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Author Topic: Datta Dharma Sutras  (Read 4015 times)

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Datta Dharma Sutras
« on: October 17, 2017, 11:43:49 AM »
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  • 1) The bond with wealth is based on the bonds with child, spouse and oneself

    धनाधारयोरन्यो देहश्चतुर्थः।४।

    dhanādhārayoranyo dehaścaturthaḥ|4|

    The two strong bonds are the basis for money and the fourth body is foremost.

    [There are three strong worldly bonds: life partner, issues and wealth or money. The bond with money is based on the happiness of life partner and issues. Apart from life partner and issues, the happiness of one's own body is foremost, which is not separately mentioned because it is naturally understood since body is responsible for the other two bonds also.]

    2) Preventing misery in worldly life through reduction of fascination is better than cure

    प्रवृत्तौ मोह शक्ति नियम निरोधो वर उपशमात्।६।

    pravṛttau moha śakti niyama nirodho vara upaśamāt|6|

    In Pravrutti, controlling the force of fascination is prevention, which is better than cure.

    [The strong fascination to the worldly bonds like body, life partner, issues and money is responsible for the sins committed in pravrutti, which alone are the source of all these miseries and tensions. The reduction of the force of these worldly bonds alone is the path to escape from all these miseries and tensions.

    In pravrutti, these bonds need not be eliminated totally, but, trials to reduce the force of fascination of these bonds can alone control sins and their resulting miseries. This is the path of prevention, which is better than cure. This means that in Pravrutti, control of fascination to worldly bonds is sufficient and total elimination of it is not necessary. Partial fascination is also needed for ethical earnings for the sake of own body and family.]

    3) The fascination for bonds drops on its own in the spiritual path

    निवृत्तौ स्वयमपगतो व्रणपट्टिकेव।७।

    nivṛttau svayamapagato vraṇapaṭṭikeva|7|

    In Nivrutti, it is dropped by itself like the medicinal strip from a healed wound.

    [The total elimination of fascination of these bonds exists in Nivrutti or path of devotion to God. But, very important point in Nivrutti is that this fascination is not eliminated by any force as a pre-requisite. This elimination is only a natural consequence that appears after the climax reached in the path of devotion. It is just like a medicinal strip applied on a wound, which drops away by itself when the wound is completely healed.]

    4) No forcible effort is required anywhere in the greatest spiritual path

    न बल यत्नः कुत्रापि परे।८।

    na bala yatnaḥ kutrāpi pare|8|

    In the greatest path of Nivrutti, nowhere forcible effort is required.

    [Before starting the devotion to God or even before the reach of climax in Nivrutti, no forced effort is required to eliminate this fascination. If it is done against this instruction, the spiritual effort becomes perverted in more serious damage. The medicinal strip should not be removed by force in the beginning stage of wound or at anytime before the wound heals completely. Therefore, no forcible effort is required at any time in Nivrutti.]

    5) The root cause of detachment is devotion; never the opposite

    मूलं भक्तिर्नविरक्तिः न हेतुः क्वचिदपि।९।

    mūlaṁ bhaktirnaviraktiḥ na hetuḥ kvacidapi|9|

    The root reason of elimination of fascination is devotion and not reverse anywhere since nowhere elimination is cause.

    [The real reason for the total elimination of fascination is the devotion or attraction to God, which is the real pre-requisite. It is not vice versa, in which the elimination of fascination is the pre-requisite. Hence, one should not and need not try for elimination of fascination to worldly bonds before or at any stage of Nivrutti. By such elimination, Nivrutti can't be achieved at all.

    Due to the taste of drunk divine nectar, the taste for coffee is spontaneously dropped out. By succeeding in controlling the taste for coffee and by leaving it, none can attain the divine nectar. Hence, all the effort in Nivrutti is only to develop devotion to God and not to detach from worldly bonds.]

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