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Author Topic: Re: 9 guruvar vrat - Please guide me  (Read 51698 times)

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Re: 9 guruvar vrat - Please guide me
« on: May 05, 2018, 03:16:26 AM »
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  • i m new to this forum . please help me with my doubts on 9 guruvar vrat of sai baba. I have started this vrat and by mistake while feeding my baby i had to taste the food and i tasted on my first day of vrat and this happened the second guruvar too. I have tried not to do but still it happened. should I start the vrat all over again freshly or can i continue the vrat??
    Also i want to mention while doing pooja camphor fell from my hand and when i lit camphor it got off with the lil wind. Is it bad sign?? am i being too superstitious. Please clear my doubts as i m doing this for the first time and i have no experience in doing vrat and nobody to guide me in this regard.
    Since this vrat is very important to me ...plz help me with my doubts
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