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Author Topic: My Experience With Sai....  (Read 452 times)

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My Experience With Sai....
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:47:30 AM »
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  • Dear Sai Devotees

    Firstly I Congratulate Dwarakamai Team for the Divine Service and am happy to be one among 25,000 members.

    I would like to share happily how Sai saved me from an accident and it was a very miraculous escape with just few scratches. Last week on a Thursday, when I was going with my wife in a two-wheeler, a big truck suddenly stopped which i never expected and had applied brake. My forehead got hit on the truck and there was already a bus behind me (i was between the truck and the bus). When I got hit i just turned my head and saw the bus was heading towards Shirdi; there was also a a nice Sai Photo with His Hands Blessing posture on the bus. It is a busy road and anything could have happened as there were many other buses behind the Shirdi bus.

    Maybe Sai wanted to Show He is always there to Protect His Children. Before I started from home, i had been to Sai Mandir behind my house. When I was stepping out of the temple, suddenly a person, who is not very well known to me, raised his hand saying Sai Ram and i was really astonished then. In few hours, i met with this accident which could have been very serious or major had not Sai been with me and i realised then that Sai is always with us.

    Thanks to Sai

    Om Sai Ram


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