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Author Topic: SRI SAIBABA SENDS HELP TO MY DAUGHTER  (Read 2154 times)

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« on: November 17, 2015, 01:12:56 AM »
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  •                                              SRI SAIBABA SENDS HELP TO MY DAUGHTER
                                                                       (By Subhashini)

    One day I was waiting for a call from my daughter who is in USA – Columbus with her family of four members. They had been to Columbus on 26th April, 2015. They shifted to a new rented house in July 1st week. One day I got a call from my son-in-law stating that my daughter’s right hand is burnt due to overheat of the stove. It was 12 O’clock night here and next day was Thursday. I cried a lot seeing her suffering because of her badly burnt hand. I immediately lit a Deepam in my pooja room and prayed to Baba to save my daughter’s hand and send some help to her as I was unable to go there. I had no visa also at that time. I started ‘Sai Satcharithra Parayan’ and prayed for her.

    We came to know that a neighbor’s family supported them at that time. The doctor checked her and treated her wound and said it will be fine in 3, 4 weeks. All her friends helped her a lot by sending food etc. In 3, 4 weeks her hand became normal. With this incident she got a very good friend circle and able to spend time happily, earlier she was feeling lonely at USA.

    I am a strong believer and devotee of Sri Shirdi Saibaba. I thank Him for the help sent by Him to my daughter at the time of need and also curing her hand quickly without any much complication.

    We have visited Shirdi recently to express our gratitude and prayed to Baba to be always with all our family members as a divine force behind us.

    Just have faith in ‘Sai Baba’. Remember his saying “YOU LOOK TO ME AND I LOOK AT YOU”. He is our mother, father, friend and Guru and everything.

                                                                                    OM SAI RAM


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