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Title: Passed my 3rd Exam!!
Post by: Anurita on August 23, 2016, 12:52:10 AM
It is hard to describe Baba's unique ways, he gives vision and sometimes experiences that leave devotees spellbound. I am appearing for my CPA exams. Few minutes back I got the result that I passed my 3rd exam.

My whole CPA journey I will dedicate to Baba. He is always holding my hand and supporting me to an extent that I have even heard his whisper in my ears during my exam when I could not recall an answer. Yes! he is always with us.

I have started my journey to become CPA so that I can get a good job and be able to support my parents by bringing them to US. I pray to Baba to help me complete my CPA and help me serve my parents. My life started with him and he is my ultimate destiny. Love him always!