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Author Topic: WHY FEAR WHEN BABA IS WITH US!!!!  (Read 780 times)

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« on: May 13, 2007, 12:22:11 AM »
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  • Jai Sai Ram,

    Baba i was so happy when i got into this big company last year and i was so proud of myself when i got an offer from worlds the best organisation...and i got that oppurtunity just because you only sai..But i think i don't deserve that for too long i everybody even i faced alot of hurdles in life but i never lost confidence though because i knew that you were there with me..even i remember each and every moment of those days when i use to cry myself in restroom because you know y...i never show off that i am unhappy ever..because i know i am blessed by u and i don't easily give up rite?you know very well rite baba..i know i did few mistakes n my life which made me to realise that we have to learn many things in our life with experience..i know you never spared me when i have done a mistake..i was punished very hard but you did that for my good and i knew that too..because my baba never and ever leave me and go..because my baba loves me so much...baba...i still remember when i was working at one gas station while doing my MS..i played lottery while at work and i did wrong by playing them which led me to get into a big trouble in my life..there were nobody to help me out..not even a single person to help me out..only was u...u gave me confidence to fight ...u showed me what could happen if i do a mistake..i know who ever does a mistake they should be punished but infact not really for everybody...its only those people who are veyr close to you will get punished soon..and i know why...because u dont want your children to commit mistakes rite?because u love us so much..u make each and every effort to stop us doing wrong things and make us take the right path in our that we can reach u soon...Sai .s that's true... i did so many smal smal mistakes and i was caugh immediately and i was tought a lesson..each and every time...i learned alot in my life...there were times when not even a single friend of mine were ready to come infront and help me out when i really need somebody...i dont need anything from them other than moral support from them saying that we are there for you..but baba nobody said so...there were not even a single friend of mine was behind me..i was so unlcuky that i dint even get a single friend who can be with me when i need them at my hard times..but baba u know i was there with everybody who ever needs something ..and i helped them too..i never expect anything from anybody in my life..other thn a small smile..but they were ignoring my calls because they were scared that i might ask them to help me out....

