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Title: Thank you Baba.
Post by: Prasanthi on July 30, 2005, 05:00:49 AM

Thank you very much for the message. I couldn't read any book or pray you with the tense state I was in. I was just switching over the channels of the TV while looking at you and Bharadwaja Master garu atop of the TV. I didn't dare to open the book and see for any message.

Nothing happened. I just keep on switching over the channels without any concentration upto 2 pm and then sit before my computer to see if I get any messages.

You haven't given any answer but a message that you love me. Thank you for that atleast. Somehow I am asking more and more because I lost the relationship with you which I had earlier. So I keep on questioning like 'Baba, are you with me' time and again.

Earlier you are with me each and every second and use to nod as if you say like 'yes. I am listening to you'. But it is not so now. That is why I am in agony and pain. Thanks anyway baba.

Dear Sai Bandhus,

I thought that I shouldn't talk with HIM. But how can I? I can't. I can quarrel with HIM but how can't I remain silent with HIM. It is impossible literally. I thought like 'Ok. Baba. Out of anxiety, I didn't pray you. I will pray you on sunday either by doing Namajapa or doing parayana and then let me know before 12 pm sunday'.

But I got this message through mails from one of the sai groups that I subscribed to:

A wealthy merchant came to Shirdi in 1911, along with his palsied
daughter. She could neither stand nor walk. She was carried into Baba’s presence. Baba blessed her and asked them to stay at Shirdi. On the third day she began to use her legs a little. On the eighth day she was able to walk, to the wonder of all the devotes. So too the wife of one Ghiasis, an employees of the Railway Department, was cured of her paralysis by Sai Baba.

Nandaram Marvadi visited Shirdi at the time of the second great plague in 1911. Many were leaving the village in haste. One day when he passed by the Maruthi Temple some people seated there told him that his eyes were red with fever and that he might be struck down by plague. In great fear he rode on horeseback to the temple where, on the advice of someone he offered a coconut and oil to the deity. Then he wanted to quit that place and sought Baba’s leave. Baba , however, dissuaded him. “As long as I am alive I will not let you die”, he said and gave him udi. He stayed on and his fever vanished.

One day Shama was wiping Baba’s wet hands with a towel. Baba gazed at him playfully and pinched his cheek. Shama pretended anger and said, “Sai, why do you pinch me? We don’t want a mischievous god who pinches us thus.” [:)][:)]

Baba replied, “Oh Shama, during the seventy two births that you were with me, I never pinched you till now and you resent my touching you?”

Shama said, “We want a god that will ever give us kisses and sweets to eat; we do not want any dignity, wealth or heaven from you. Let our faith in you be ever awake and alive.”

Baba lovingly replied, “Yes, I have indeed come for that. I have been feeding and nursing you all these lives and I have
love and affection for you

Such was the intimacy between the Master and devotee.

I always used to open the earlier issues of Sai Vichar Newsletter. I spent the time by reading them and slept at 3 pm. Since morning also I have been praying HIM like 'No more baba. I can't stand the pain'. Then somehow I felt like 'yes. I granted you'. Then I asked HIM like what you want me to do as a sign of gratitude. Immediately I got a page where in a devotee offers Rs. 1116 to baba for a udyapana. I felt very happy. I thought of borrowing the money and then repay it.

I asked HIM how to spend that Rs. 1116 and to whom I should give. I didn't get any message. I felt very disappointed. I thought of giving money either to a orphanage (which I visited last sunday) or to start fund raising to distribute blankets to poor people who lost their houses and offer this money as the initial amount. But I wish to let him only answer on how to spend it. I got a message like 'Annadanam mahaadaanam'. So I thought of giving it to orphanage. But I am also thinking like if I come forward and offer this money as the amount from my side and I start fund raising, whatever amount is collected I can give it to the poor.
(This is the group which I started for social work.)
I will decide on this and I hope baba gives message through all of you.

Also I got a message like do not beg or borrow for a noble cause. I told HIM like 'I am anxious to give you the money and I definitely earn it on my own other than from my salary' and repay it asap like Cholkar.

I am so thirsty girl that I again ask HIM like 'Baba, please baba, if you say that the message to donate Rs. 1116 is yours only, please let anyone make a call to me before 1 pm or else a mail. But I would be more happy if I get a call'. I didn't get a call but I got more valuable, Deepikaji's mail. In that she wrote 'Dear, I prayed for you. I am sure, we are going to hear happy news from you soon'.

Still thirsty I am I told to baba, 'thank you. But can you please let someone call me'. I will wait upto 1:30 pm. Actually I didn't bring lunch and thought of going home but later changed my mind not to eat. Then I got an idea to go to sai temple near by. I started at 1:25 pm. I told to one of my colleagues to note the time if at all anyone rings to me.

