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Author Topic: thank you very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh saibaba  (Read 837 times)

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i can juz give u thanku in return baba.......dat was a miracle......y do u luv me so mch......d story goes lik dis...i luv a gal...she stays on grnd floor n we on first..she hasn sai yes yet...n we were in between of a big fight so neva spoke wit echoter...i had 2 leave 2 dubai wit family...n my birthday was five days frm that day,,which i was supposed 2 celebrate in while leaving we neva even saw each oter cause she was very angry on me n d best part i dint noe d b4 leaving i juz lit d lamp in frnt of sai baba photo n said,,,i donno how u gonna do this but i want my bday gift n d gift is she cum up herslf n light d lamp in front of u in my room which was next 2 impossible..cause her family is very orthodox n juz wudn leave her out of house alone also...forget cumin in my room fa lighting the lamp...and then god showed up his bady was on 27th...till 26 her mom was lighting the lamp....on 27 wen she was cumig up wit her son as usual 2 light lamp,,her maid came n had some she told her dad...wen he started cumin up,,,he got a cal frm office n had 2 in d end her bro n she came soon as they entered house her bro went in d puja room n started doin it der wen he said it wil b late so go in his room n light d lamp der...n thus i got my bday gift...she did light d lamp in front of sai baba photo in my room...though we neva spoke wit echoter baba proved she is d one fa me...d miracle was beyond words....i juz wanna say....thanksssssssssssssssssssssa lot you....


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