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Author Topic: May be an experience of Sai Baba ji's presence....  (Read 495 times)

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May be an experience of Sai Baba ji's presence....
« on: November 11, 2009, 10:26:02 AM »
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  • At around 10 pm yesterday (10th November), I went to canteen to have some snacks. As I came out with a cup of tea in my hand I saw one dog standing on a slab in front of me at a slight distance. Suddenly I thought in my mind that Sai Baba can come in any form as he is present in every creature. The dog was looking towards me. I thought that the dog may be hungry. I again went to canteen and brought a packet of biscuits. As I was planning to proceed for feeding the dog, suddenly someone came near the dog because of which the dog ran away. Because I brought the biscuit packet for the dog but the dog went away, I thought that whatever I had in my mind may be just like any other simple thought. But after a minute or so, the dog came and then I gave him some biscuits and to my happiness a few other dogs also came and they also enjoyed eating. I was happy. Then again I put some biscuits at the same place. The dogs were not there at that time. I came back to canteen after 3-4 hrs. and saw that there were no biscuits left at the place where I kept them.  Being an ordinary person, I do not know how to understand this experience but it was a very pleasant one.


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