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Author Topic: sai blessed us  (Read 1491 times)

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sai blessed us
« on: May 30, 2006, 11:23:14 AM »
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  • Satakoti padanamskaraas to our father saibaba,

    Saibaba you have shown mercy. We are blessed to be your children. It is really you changed my life after marriage. Initially it looked like hell to me. My husband’s short temper and other problems.  But the day I gave him sai lleelamrutham he has changed a lot. To an extent that he now sees sai baba in every living being even in fly. I can now say my husband is my mother. Though I live in USA I no longer miss my mother. I see sai amma in him. When I say same, he says your faith and trust in baba has changed me for you, with tears in his eyes. Day and night he chants sai’s name. His very existence is sai now. I am blessed.

    With sai’s grace sai we have started website on data incarnations. It is really unbelievable, that we get mails from most of living dattaavatars devotees and get chance to talk to sadgurus.

    Sai amma, you have already in dreams gave message that you will bless me with data,

    Yesterday with you divine grace we made a call to living dattaavatar, when we said we are sai’s children. He said “sai is supreme of all datta incarnations. He is the supreme master. When you pray to sai baba all dattas are pleased, since all are same. You are blessed that sai is with you. You have complete datta grace. Don’t leave sai. See sai in all. You will reach him.” When I asked about child he asked “do you want datta, when I with tears of happiness said yes! He said you will give birth to datta, I will keep his name.”  He said “if your husband is atri, you are anasuya, datta will take birth. These are words of datta. Have faith in saibaba. Baba’s teachings are simple and giving everything doesn’t go here and there stick to sai. He is the sadguru to sadgurus. My heart dances with joy when I listen sai’s name.”

    See our fortune with sai’s grace a paripurna dattaavataar has blessed us. Sai nothing is impossible you.

     Some times we think do we deserve such divine love of sai.we are nothing.  What good we did to this mankind? Such is sai’s love. He wants nothing form us. But faith and patience. These lives are for your service sai bless us.

    Bless all the members of this mandir.

    Om srisairam gurudeva datta


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