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Author Topic: An idea to share with you on this auspicious day - Have a blessed Guru Poornima  (Read 15581 times)

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Dear Sai Devotee

I wish you a blessed Guru Poornima. May Sai bring love, peace and a sense of fulfillment in your life. On this auspicious day I want to share a wonderful idea and a vision with you which I have been preserving since the time I have started . For me this is Baba's inspiration and blessings and I want to share it with all of you now. I have always opposed the idea of donating huge sums to any temple. In India we already have thousands temples and still people are donating for new temples. I strongly believe that such money can be used for greater purpose. In today's circumstances, by mentoring and assisting someone financially so he/ she can complete his education is one of best way to help.

If you are in a comfortable position today and you are thankful to God for whatever you have in your life, you can really appreciate it by helping someone. It's our moral and social responsibility to give back to society. There are plenty of ways you could help:

Sponsor a Kid's education
You can find several kids around you. You just need to take a step and talk to their parents. You can sponsor their education. Don’t just limit yourself by giving the money, devote a bit of time to check the progress and ensure that the kid is really going to school. You may also offer some incentive based on the performance/ attendance of the kid.

Sponsor a Kid's education from an Orphanage
You may find several Orphanage in your city. Most of the orphanages are in not good condition. I understand there are many situations which may prevent you from adopting a kid from an orphanage but you can really help by virtually adopting one. You can partner with orphanage and choose one of the kid of your choice. You can take responsibility of that kid and finance his education. Often children in orphanage seeks emotional support.

Be a part of Spiritual India's Initiative
If you really could not do the above two things and still wanted to help. I would request you to just think again and as it's not that difficult and time consuming. A direct help as mentioned above is most satisfying and once you are involved you will see that how this may change the prospective for life completely. has been providing financial assistance to underprivileged on need basics. Such activities are pretty random and they are being executed without any proper structure and process. We have a vision for Schools for underprivileged kids who cannot afford education. I would say that the core vision is to provide financial support to underprivileged kids. Setting up a school is not an easy task especially when you have a full time job and we have a long way to go. But again someone got to take a step forward. I am taking the first step today on this auspicious day of Baba. This email is not to seek just financial help. We need to take this idea forward and make it a reality. Without your help this idea will never see daylight. I want to know how you can help to turn this idea into reality? Please send me an email at admin [at] and let me know how you want to participate and partner in this idea.

May Sai bless you always.
Om Sai Ram, Ravi

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I was going to doctor yesterday and I got in accident. Why all this negative things keep happening. There is always something. I been patient all my life. Sai baba is testing me so much. Why?? What did I do so wrong

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great and nice for me


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