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Author Topic: T S padmanbha sharma 's sai satchachrite  (Read 1481 times)

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T S padmanbha sharma 's sai satchachrite
« on: February 29, 2016, 11:56:26 PM »
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  • T S Padmanabha sharma MA MPhil Also written "Sri Sai satchcharithe life ans preeminence of sri saibaba" (in kannada original) translated to english by Laxmi Tanaya into English published by Srinidhi publicatons 080 22355469.
    This book is clams to be consice version of Hemadripanth's Sai satcharitha for everyday reading, when you read book one find it is not so more apt if it is called "T S padmanabha shrma's sachcharite" The writer has taken freedom to change characters and stories according to his whims and fancies. saiBabas's saying twited to suit writers idea of god or guru. E.g: in page 206 chapter 48 it says "Hemadripanth says people who teach Vedas ... who impart knowledge are true Sadguru" but it is quite opposite of what we read in original book of Hemadripanth. one will find such interpretations/misquotes everywhere. In some chapters Sharma want to put his own ideas of spirituality and god sidelining/ brushing apart Baba or Hemadripanth.
    Some chapters are just hurried in one page but some chapters are (unimportant) are runs into 10 pages for reason best known to writer. Apart fromthe book is full of every kind of mistakes each page has more than 5 grave spelling mistakes. Another example is
    Nowadays people write books without referring to originals but claims to be original. their only focus is finish book in hurry and money, no respect for god, guru and their ideas or readers. so essence of book spiritual importance of Sai satcharitha is neglected. Sai sachthariths is not an ordinary book each word has its own spiritual significance and mystic meaning to be explored. But writers it is just an book and story they can twist even Baba's words and ideologies to their whims and fancies. very sad developments.


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