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Author Topic: Hello I search for people who can give me money for a Spirituell search  (Read 1187 times)

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I alivement a very spirituell experience i endmaterilisate a 3 cm big lint and have other sprituell alivements who let come me on such a trip that i Must go in the Psychiatrie know i am to be under a physician's care from doctores who have nto the believe to such themes i Think when i come in tracne than i caome to different awareness of the self so i come to higehr energies so that i can alive such thinks know i want to look to sai baba who is a master of this what he say and how he live its a finding of my self and for answers for this them i can make a newsletter for all who spend a litte bit money that i can come out of  depressive situation to find a Handling with such alivements .at too I want to write a book about all over my sprituelly alivments and wide views .
Please Help to get a talk with sai baba or to her his experience with such stuff .
Please wirte me when you want to help or when you have questions to


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