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Author Topic: reabcarnation of lord ram on earth  (Read 4806 times)

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Re: reabcarnation of lord ram on earth
« Reply #15 on: September 04, 2005, 10:02:09 PM »
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  • I had a phone call yesterday from my freind at 4 o clock in the morning a humming noise was presant out side his house very little but enough to bother him he went out to see somthing hovering over lord ramas place then a huge beem of light straight down into the middle of the house tofamilys saw it, then the hole area light up with like pulsating niose and a vioce saying in the sweetest kindest vioce my children do not be alarmed the time of enlightenment is soon,
    he felt very calm and like a proud feeling to have witnesed this he spoke to the other two familys the next day and they all agree this is somthing very special to be kept to themselves even though from time to time flowers are now starting to apear infront of the house which if the staff catch rush theminside quickly.  And the visiter activity is getting buiser i wonder if they are on the move, he said he saw him the other day dressed in li8ke orange silky robes and the look on his face was totaly divine. We have decided we are going to try for a photo i hope this will not ofend anyone but how can i really shar this with you if we do not, we are 100% posertive this is a celestial being Rama, why he has chosen this place to stay i do not know maybe a strange forigner in this area would nopt raise eyebrows and to a certain extent does not. I will ask the webmasters permition to give you the photos when we have them , now it will be how to get a second interview.  Thank you all and i really do belive the gods love us all.


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