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Author Topic: 'Keep faith in me.Your prayer shall be answered.'Sai ram -Thank you  (Read 914 times)

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True to the following quote” I am ever living to help and guide all who come to me, who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me.” “If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear it.” Sai Baba is helping us in many ways. I like to share one such experience of mine.

Presently, I work in gulf. Being an architect it’s mandatory to get driving license and in Gulf getting one is very difficult.  I had previously failed four times (over a period of 10 months) in the test and my office started insisted in getting one soon. Each day in and out I was finding it difficult to manage my driving classes, housework and office work. I was blaming Sai for not helping me out.  Letting me down to suffer alone in this foreign country

But, being a regular reader at Saibaba forum, other devotees experience did help to built my confident and to keep faith in him . I prayed to SAI begging for his mercy and forgiveness for all my sins. I regularly read ‘Shri Sai Sathcharitra’ and asked SAI to prove that he existence for his devotees. The following miracle happened.

The day before my 5th test I randomly opened ‘Sathguru Vani’ and read chapter 45-where he says ‘Without God’s grace no work is complete. And if, you want your work to be accomplished successfully without any hassle, then have trust and keep strong faith in him. Surrender your body, mind, soul and wealth completely and you will be benefited. SARVAM SAIYE MAYAM’ I am here to reward one’s hard work and faith.’ I felt his presence and that he was talking to me. He knows when to give one what .That night I went to sleep with a peace of mind.

And he did prove his presence with the following miracle next day. On the day of the test my instructor came so late that the test time was almost over. We rushed to my test area and requested the ROP( Police) Who agreed to conduct the test, But again another problem the instructor has forgot the pay my test fees. We requested the ROP and rushed to pay the fees and came back to the test area after15 minutes. The ROP was so kind, he told me to calm down and drive without any stress. When I looked at him, I felt SAI was looking at me. And you know what I did pass the test and he proved his presence. I was so happy I didn’t have word to describe. My faith in him grew ten folds.

So, keep faith in me.Your prayer shall be answered.
Aum Sai Ram.


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