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Author Topic: Sai Baba made us feel His presence during our Shirdi stay at many occasions  (Read 2309 times)

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Me and my husband are Sai devotees and we try and visit Shirdi atleast twice a year.  We visited Shirdi over this weekend, 19th - 20th Dec'15 and the experiences we got were so divine that I could not stop myself from sharing these with other Sai devotees.  We reached Shirdi around 4.30 pm and then after freshening up reached the temple at around 5 pm.  We stood in the line for darshan for almost 3 hours and when we reached the main Samadhi temple, Baba blessed us with His darshan.  Without any effort, we reached the middle line, which goes to the centre of the temple, while the other 2 lines are taken out of the temple from the two side doors.  Both me and my husband wanted to be in that middle line but everyone who has visited Shirdi would know that its not easy with such crowd and the guards hoarding you as if you are cattle.  When we reached in front, it was such a divine feeling that I can't express in words.  Though it may not sound true, but the guard did not hush us out and he even protected my head when I got up after giving my salutations to Sai with tears in my eyes and love in my heart.  My husband just waited beside me for his turn and he also was given the same treatment by the guard while he hushed out the other crowd.  When we were in the middle hall, a lady guard told us to sit in the corner and take good darshan of Baba.  No one told us to move and we stayed in front of Baba for almost 5-10 mins. and then we moved out.  It was already 8 pm by the time we came out.

Most of you would know about the Prasadalaya and the Langar that goes on just a little walk away from the Mandir.  We got to know about this only on our last visit but could not go there last time owing to time issues and this time, we both were keen to go there.  We had checked from our hotel manager that the Langar is on till 9 pm, so we were not sure we would get it but we rushed.  When we reached Prasadalaya, we could not find the counter for taking the coupon, so we started enquiring.  I asked a man holding a coupon to know from him the direction of the counter. You will not believe what this man answered!  He asked us how many people we were and when we said, we were 2, he said, "Pl. join us, I have extra coupons with me" Would you not call this a miracle, a Leela of our Divine Sai.  With lots of difficulty we paid him, but he refused enough, so we decided that he will buy some food and donate outside later.  We have eaten enough in Five Star hotels, but the taste and the love of that Langar, I can still feel in my mouth. When they started serving food, they first served " Halwa" and the person who was serving was putting one spoon in each plate.  As soon as he put the spoon in my husband's plate, my husband said, Thank you.  Guess what, the man put another spoon in his plate.  This brought an extra smile on our faces. It felt as if Baba was listening and doing these Leelas all through.  We ate to our heart's content. 

For Kakad aarti in the morning, being weekend, the rush was too much, so we enquired and finally we were in the line by 0200 hrs. and waited for our turn in the line.  We both wished to sit in the hall for the entire aarti and we were there, I got the last seat in the first hall and my husband was sitting right in front in the second hall.  We had decided that instead of taking a Chadar for Baba in the temple, we will buy a Shawl and give it to any needy person outside the temple.  After the Aarti, we came out, got the Halwa prasad yet again, though we were standing in the Udi line, but they started distributing Halwa prasad first, so we had to stand in the line again to take Udi, but that one morsel of Halwa prasad from Baba's temple at 6 am was so sumptuous, that only a Sai Bhakt can imagine. 

We got special treatment in Dwarka Mai also.  Panditji gave us flowers, peda prasad and also a Coconut, which only lucky few get.  Don't know what it was, but the treatment that we got this time, without any VIP pass or anything, was something which we have not got ever before.  Help was just at hand, we got noticed by people and guards, etc. and helped by one and all in making this trip divine.  When we bought a shawl and started looking for someone who would need it, we saw an old man walking with a stick.  My husband opened the shawl and put it on him, as he would have done on Baba and when the old man looked back and smiled, it felt, that Baba was smiling at us.  He gave us enough blessings. 

While coming back on the flight, I told my husband that we are so overwhelmed with the kindness given by Baba for this Shirdi visit.  We just wanted to talk about the experiences over and over again.  Though we are back in the city but our heart is still in Shirdi praying for Baba's blessings.  We love Sai Baba and he is our Mother and Guide for this life and beyond......

Jai Sai Ram  :)

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  • Om Sai Namo Namah!Shri Sai Namo Namah!

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  • बाबा मुझे अपने ह्र्दय से लगा लो, अपने पास बुला लो।
Really nice & blessed experience
Thank you  Purnima ji for sharing

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om sai ram
:-) :-)

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  • Shirdi Sai Baba
Om Sai Ram. Baba bless all your children and take card of them , guide them and love them.

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Om Sai Ram.... Babaji Bless all...
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