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Author Topic: Expereince of one sai devotee  (Read 502 times)

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Expereince of one sai devotee
« on: November 21, 2010, 10:55:06 AM »
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    Rajender says: On one thursday, I was going for some work. As told by my wife I regularly visited nearby Mandir normally on Tuesdays. On that day, on my way to Mandir I was just thinking, "It will be very good if I get a copy of any Book which contain Biography of Shirdi Sai Baba". I know that the Book is called Sai Sachitra and Sai Leela are one which contains Biography of Baba. I have just read half of Book Sai Leela on Internet. While going to Mandir I was thinking it will be better if I get a copy of any of them. I went to the Mandir and offered my praying to Lord Shiva by offering water and when i completed all this and I am back worshiping Lord Shiva I just noticed that Sai Satchitra was lying near Panditji. I was very upset as when I came there no such book was lying there. I asked Panditji who put it down there. He told me that some bhagat might kept it there but he do not recall when and who put the Book there. Now I could not say anything in that situation and my eyes were just watering, as my wish had came true. This is one of the Baba"s Chamatkar which I want to tell you and I have experienced further many more which I will write you sometimes later. You will appreciate that I do not know ABC of internet site and I have made my own site by the grace of my BABA and my site is

    Thanks to all the devotees and your viewers for their whole hearted support and may Baba bless all of them.

    Rajender Gupta


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