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« on: March 29, 2007, 05:00:01 AM »
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    Devotion can be classified into three forms namely : (1) Devotion to Guru (2) Devotion to Linga (3) Divotion to Sangamam or group Devotion for example in a temple. This classification has been handed down from the creator through elders ' word of month and legendaryliteratur.

    Consecration to Guru . earnestly praying to Guru considering himas the almight defines Guru Devotion ( Guru Bhakthi )

    Linga Bhakthi Pertains to Devoutness to the Lingam or Moorthi given by Guru or Aacharya. Goddess Kamakshi prayed to Siva with such zeal, deep affetion and loyalty that shebecame his left half (Ardhanary)

    Sangama Bhakthi encompasses group prayer like in a Temple . Godlymen can by Worshipped as God too and this is illustrated in the Periya Puranam. Godly men or considered at a highar plane than almighty hemself. this is illustrated in the folowing example . we humans, on a hot ,swettering summar day can bear the heat without an Umbrella but cannot bear to walk without footwear. This illustrates the fact that we can bear the earth's absorbed heat . in a similar vein, Acharyas who have imbibet the almight power are much more powerful than the almighty himself.

    Sangama Bhakthi elevates the whol society whereas Guru Bhakthi and Linga Bhakthi willonly elevate the individual.

    Temple worship includes all three forms of Bhakthi nemely Guru bhakthi , Linga Bhakthi, and group worship all come into fpcus at, the temple, at the same time .

    Let's all join hands in unity, and gather momentum to encourage Temple worship.

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