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Author Topic: Understanding you Sai deva  (Read 1490 times)

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Understanding you Sai deva
« on: November 27, 2006, 10:06:08 AM »
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  • Sai deva

    Firstly i must thank you for having shown me the right path.....
    Sai Natha you have shown me how it is to take your refuge ...

    Sai deva i have been ignorant and have not prayed to you with my whole heart these days though things made me feel bad i just said a hello ....yesterday after watching your serial i came to know what it is to be a Sai devottee....

    Sai deva it felt great talking to you ...your words your guidance was simply great you  aksed me to do the somvaar vrat and i kept asking you which one of the somvaar vrats to do...but when i read the somvaar vrat katha yetsrday i got my answer....

    with all my heart i thank my sister sonika ji who enabled me to get the book on you with your answers .....Thank you so much sonika ji ...i dont know how i am to repay you back this debt because now i have undertsood that nothing can be done unless Sai wants us to do it..

    oh deva i had started the sundarakandam two months back and could not even turn pages ...You have given me the order to start it again.... i am sure i will be able to complete it...

    Deva  your leelas are very great...when i read Kavitha ji's article on gurucharitra the thought did not strike me that i have not asked your approval for a lot of things that are left pending.... i could start them with a hope but could never complete them, i understood why ...i had not asked you for its approval..had you asked me to do it whatever come you would have been with me and help me complete the task ...i kept on being human and you showed me how divine you are .......

    it is very difficult to undertsand your leelas but thank you so much for having given me the opportunity to serve you and understand where i was going wrong ..sai deva i promise hence forth i shall leave my ignorance and follow the path that you are showing me as before........ thank you again ...

    Sai Ram
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    • अब तू ही मेरा रेहनुमा,अब तू ही मेरा खुदा है।
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    Re: Understanding you Sai deva
    « Reply #1 on: December 05, 2006, 12:49:17 AM »
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  • Swetha Suresh ji,
    jai shir sai nath.

    Swetha Suresh you are right-baba's leela is great.he is the supreme power.we simply wish even from half heart and he always reply with full kindness.

    sai baba ki har baat hi nirali hai.

    jai shiri sai nath.


    "अब तू ही मेरा रेहनुमा,अब तू ही मेरा खुदा है।"

    ॐ साईं राम|               ॐ साईं राम|               ॐ साईं राम|                 ॐ साईं राम|               ॐ साईं राम|               ॐ साईं राम|                   ॐ साईं राम|               ॐ साईं राम            ॐ साईं राम|                  ॐ साईं राम|                   ॐ साईं राम|               ॐ साईं राम|

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    Re: Understanding you Sai deva
    « Reply #2 on: December 11, 2006, 04:47:17 PM »
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  • Dear Swetha,

    I did just what my Sai told me to do.without his wish not even a blade of grass moves ......May Sai Bless u and may ur jholi be ever filled with tonns and tonns of happiness!!!!!!May Sai fulfill all of ur desires.......Aamen!!!!!



    Om Sadguru Sai Naman!

    Sai bless all........baba be with all

    Live Simply~Love Generously~ Care Deeply~ Speak Kindly.


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