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Author Topic: Anand Rao’s Dream Vision  (Read 2674 times)

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Anand Rao’s Dream Vision
« on: January 06, 2005, 09:56:04 AM »
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  • Anand Rao’s Dream Vision

    According to Baba’s orders, Kaka Saheb Dixit was reading Bhavardha Ramayan daily and explaining it to the others. One day he was explaining about the Navya Nathas’ elucidation of the characteristics of devotees, contained in the eleventh Skandha of the second chapter of the book.
    The substance of all the exposition of the Nava Nathas was that in this age of Kali, the only means of liberation was the remembrance of Hari’s (Lord’s) or Guru’s feet.
     After reading this, Kaka Saheb entertained a doubt as to how to reach the devotional path indicated by the Nava Nathas, saying that it would be difficult to put that into practice. Shama did not agree with the thinking of Kaka Saheb and argued that their devotion to Baba was no less than that expounded by the Nava Nathas. The same night Anandrao Pakhde, who had partaken in the above discussions, had a dream, in which Baba gave him the following vision,

    as narrated by Anandrao Pakhde: "I was standing waist-deep in a very deep sea and I saw Sai Baba all of a sudden. He was sitting on a gold throne studded with diamonds. His feet were in the water. The vision was like a real one, very unlike a dream. Shama was there by the side of me. He asked me to fall at Baba’s feet. I asked him how it was possible since Baba’s feet were below the water. Then Shama requested Baba to raise his feet above the water and Baba did so. Then I put my head on his feet. Baba blessed me and told me that I would benefit by this and should not have anxiety and fear. Baba asked me to present a silk dhoti to Shama."

    By saying that Baba’s feet were inside water, the actual meaning is that due to an unstable mind,
     we are unable to see our Guru’s feet.
     By moving in the company of devotees whose minds are stable, one can get a Guru and that was the real meaning of Shama requesting Baba to raise his feet above the water. By asking Anandrao to present a silk dhoti to Shama, he meant that one would benefit by serving a devotee who had complete faith in the Guru. As per Baba’s order in the vision, Anandrao bought a silk dhoti and requested Kaka Saheb to give it to Shama.
    As Shama did not accept it, they put two slips near Baba’s padukas, one had the words "accept" and the other "do not accept" written on them.
    When one of the slips was picked up, it contained the word "accept".

     Then Shama accepted it.

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