Temple is usually open though the main mandir is locked. I went to the back of the temple and prayed to baba. 'Baba, please talk to me again. Please be with me as earlier. Alright. I will wait till the end of the day in office (6 pm) and you please let anyone ring to me so that I can feel like it is your message'.

When I returned I asked my colleague and she replied that I didn't get any call. Heart in heart I am praying like please assure me baba. Then the front office executive told me like 'you got a call and I informed that you are not there'. I asked the time. She said it is just few min back. May be 1:35 pm or 1:40 pm. So I am happy atlast. Ok. Baba is testing my patience. Anyway HE is slowly reducing the waiting time. I am confident that my relationship with HIM will be normal again. Baba, forgive me for my mistakes. But at the same time............. [:)][:)] (How greedy I am !!)

I decided to do parayan again with all my heart and also do pradakshina, recite Vishnu Sahasranama and leave something which I like the most, either Lady's finger or sweets. I hope this time baba will bless me with concentration and let me do all I wanted to do with utmost devotion.

I thank all Sai Bandhus of this forum. Sai stays here. HE is listening to all our prayers here. But as HE loves us all, HE is also playful and try to pinch us and see. Let us play with HIM. [:)][:)]

No problem is a problem if HE is with us and nod to us like 'I am here. I am listening to you', kind of replies so that 'ok. HE is there with me. HE is talking to me'. As far as I am concerned I yearn for such type of reciprocation and interaction. HE is used to be so with me earlier. I could feel HIS love and warmth. Baba, please I invite you again. Take over my heart which you abandoned.

My heartfelt thanks to Deepikaji for being a messenger to Baba. Also I thank Shammiji and Srinivas garu who mailed me and last but not the least the beloved Sai Bandhus here.

Title: Re: Thank you Baba.
Post by: Prasanthi on July 30, 2005, 05:02:44 AM
I forget to mention. In the temple, I told HIM like 'Baba, if I get a call before I leave office today, I will post this in the forum'. Whom else I can share this happiness with?

Title: Re: Thank you Baba.
Post by: Dipika on July 30, 2005, 05:17:47 AM
OMSAIRAM Prashanthi Garu,I got tears of joy as I read your mail.I am writing with tears in my eyes.
Thanks for sharing the happiness with all of us.
I am sure u will get much more .
Sai baba will bless u with all happiness of the world.
Just wait and watch.

Sai baba let your holy lotus feet be our sole refuge.OMSAIRAM

dipika duggal
Title: Re: Thank you Baba.
Post by: Prasanthi on July 30, 2005, 05:34:04 AM
Can you share your opinion on how to spend those Rs. 1116? To give it to orphanage for food purpose or to start fund raising to give food to the poor who suffered terribly in the recent outpouring of rain in hyderabad?

Title: Re: Thank you Baba.
Post by: Shammi on July 30, 2005, 06:48:45 AM

Prashanti i feel as long as it  goes for a noble cause it need not be from one own salary or so .. "begging and borrowing for a noble cause
i dont see any thing wrong there..."  When many people contribute towards a cause whole heartedly - All get the punya of it.

What i feel is  you can give it to the orphanage for a annadana  or may be if the sai temple where you stay permits you -  you yourself can take baba blessings and with the temple commitee ( on a sunday or or so ) organise for mass feeding ( annadhanaam ) of the needy /orphan children

Offering food "to the needy"  really pleases baba

Just be a little patient -  Just hold on .. do Sai nama japa

Baba just plays with his leelas
Let me tell an incident that happened last evening when i went to the
nearby vegetable Market

Yesterday was the day my salary got credited .. and the same day i would as usual  keep aside some amount to be sent to shirdi from my sai . So after  doing that ..

Last evening may be at 7:00 or so i went to the market - it always a habit with me when i am driving /or walking i feel baba is with me and  keep talking to him in my inner plane and i was doing the same

And i reached the market to buy all pooja items  like ghee, agarbathis , dhoop and other things , along with some groceries , fruits and  vegetables .

Some how i was feeling i wanted to buy some flowers for baba , the flower vendor would anyway bring and give us every night - but somehow i was feeling a urge to buy -  but i bought all the rest of the things and deliberatley didnt  think of buying flowers .  i said to myself .. anyways if the flower vendor doesnt bring -its saturday and am off - i will go to the market and  buy ..if in case

Then i came to the vegetable push cart  which was there.. i was buying some vegetables and  also had lot of polythene bags ( around 5 to 6 ) in my hand and i could not manage them with my  fingers dwindling  painfully ..
so as i was buying vegetables - i just looked down at my fingers and shuffled my bags that i was holding just to change positions becoz of the weariness .. suddenly i felt something from hand felt down ,. but nothing i suppose as i knew the things i bought . - but what i saw was that in one of the vegetable baskets below nearby there was only small polythene bags with jasmine flowers .. I felt it fell from my hand but i was so sure it was not mine Nevertheless i picked it up and opened and suprised to see they were jasmine flowers of about my hands length in size ..

