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Author Topic: Miracles at Sai Bhojnalaya  (Read 2320 times)

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Miracles at Sai Bhojnalaya
« on: August 17, 2019, 03:12:36 AM »
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  • Jai Sai Ram! 

    Baba is so kind and is like a loving mother to His devotees.  I have been blessed to experience so many of His miracles during my life so far.  I was introduced to Baba by my father, who had taken me to visit Sai Baba temple at Lodhi Road, Delhi.  During that time, I was struggling with my health and studies in Grade 11 and being above average student till grade 10, it was a very difficult phase as owing to my health I was almost on the verge of failing.  My father inspired me to pray to Baba as He takes care of all His children and indeed He did take care of me back then and on health grounds, I was promoted to grade 12 and my health also started improving gradually.  You need some miracle to start with and here I was gradually building my faith and bhakti in Sai Baba.  I used to love visiting that Lodhi Road temple and sitting there and praying gave me inner peace and it does so even now!

    Baba has been helping me in all aspects of my life ever since and He has been my saviour, my God, my Sai Maa in all my moments of hardships and struggles.  Coming to the miracles at the Sai Bhojnalaya, it goes as follows:

    Once me and my husband (also a Sai Baba devotee now) went to Shirdi and for the first time we had visited the Bhojnalaya.  It was quite late in the evening and we were told that we could buy the tickets only till 9pm and it was already 8.55pm and my husband was struggling to find the line for buying the coupons and I was waiting outside.  I just saw a family standing close by, when a man returned holding a string of coupons in his hand.  As time was running out, I enquired from him about the line to get the coupons, so we could also buy them before the counter shuts.  He very politely asked me “How many of you are there?”, I told him just 2 of us!  “Don’t bother, I have got the coupons for you, both of you can come with us!” he said.  I was astonished and happy at the same time. I called my husband and we started walking in the line with him.

    While walking, my husband took out the coupon amount, so we could pay the gentleman for the coupons before starting our meals. The man was not accepting the money, but my husband requested him a lot to take it, so we could eat in peace.  Finally, we reached the hall entrance and we were seated for the meals.  It was the first time we were eating there and both of us were very excited and were already elated with the way Baba had got us the coupons without standing in the line. 

    They started serving food and the first item that was served was “Halwa”. As soon as they served a spoonful of Halwa in my husband’s plate, a happy Thank you came out from his mouth instantly and it was pretty loud. The lady who was serving Halwa, smiled and put another spoonful in my husband’s plate.  It felt as if Baba got happy with His child and gave him bonus points in the form of this second serving of Halwa.  I don’t have enough words to explain the feeling, the blessing that we felt sitting there eating Baba’s prasad.  We ate much more than we normally do, in the love of our Sai Maa, who fed us each morsel with love and affection.
    When we came out, both of us were overwhelmed and were discussing how that man helped us in getting this divine experience by way of giving us the coupons without standing in line.  We heard someone calling us from behind and when we turned, it was the same man and his family was also with him.  He came running and returned those Rs. 20/- to my husband, saying “Baba had arranged for those coupons for you, how can I take money for this?”. We were confused, so requested him to elaborate.  He said,” When I was in the line, I asked for 5 coupons for my family and paid Rs. 50/- to them, but in return he gave me 7 coupons. On asking, he said, anyways we are closing this counter now, so please take these extra coupons with you. Give it to someone whom Baba wants to serve today!” So, I did not pay for these coupons, so I can’t take this money from you.  We both had tears of divine blessings sprinkling from our eyes! Controlling our emotions, we decided to give that money to some needy people sitting outside on the footpath.   

    We may not have been in Shirdi when Baba was there in His Sagun form, but we felt like we were attending one of those feasts that He prepared Himself and served His Bhaktas with while living in Dwarikamai.  Baba called us, arranged for our coupons without standing in line and then served us with love in the form of extra Halwa.

    On another occasion, we were standing in the Bhojnalaya line and this time our son (a teenager) was also there with us.  I saw people carrying mineral water bottles in their hand and a thought arose in my mind that maybe I should have also carried one as well.  For the last few times, we had eaten at the bhojnalaya but did not drink water for whatever reasons and I thought, maybe we will do the same this time too.  But Baba has to take out all bad thoughts from our mind and heart and so He did.  When we settled in our seats, they started serving us food and the dal was more than spicy that day.  I had taken a small serving of dal and I thought I would mix it with rice and will finish it.  As it is prasad, we must finish every morsel in our plate.  On top of it, the halwa got over just before the serving had to be done in my plate, so the lady went for a refill and to my utter disappointment, did not return for a while.  They came to ask for refilling for every other food item except for Halwa and I kept looking at the kitchen door from where they were coming out with food, thinking someone will come with Halwa now…..In the meantime, someone came and poured more dal in my plate without asking.  Oh, the dal was spicy and to finish it, I had to drink a few sips of water every few bites.  See, how Baba taught me a lesson and made me drink water, not a few sips but a few glasses in total. Only when I finished my food and was still blowing out air owing to the spices, did the lady came running with hot serving of Halwa.  Though Baba taught me a lesson, but he also blessed me with what I was longing for. That lady said that the new lot of Halwa was getting prepared and thus, she got delayed in bringing it to us.  I had tears of happiness in my eyes while I gobbled that delicious hot Halwa down my throat.  My soul felt contented and craving for more love and divine blessings from Baba.

    May Baba keep showering His love and blessings on His bhaktas forever and may we have strong faith and belief in everything that He does, as His will is supreme and what He thinks and plans for us, we can’t even imagine.  So dear Sai Bhaktas, I urge you to leave everything to Baba and just enjoy life doing His prayers and bhajans and remembering His sweet Leela’s and miracles and remember to have Shradha (Faith) and wait for the right moment with Saburi (patience). 

    I pray to Baba to send help for everyone before they loose faith or feel dejected!  Jai Sai Ram.


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