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What are names and function of Lord Datta?
Lord Dattatreya 

1. Lord Dattatreya - One who provides frequencies of Divine consciousness!
2. Other Names of Lord Dattatreya
3. Function of Lord Dattatreya
4. Worship of Lord Datta (who has one head)
5. Benefit of chanting Lord Dattatreya's Name


In the era gone by, the demonic energies grew enormously in the gross and subtle forms. Gods' efforts to vanquish them were unsuccessful. Then, under orders from Lord Brahma, Lord Datta had to incarnate at various places in various forms and destroy the demons. The day of His incarnation is celebrated as 'Datta Jayanti'. - Lord Ganesh (Through the medium of Bharat Miraje, 8.30 pm on 2.11.2005)

1. Lord Dattatreya - One who provides frequencies of Divine consciousness!
The principle that makes available to an embo-died soul both gross and subtle (i.e. manifest and unmanifest) frequencies of higher or lower Gods and Deities in a shorter time is called Datta or Lord Dattatreya). The very meaning of Datta is the 'One who provides frequencies of Divine consciousness'. - A Scholar

2. Other Names of Lord Dattatreya

2.1 Avadhut

The One who controls the eight faculties in the body of an embodied soul and shows it the path to the unmanifest dimension through the manifest dimension. Avadhut is a medium that connects both the manifest form of Lord Datta and His unmanifest form. He is a manifest form (the gross manifestation) of the three principles - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv. He is also related to the unmanifest dimension (manifestation of these three principles in the form of light). 'Avadhut' comes alive with the radiance of Lord Dattatreya.

2.2 Digambar

Is the principle which gives company to an embodied soul till it gets Final Liberation in the radiance of the sky, i.e. beyond all the directions.

2.3 Sripad

'Sri' is the never-ending principle of God. The principle that takes an embodied soul to that principle of God or to the Holy Feet of 'Sri' principle is the Datta principle in Sripad.

2.4 Vallabh

The Datta princ-iple in the form of Vallabh protects the Universe from the circular-shaped distressing frequencies that create a fear psychosis, and thus protects the embodied souls. - A Scholar

3. Function of Lord Dattatreya

Lord Dattatreya bestows His grace on man by giving speed to the journey of his ancestors to the next region and reducing his distress from ancestors. God gives man a chance to get liberated from the debt of ancestors through the ritual that gives speed to ancestors onward journey and through chanting the Name of Dattatreya.
One cannot get rid of the ancestors' debt merely by remembering them off and on, displaying their photos in the house or publishing their photos in newspapers on their death anniversaries. It is only by chanting the Name of Dattatreya that the ancestors get speed to go on their onward journey in true sense. From this we can realise that it is imperative to worship the Deity to get liberated from the ancestors' debt. This also reduces the debt of God on us. - A Devotee of Datta

4. Worship of Lord Datta (who has one head)

Till the Satya Yuga, the spiritual level of all embodied souls was high and they acquired knowledge on the strength of their own spiritual practice. They possessed the state of 'Soham' (I am He). So Lord Dattatreya was required for the functions of dissolution and imparting knowledge to a very limited extent. Only the Vishnu principle in Him was active that time. As a symbol of this, the idol of Datta had only one head. Thereafter, during the Treta Yuga, the spiritual level of the embodied souls started to come down and they found it difficult to protect themselves and acquire knowledge on their own. To impart more knowledge to them through the subtle dimension, Lord Dattatreya had to bring out the dormant Brahma and Shiv principle in Him. To symbolise this, the three-headed idol of Dattatreya became prevalent.

4.1 The Japamala (rosary) in Lord Datta's hand represents perennial spiritual practice
Brahma of the three-headed Datta has a rosary in His hand. Datta's chanting goes on continuously, without a break. Perennial spiritual practice is the quality of Lord Shiv too. This feature of 'perennial spiritual practice' of both the Deities is found in Lord Dattatreya. Perennial spiritual practice in the present Era means functioning either in a saviour or a destroyer form, as is required.' - A Devotee of Datta

4.2 Kamandalu (water-pot with a specific shape carried by ascetics)

Contains water which has the potential to absorb the unmanifest waves emanating from the Lord and to draw a protective sheath in a moment around the three celestial regions for protecting them from the distress of negative energies in the Universe.' - A Scholar

5. Benefit of chanting Lord Dattatreya's Name

A. The ancestors get speed in their journey to the next region and this makes the atmosphere in the house pleasant.

Thanks Subhasriniji for such a nice exposition of Gurudeva Datta principle. May Sai and Guridev Datta bless you always. Thanks a lot and my most humble pranams


Shri Guru Charitra
( The Life History of Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati with Pictures explained briefly according to the Adhyays )

Shri Guru Charitra

Adhyay 1 - Namdharak is blessed with the vision of Guru Nath.

In this Adhyay, Saraswati Gangadhar ( Namadharak ) begins with invocation prayers for Divine Grace to endow on him merit and strength to be able to successfully compile the sacred Guru Charitra, the glorious account of Divine Incarnations of Lord Sri Dattatreya viz. Sri Sripada SriVallabha and Sri Narasimha Saraswati.

Namdharak, an ardent devotee of Sri Narasimha Saraswati, sets out for Ganagapur for the Darshan of the Holy Padukas. Tired and exhausted and when he fainted away, Guru Nath appears before him in a dream and blesses him.


Adhyay 2 - The Power and Glory of Guru Bhakti.


Namdharak meets Siddha Yogi, the great and close disciple of Guru Nath. Siddha Yogi starts narrating the Guru Charitra to him, which the latter listens to with rapt attention. Siddha Muni Narrates to Namadharak about How Universe was Born,and How Four Yugas were Created with their Specific Trends and also narrates the Story of the disciple Deepak and the Guru Veda Dharma and about the unexcelled merit that accrue from Guru Bhakti and Guru Seva. Guru is indeed supreme and all the Gods are subsumed in Him. If we can but win Guru's Grace, we will have thereby won the Grace of all the gods. Guru is indeed supreme.
The Names of Veda Dharma and Deepak have their own significance. Veda itself is both the Dharma and the Guru. And one who is devoted to the scriptures and abides by the Dharma which they enunciate, is sure to gain enlightment.


Adhyay 3 - The Case for Shri Hari taking incarnations on Earth.


Once Durwas Rishi Came to a King called Ambrish,who used to Observe Ekadashi Fast.That day Sadhan Dwadashi was only for 24 Minutes after Sunrise.Fearing that his Vrata would be Broken, Ambrish took Holy Water and Dined before Durwasa,who went to River for taking bath and Performing Rituals .Seeing that Ambrish has dined before him Durwas cursed Ambrish to take birth in different Species.Ambrish Prays Shri Vishnu.Shri Vishnu  said Durwas to Curse him Instead. Durwas asks Shri Vishnu to Descend on the earth Ten Times to Destroy the Evil and thus to give Relief to Everyone.This Led Shri Vishnu to take Different Incarnations.


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