None except me and one old man was there who was buying carrots .. i  asked him "Sir is this your packet " He said no . then i looked at the vegetable vendor as asked me if this yours . He was knowing and said  that not mine .

Then since they were flowers i felt a little bad about leaving them there . I felt may be sai wants them put on him

I found none there  to ask for the  ownership and so i  said baba - i dont know who has left this here- but i am going to decorate you with this and whosoever had paid for these flowers - "Just bless them "

I said  " baba i dont know if i am doing the right thing But "ultimately i dont see any better place for these flowers that are lying like orphans - (some one has left them or dropped them ) other than being adorned on  your beautiful neck.

"if they dont reach you they will get crushed in rain .. " So i am carrying this home  . And with these flowers i also bought some more flowers and reached home. Anyway the flower vendor has brought home flowers as usual ..

And this morning during pooja i said baba "All these flowers are
yours "  On their name i offer it to you .. You bless all !!!!!

The flower garland that i got fitted my baba photos at home  so well -so well - Was immensely satisfied



Bow to Sri Sai - Raksha Karo Deva !!!
Title: Re: Thank you Baba.
Post by: Prasanthi on July 30, 2005, 08:08:51 AM
Thank you so much Shammiji for sharing your incident. What I feel is we should indulge in HIM forgetting ourselves and in that state HE blesses us with our wishes. But normally people like me go panic and negative thoughts play if I feel baba replied negatively. So instead of asking HIM for an answer, just keep on praying to rose to a state where we could touch HIS feet and unite with HIS soul. That is the right time baba grants our wishes. Let us see.

Coming to collecting, I mentioned the message because I thought of borrowing the money from one of my colleagues and pay him later. In that sense may be baba asked me not to beg. I will wait until this thursday and see if I can earn or get the opportunity to earn the money. Otherwise I will borrow and repay asap.

Title: Re: Thank you Baba.
Post by: san2004 on July 30, 2005, 09:49:37 AM
OM SAI RAM Prasanthi Ji,
There is never an emergency in this world.Baba was always against borrowing for pilgramages etc..
And remember you are not the only one who gets plagued by negative thoughts.This is a natural universal phenomenon which happens to all of us day in ,day out..
We have to master the art of thinking positively.That will be the first step in our spiritual progress.
You know where logic ends faith begins and when faith is there everything becomes logical.
Let us sincerely try and master the first dakshina baba seeks from all of us i.e FAITH.
Can we stop putting conditions on HIS existance
Can we start believing that whatever goo or bad happens,Baba is by my side.
Can we stop waiting for telephone bells to ring and await for our inner conscience to flutter.
Can we stop waiting for some mails as a signal of HIS being with us and recognize HIS presence as soon as our body twitches,as soon as hair stand on their ends and as soon as our eyes swell with tears of love.
Prasanthi,Baba will definately give you what you want but Give yourself some time.Take a break. Baba dwells right inside you.Where do you go searching in form of telephone rings and mails.
AND remember the day HE wills,HE will come and stand infront of YOU in human form.WILL YOU BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE HIM?

Title: Re: Thank you Baba.
Post by: Prasanthi on July 30, 2005, 03:22:28 PM
Its ok Sanjeevji. But when we are used to such kind of responses/messages, we will feel so. May be we need to grow. Thank you.

Title: Re: Thank you Baba.
Post by: san2004 on July 31, 2005, 02:40:54 AM
OM Sai Ram,

This is what Baba said :-

You need not go far, or anywhere in search of Me. Barring your name and form, there exists in you, as well as in all beings, a sense of Being or Consciousness of Existence. That is Myself. Knowing this, you see Me inside yourself as well as in all beings. If you practise this, you will realize all pervasiveness and thus attain oneness with Me.

Be wherever you like, do whatever you choose, remember this well that all that you do is known to me. I am the Inner Ruler of all and seated in their hearts. I envelope all creatures. I am the Controller - the wire-puller of the show of this Universe. I am the mother - origin of all beings - the harmony of the three gunas (attributes), the propeller of all senses, the Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer. Nothing will harm who turns his attention towards me, but Maya will lash or whip him who forgets Me. All the insects, ants, the visible, movable and immovable world is my Body or form.

Jai Sai Ram,