    Baba if you remember was 2005 May...i had just 300$ in my checking account..and i dint even had any job to support myself in this country...and i had loads of students loans which i am payin every month...even today ....and u remember that i was staying at my cousins place at that time....Baba u still remember i dint get a single job for almost 5 months...u know what kinda pain i went through at that time...i dint even had money to pay for my cell phone bill.... i was in a situation i cant even tell to my parents ...and i am in a position that i can't even ask my cousin sister for help...but i was happy for onething that i had shelter as well food...even i faced many situations where i had no answer to my cousins questions..i still remember that day when i was back from partime work around 11.30pm which i started working in July 2005...after i came i took bath and i was almost ready to take my dinner..but before i do that i wanted to talk to my cousin about something because she z ready to go for i asked her more 300$ to pay my credit card bills and told her that i will return thm back asap once i get my first part time pay check for $350.. she gave the money but before giving it to me..she told couple of things which broke my heart and i dint even had my dinner that nite..i cried alot ..i still remember that and even u do remember rite?becuase i sat infront of u and started cryin like a small baby..i begged you to help me out and get me a good job....ASAP so that i can lead my life...i cried cried..alot...but baba i never lost any hopes because i knw that u r with me all the time..and definetly u will show me a path in my life....after that i got a full time job in 2006 feb and i joined in a big organisation.....i was happy till march 2007...but here started one more problem...i knw i have commited a small mistake thats the reason i lost this new job too....i left to india for vacation in Dec 2006..and i was supposed to be back in job by 16th jan 2007..but as i work from Home office i thought i would stay back in india and njy for some more days..if at all i get a call for new client support thn i would go back to i stayed back in india...i was there whole feb 2007 still i dint get any call..but in march 2007 all of a sudden my manager wanted me to go to client for support...but it was mpossible for me to leave immediately from india....thn i lied to my manager and took permission to stay back.....and there it went wrong..and my manager found out about that.....baba i dint do anything wantedly..i thought i wud spend time in india. instead spending it at home in other country>...and that costed me alot...a small mistake..u made me realise that i have to face the  consequences..i knw why u did that..because i was not honest to my employer which u wouldnt let me do that at any i finally got terminated from my job..not just a job it was my dream job....i was in a situation i wouldnt be able to share those things with my parents too because they were so worried and they asked me many times how come u got so many holidays...?i never replied i am facing the consequences...baba..i knw u wouldnt let me do anythin which is wrong..because u love... when i recieved an email from my manager sayin that they terminated my employement...i was so upset i dont know what to do..because they even cancel my work visa too..since i was in i was depressed...but some way u helped me out and they dint cancel my work visa...i was back into this country and i dint had any job...again i was the same..unfortunately i dint even saved a single penny even though i worked for one i was the same...i lost hopes..i am so depressed...and whenever i call up my parents i dint had any answer when they ask me about my job...i cried , i begged u to help me..i asked u to help me in gettin a new job asap as i dont have money to survive...i started reading SSC...and i dint even had any room to stay in..because before goin to india i was with my friend and that guy got married recently so i had to move..nd now i dont even have room..and its hard to go and take a new room because i left with no money..nd now i cant go back and stay at my cousins they might think something wrong again.. and definetly this time its hard for me to go and ask for shelter at her i decided not to go there..but now where will i be going..thn u showed me the path..u should me place where i go and stay temporarly..he is also your devotee...but initially he asked me to find a new room asap as he had someother people coming to his guest house..i dint had any other option..i cried alot why me only whats happenning to me in my listened my day the owner of the guest house came by and asked me to stay for a i explained my situtation..even i lied there sayin tht i do have a job but i am on bench...which is not true...i dont have any other option because..i dont know..but i tried my best to get a new job..nd i knw tht u are there with me and u would find one good job for me..i still remember the day when i sat outside thinking that what gift i should be giving for my mom on her bday..but i dont even have a job so i am just worried...u know baba..when i had job i helped everybody who came to me for help..but i knw and even u knw there is not even a single person will be able to hep me when i needed the most..but i do have you with me so i dint asked anyone..because i have u with me..and i am sure there is somehthing good for me that you have with you and sooner you will give that to i have a room and even that owner never bothered me after that day because baba you might have told him not to say anything to me...i posted my resume with your blessing on job portals...and i did my homework and within 3 weeks i got a fulltime oppurtunity with senior position and good hike in salary...i knw that u are there with me sai...since then i was supposed to post this on sai vichar. but i dont have enough words to describe..because u made me feel that u are there with all the time..and listened to my prayers...baba u wil never and ever let me doing even a small mistake...rite?i knw i havent done a big sin to loose my previous job ..but still its a mistake..i was dishonest to that thats the reason i lost tht job..because u dont like your children doing a small mistake also...but u are always there to help ur kids...baba its just a miracle to get a fulltime opprutunity in 3 weeks of time...i still remember when i was scheduled for 3 interviews on 30th arpil..i did work hard that weekend so that i am well prepared for all those interviews..but out of 3 i got only one interview that day and i was so depressed for my faith...i waited whole day finally i got one call around 6pm ..i did well but i wasnt sure of tht interview was re scheduled for tuesday and i didnt even expected that i would clear that interview but i did well on tuesday and finally i was through first technical round..and i got a call from HR saying tht i did well in first round so they wanted to see me face to face either on thursday or friday...friday was my moms bday..and a big day for me too..i had to meet VP of the company for second round..i was worried..they booked my flight ticket and confirmed for friday....and friday i had to leave to tht place for final round..and surprisingly u arranged everythin for me there..VP of the company liked me so much..everythin went well and even i was confident that i might get the job but little bit skeptical whether i would get it or not..but i am sure You (baba )wud help me i left the company after the interview around 3pm and i got a call from HR around 4pm..and he was more exited thn me saying tht they would wanted to make me an offer with a good package for me + benifits..baba it was the one of most happies day for me..because u made everything for me..u been there for me all the time..nobody would help in this world other thn u..i am not sayin everybody will be like tht but i dont have friends around me who can give atleast moral support to me..i am all myself and you with me all the time and thats enough for my baba is always with me and i dont need anything in this world other than start date is 21st may 2007..i got soft copy of offerletter but i havent recieved hard copy of it..and i am waiting for it so that i can get that offer letter to you and take blessing from you..but i dint get till today only the guy who got interview with me recieved the offer letter but not me...i am sure i will get it by this monday..i sent all my documents needed for visa..i need ur help and support in making things go easily for me..please sai..u were there with me all the time..i am so happy..and now you got me an oppurtunity as a senior guy at this new company..thanks baba..thank you so much.... i owe you i told i would post all my feelings and experiences with you in this forum..i did so...i love you sai...Friends...please be patient..this Sai is so good he will definetly listen to our prayers...and even i was boosted by reading some of the posts in this forum..when i was down..i got a lot of confidence when i really needed it the most...please be patient..our baba is so innocent and he so sweet he will take care of us for sure..he will never and ever leave us alone in between..this Fakir is so good..he always thinks about us..he never care what he wants..he always..keep thinking about us like what to give to us and how to help us out at difficult situtations...we all owe him alot...Baba is like that..he use go and beg food from people and he use to give that food to dogs, flies etc...he is like that..he never wanted anything for himself....he is not like us..we human beings are very selfish people..we always keep asking things for ourself..but this baba....just not even words to describe himm....he is the best...i dont have anything to say other thn..i dont knw..he is the best...Sai i love u..please be with us.. please dont u take loads of pain becuase of us sai..please..we love u..and bless all of us..bless us...we all wanted to be with u forever and ever...please dont leave us and go..we dont have anybody in this world other than u...please..Sai...sai...Jai Sai Ram...give us strength..sai ram..Love u..

