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Author Topic: SAI BABA'S KIND MIRACLE  (Read 4060 times)

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« on: July 13, 2017, 01:25:11 PM »
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    Sharing with you all "Baba's Miracle" in my friend n colleague's life, 
    who is ardent believer of BABA, in her own wordings, as many devotees, many times
    get disturbed and think BABA is not helping. This whole experience would definitely
    strengthen each and every BABA's devotee's  SHRADHDHA AND SABURI
    and to strongly believe that that BABA is everywhere, omnipotent, omnipresent
    and ALWAYS WITH US to help us each and every moment of our life

    " I am your Guru assisting you in all your work.
    Whether it is good or bad the result is mine"
    Sai Baba

    I and my husband, are now, both teachers.

    We came into teaching profession after many years of working with grass-root NGOs.
    So, as a result - we hardly had any savings. In order to invest in a house, we had to
    borrow money from family and I took a huge amount of loan from my employing

    Meanwhile, by sudden favorable circumstances, we both had applied and qualified
    for PhD.

    We both had applied for Phd, with the faith that when the issue for paying fee would come,
    our dear Baba will organise for it.

    While my husband could get the fee deducted from his salary, I could not do the same - as
    I was already paying about half of my salary for the house loan. So though I could not see
    how that big sum for PhD fee will be managed, I still waited for Baba's guidance.

    Two weeks ago, I got a call from the office of Bajaj Allianz - where I had invested a small
    annual amount, in a tax saving scheme for life insurance. The person informed me details
    about the policy and suggested that if need be, I could cancel that policy and try for a
    better one, which gives greater rate of interest.

    This was a sudden call, out of the blue, after ten years for having been doing this tax saving.
    No such call had ever come before. So I got really suspicious. These days one hears of
    thefts through mobile calls etc. So I did not show any interest. But the person called again
    and said he could come to my house/ office and explain me all about it. He said he was from
    the customer service cell of the company. I still did not trust and made some excuse and
    deferred this.

    When the same person called up again, the third time, I thought that no harm is listening to
    him at least. So I called him to my office the next day. Two of them came, explained to me
    about the terms and conditions of the better scheme and told that I could withdraw the
    amount and reinvest it into the second one.

    While they were explaining to me, a thought flashed in my mind - I could take back the
    money of last ten years, keep aside the PhD fee and reinvest the remaining in the new scheme.
    So I shared this with them. They were fine with it. The minimum sum needed for the new
    scheme was very close to the amount left after the PhD fee was taken aside. That is magic-
    I thought. And then I had my heart smiling...all of me smiling...this was Baba's MAGIC...
    who else could have done this...!!

    The due papers soon got organised, the next day I could easily surrender the old policy
    and in next two days, the amount will reach my bank account- ready to be paid as Phd fee.
    On my own, the fact that I could have used this money would have never struck me. and
    here, the customer service people did all the paperwork and got the job done in no time...

    I am so thrilled and glad, that, for once, I and my husband kept faith that Baba will help us....
    and we waited, in faith. And see how magically the help came.

    We are supremely blessed that Baba chose to reveal himself to us. And blessed to be subjects
    of his kind blessings.


    May Baba bless all with His divine love and kindness.

    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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