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Author Topic: Surrender and Patience is the key for receiving Baba’s grace.  (Read 899 times)

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My salutations at the lotus feet of Baba. I thank Baba for being so kind to us. Request him to bless all the needy. You are always there just behind us watching and guiding us in every step of our life. Your miracles are unfathomable and I don’t have words to describe them. I cherish them everyday. I have been fortunate to have experience Baba’s miracles many times in past 3+ years (after I started praying Baba regularly). I want to share the latest one that I experienced.

This miracle pertains to my wife’s US employment authorization. By Baba’s grace she had completed her master’s in the US. She was doing her unpaid internship in a small company. She was not that satisfied with the job but was running out of time to get a good job ( due to cutoff date limitation). By the intuition (I assume Baba provoked as she was struggling to get a good job of her choice), we decided that we convert her status from a student to my dependent and get her my dependent employment authorization and then search for a good job at her own pace. This thought arose just 2 weeks before she got her first job (we had given up the hopes by now about getting a job she like but Baba had his own plans. Yes he got her a job of her choice in mean time). We had a well calculated idea in palce. My work visa was getting expired in 2 months and I was in touch with my lawyer for getting it extended. I had an opportunity to file the visa in expedited process (get it approved within 15 days). We thought why not we change her status from student to dependent and apply for dependent employment authorization at the same time along with my application. We had read in many online forums that all the 3 applications are likely to be approved within 20 days after we file them. If we had filed my wife’s applications separately, it would have taken 3 to 6 months for them to be approved. We had only once chance to execute the best option and we planned to do so. This means we get her visa and employment authorization approved to start 2 months after the file date (same date as my new visa start date). She can still use her student visa and employment authorization in those 2 months. We thought we had the best plan which let her to work in the meantime and after 2 months she would be automatically be a dependent visa and corresponding work authorization will let her work. This also ensured that there would not be break in an employment (if she got one of her choice in between and which did happen). We had accounted 2 months buffer time for this activity and were very confident that our plan will work. This is how it all works if applied in normal scenario. First you get the change of status to dependent application approved and it would take 1 week to 3 months for the corresponding work authorization to get approved. So there can be a break in the work authorization which means she has to give up her job. We were eyeing on best case scenario and we had buffer time to do so and if all works she need not take a break. As mentioned above, Baba’s miracle struck us again. My wife got a job she wanted just after we sent the applications to the lawyer. Baba also guides us not to withdraw my wife’s application but continue with her change of status. My visa got approve within 10 days after filing. I had still more than 1.5 months of time for the new visa to start. So I was betting that my wife’s application will be approved in 1.5 months and all the application will have same start date as my visa begin date (in future). After a week of my visa approval, my wife’s employment authorization application was taken up and we received he first query requesting for evidence. It looks like out plan was working as there was update on her application. We replied to it promptly. It took 10 days for them to acknowledge the reply. They then put the application on hold. No one touched it. It looked like they were not doing anything on it. Meantime I frequented to Baba’s Mandir and spoke to him. I literally had an argument with Baba and asked him that why did he do so with her application. I told him that we had only once chance to get all these in place without any hitch and now we are struck. You see some times humans think they have the best idea. I got into that mode. Baba did not reply to my questions. I did not give up. Went to him every Thursday and spoke and argued. Then my new visa begin day arrived. My wife’s applications were still pending. We now lost the benefit we would have got. This time I told Baba that I have given up. Am sure that the applications will get approved but there would be at least a month time that she needs to give up her job. I told him that you gave her a job and ensure that she doesn’t loose it for any reason. 3 days after my surrender to Baba, I got a mail early morning that her work authorization was approved. Strange thing is that her dependent visa was not yet approved or even touched. As per the process they first approve the dependent visa and then establish the reason for approving the corresponding work authorization. This was something different and out of normal. But on the same afternoon, I received a second mail that her dependent visa was approved too. They approved both on a same day with the same start date. This is normally not the case at all or might be the first case of this kind (never found any one writing this experience in any visa forums). They normally approve the dependent visa first and then take time to approve the work authorization (may be a week to 3 months’ time). Our case was just opposite. This miracle of Baba ensured that she got her visa and work authorization approved on same day and she did not even loose a single day of employment.

The biggest lesson out of this miracle is not that Baba does miracles. He does it all the time and he is beside his devotees all the time. The real lesson I learnt is that we humans think we are smart having the best idea and try to bet on those ideas (what I call as ego) but Baba teaches us the lesson to leave the ego, makes us to surrender and then shows how unfathomable is his miracles. He tells us how far he will go to help us. He also tells us that he listens to our request but he has his own way of delivering the answers. I learnt that I need to put my effort, leave my ego and surrender to Baba. My Baba will take care of resolving my problems.

Surrender and Patience is the key for receiving Baba’s grace.


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