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Author Topic: “ The Four Principles of Spirituality ”  (Read 4851 times)

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“ The Four Principles of Spirituality ”
« on: January 19, 2012, 04:22:10 AM »
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  • OM SAI RAM!!!

    Collectively all Indian philosophies teach us about

    “ The Four Principles of Spirituality ”  *
    The First Principle states:

    “Whomsoever you encounter is the right one”

    This means that no one comes into our life by chance.
    Everyone who is around us, anyone with whom we interact,
    represents something, whether to teach us
    something or to help us improve a current situation

    The Second Principle states:

    “Whatever happened is the only thing that could have happened”

    Nothing, absolutely nothing of that which we experienced could have
    been any other way. Not even in the least important detail. There is no
    “If only I had done that differently…, then it would have been different…”.
    No. What happened is the only  thing that could have taken place and must
    have taken place for us to learn our lesson in order to move forward.
    Every single situation in life which we encounter is absolutely perfect,
    even when it defies our understanding and our ego.

    The Third Principle states:

    “Each moment in which something begins is the right moment”

    Everything begins at exactly the right moment, neither earlier nor later.
    When we are ready for it, for that something new in our life,
    it is there, ready to begin.

    This is the Fourth Principle, the final one:

    “What is over, is over”

    I think it is no coincidence that you’re here reading this.

    If these words strike a chord, it’s because you meet the requirements
    and understand that not one single snowflake falls accidentally
    in the wrong place!

    Be good to yourself.
    Love with your whole being.
    Always be happy.


    kindly see the attachment *

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    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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    Re: “ The Four Principles of Spirituality ”
    « Reply #1 on: November 28, 2012, 01:33:42 AM »
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  • Hello community,

    The four principles of spirituality is really very good . If anybody  can apply these in his/her life then life will be heaven and can reach our last destination of human life that is mokshya.

    best regards,

    minati swain


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