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Author Topic: Thank You for the job , Baba  (Read 1498 times)

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Thank You for the job , Baba
« on: January 18, 2006, 09:37:44 AM »
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  • Baba,

    Thank You very much....I don't know what would have i been without you in my life....Baba , thank you for listening to my prayers and blessing me.... Baba , i am incomplete without you...SataKoti pranams to you...

    dear Brothers and sisters of this divine family...

    I would like to share with you all that with Baba's grace and your loving prayers ,  i got a job in one of the companies of the software industry...i have graduated last year with an engineering degree and have been searching for jobs since then.... With Baba's grace i am placed in one of the topmost companies today.... All this was possible only because of Baba... He has proved once again that He listens to His devotees .... Dear sisters and brothers , let us never forget Baba ever , whatever the situation may be ... He is ever present with us... They are situations where we may  feel dejected ,or elated or confused or emotional , we shud remember Baba always... Becuase nothing happens without His will....He is the ultimate.... He never forgets us , even if we for a second do so...

    To quote our dear Ramesh Bhai

    " If BABA SAI brings you to it, He will also bring you through it.

    Happy moments, Praise BABA.
    Difficult moments, Seek BABA.
    Quiet moments, Worship BABA.
    Painful moments, Trust BABA.
    Every moment, Than
    k BABA; Thank BABA; Thank BABA.

    Ramesh Bhai , it is indeed very true....

    Thank You Baba for giving me such a loving family....Thank You for everything... Please Bless us so that we have more Shraddha and Saburi...

    Baba... Bless your children....

    Namameeshwarim Sadgurum Sainatham,

    Love you Baba
    Namameeshwarim Sadgurum Sainatham...


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