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Author Topic: God please have mercy on us  (Read 711 times)

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God please have mercy on us
« on: November 14, 2010, 11:56:41 PM »
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    My brother is very disturbed right now as sonias' parents have said to end the relation and exchange the gifts and shagun given in engagement till/on coming sunday. This is a very perplexed situation. They dont say why they have taken such a strange step. They only say that there is some difference of thoughts between the boy and the girl. But then how did the girl forced my brother to marry her? She was madly in love with him. How is that she finds him indifferent now? Better known to her and her family.

    my brother is most gentle. this was his first affair in the entire life till now. He always kept studies and responsibilities above all and promised to himself that only after completing his studies and getting a good job he will fall into such type of a relationship. And he did exactly the same thing. But see what happened!

    When my sisters' seperation happened i was not so shocked as i knew that my sister was atleast 50% responsible for that. But my brothers breakup is a nightmare for me. I have not slept  for two nights. My whole body is shaking and tears are in my eyes eager to roll down. But due to my in-laws i am not able to weep or express my feelings. Neither am i able to work normally. My condition is really bad. No one can imagine. I want to cry but cannot.

    I am seven years older that my brother and I have brought him up like a son. How can I tolerate his failure. I am even ready to beg for his love. I just want to see him smiling again come what may.

    All the three of us had series of failures in the past as well as in present and now it is unbearable. Could somebody help us?

    Is there any mantra or the like to overcome this shock.

    Believe me SAI BABA I am immensely shocked. i have forgotton my own miseries. This is greatest of all.

    O God, this is much much more than enough. Please have some mercy on us as well.

    BABA please tell me what to do? BABA HELP................................................................


    I am waiting for ur answer and help........................

    Thanks and Regards

    dimple:( :( 


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