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Author Topic: How Sai gave me the "Red Carpet" treatment.  (Read 489 times)

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How Sai gave me the "Red Carpet" treatment.
« on: October 09, 2009, 12:00:18 PM »
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  • Om Shri Sainathaya Namaha.

    On 21 Sep 2009, With Baba`s Grace i visited shirdi and had a wonderful darshan of
    Baba at the Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkamai and Chavadi . I have put the prayers of all those who gave me their prayers in the Samadhi Mandir Bhandar and requested Sai to Bless you all. I am sure he will. The following is an interesting bit of my trip. I landed in shirdi and usually i go with a VIP pass so that i dont have to stand in line with half the population of India bcos it will take me 3 days to get in. They have displayed on a big board there that they have stopped issuing VIP passes bcos of the enormous crowds there and enormous is a light term to use for the crowd there. So i went to the Nagarpalika office and there a person joined me and took me inside the Samadhi mandir without a pass . Having had a wonderful darshan , (i had taken a chaddar with me which the poojari kept on baba for a few seconds and then gave back to me ), i went to Dwarkamai for darshan.

    My usual experience in dwarkamai till abt 2 years back is that there is no line there and now i find a line 3 km long. I thought to myself , Oh Sai, How am i going to get in and When. I went to the security guy and tried some tricks but he just hushed me away. Dejected i went to the Back and there i found a Military person escorting some VIP`s through the back door. i dont know what happend to me i just followed them and stepped into Dwarkamai with them and there were two security guards there , they as much as did not give a second look at me . What is this , if not Baba`s Leela ? i got a wonderful darshan and sat there for some time praying for all of us and begging Sai to be with me always . After that i went to chavadi where there was absolutely no line. I had another wonderful darshan there and then went to a shop bought some pictures ,calendars etc went back to chavadi , placed it at Baba`s feet and brought it home with some flowers from Dwarkamai. Om Shri Sainathaya Namaha.

    in Continuation...
    Dear Friends,

    As i have mentioned in many of my posts , Once i started praying to Shri Sai and tried to unerstand his teachings , my life took a 360 degree turn for the better. I wont say magic happend and all my troubles vanished overnight , but without his grace , i was
    on the verge of suicide and with his blessings today even though i do have problems (who doesnt) i know he is with me every step of the way, and this faith is what keeps me going day after day. Try it yourself and feel the experience !

    Om Shri Sainathaya Namaha
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