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Author Topic: I am sorry for what I am doing  (Read 1336 times)

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I am sorry for what I am doing
« on: November 03, 2006, 01:04:49 PM »
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  • Dearest Baba,
                           This is your son Dipesh Rak**** from Ahmedabad  (Gujarat) please forgive me Baba for what I am doing by this mid of December I will be filling a divorce case against my wife I still I am against this because still I love her but this affection is only 1 sided and the main part is her parents are living ahmedabad and going to south for ever and the strange thing is that they don’t want to go the court for divorce and they are not ready to send my wife back to me and like she dosen’t want to stay with me and it is almost 4 months she has left me

    Baba till December I will  be waiting for her if she is not coming back then I ahave to go for a leaguele  settlement

    Baba please give me the power baba for what ia ma going to do I don’t want to take this step because still I love her I don’t want to break this 6 years married relation ship but I don’t have any other option left please help me

    And now she is some were is south where she is I don’t know and her parents are not ready to tell me where she is

    I am sorry for what I am doing please forgive me but I have no other option left

    Your’s and only Your’s
    Dipesh Rak****
    Cell No :  09898406398

    Dipesh Rak****
    Dipesh Rak****


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