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Author Topic: Every creature has a soul and I am in living creatures-Baba.  (Read 496 times)

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I take care of all those who rely upon Me. Yes, Saibaba never fails those who rely upon Him. We may not  show steady faith, we may be faltering but still Baba do not discard any. Human mind is fickle and hence Baba accepts fickle mind too. We often pray to Baba whenever we are confronted with troubles and  problems. It is natural. Baba has declared, "Cast your burden on Me, I shall surely bear it. Those who repeat my name will never come into harm. Those who climb the steps of my mosque will be saved. What is required is Faith and Patience(Nishta and Saburi). We are all children of Sai, however perverted our thoughts may turn. If the mother turns away her child, if the Ocean turns away the river, who will give refuge. Hence Sai Baba is compassionate not only to the devotees but also to dumb animals who can never express their need in understandable way. Baba knows when they are hungry and He enables their hunger to get satisfaction through food or roti. One day sitting  in Dwaraka Mai, He told Laxmi Bai, "Oh Laxmi!, I am hungry. She immediately returned to her house, prepared roti and subji  and hurried back to the Masjid, and kept it in front of Baba. Without partaking it, Baba took the roti and kept in in front of a dog who was hungry. It immediately gulped the roti with great gusto. Naturally Laxmi was sad. She enquired from Baba, "Why He unnecessarily troubled her to bring food? Instead of partaking himself, he fed the dog. Baba replied, "Oh Laxmi! every creature has a soul. The dog was hungry and hence i asked you to bring the food. Now you have satisfied its hunger. Do likewise always. It will keep you in peace. Let us imbibe the great lesson, Baba conveys all through this episode. Every creature, be it a fly or ant, every thing needs food. If we visualize Sai in all those creatures and feed them, Baba will be happy and bless us. Sairam, Sayipriya.


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