    Friends i just wanted to share with u what had happenned to me..for the last 4 weeks in my life...Be patient..when baba can do something for me..he would defiently do that to all my brothers and sisters..keep praying him whole heartedly...he will definetly be the first person to listen to us..Jai Sai Ram..Never ever loose he dont leave u in between...see why should we get scared for things..when Our Baba is with us...we are not alone Baba is with us..we can do it..Cz we have baba with us..dont u guys worry..Baba is always with us...Nobody can harm us or can give us any problems..even problems cant problem baba is with us...nobody can touch us...beacause Baba Is with us..Jai SAI RAM ....

    Namo Sai Nadhaya Namaha...

    Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai....

    Jai Sai Ram....

    Namo Sainadhaya Namaha..

    Sri Sadguru Sainadhaya Namaha...

    SaiNadh Maha Raj ki JAIIIIIIIIIIIII...

    Sai Ram..Jai SAI....

    We love u Sai...

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    « Reply #1 on: May 13, 2007, 12:53:17 AM »
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  • JAI SAI RAM!!!

    Vinni dear welcome to BABA SAI's Blessed Online Mandir.  I couldn't welcome you earlier but today while I was reading your post which was bit lengthy but I kept my patience and read all whatever you have written with honesty.  Whatever I could make out from your post is that you are an innocent and honest person by nature.  You have not hidden anything and whatever comes to your mind you have written here.  You are absolutely right that why to fear when BABA is there.  This much I can with conviction that sooner or later you will get your success in whatever venture you will enter into. But being an elder brother I would like to suggest you to be serious and honest to yourself and learn from the past mistakes and try not to repeat them.

    You are really a lovely and bless child of MY BABA SAI.  GOOD LUCK TO YOU....MAY BABA SAI BLESS YOU..

    OM SAI RAM!!!
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    « Reply #2 on: May 13, 2007, 05:36:21 PM »
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  • Sai Ram Ramesh Bhai...

    Definetly i wouldn't repeat those mistakes Bhai.. I will do my best to reach my goals..and now i am so confident that everybody are with me along with our beloved Sai..Jai Sai Ram...

    Thanks for accepting me as your brother ramesh bhai...Jai Sai Ram..

    Namo Sainadh Maharaj ki Jai..

    Sai Nadhayanamaha...

    Sadguru Sainadh Maharaj ki Jai...

    Jai Sai Ram...


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