hat or a scarf as the case may be.

    When you return home, splash some cool water on the face nicely.

    Apply 1 tsp sour curd (taking care of eyes and surroundings) and leave it for 10 mts. Wash with besan flour.  Apply 1 tsp fresh milk mixed in two pinches of turmeric and wash off with besan flour. Massage in pure gingelly oil or coconut oil for about 20 mts and wash off with besan flour.

    Baba bless us all
    Baba be with us all

    Jai Sai Ram



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