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  • Man is an organised being having sensation and voluntary motion typically distinguished from animal which is organised and has life but apparently no knowledge, intellect or reasoning power. This goes to prove that man is also an animal but a social and an intellectual being having the power of reasoning. This quality of sociability and intellectuality has segregated him, and has made him hold his head high above all animal world. But the seeds of Rise and Fall of man are sown and are latent in this so-called boon of sociability and intellectuality as it always is double-edged like a blade of a razor or a knife.
    The sane man and the one whose line of thinking is right and judicious will make the best use of these qualities to cross the boundaries of all senses, the passions, the internal enemies-Passion or lust (Anuraag), Anger or wrath (raag), jealousy or malice (matsar), Pride or vanity (ahankar), greed or avarice (lobha), enticement or infatuation (moha), and to keep them within bounds. But this does not mean that one should not possess these qualities. One should have these qualities to make the best use of them to serve the noble cause such as, speaking and establishing truth, protecting the weak and fragile, to emancipate the suffering souls from their grief, to free the poor souls from the clutches of the inhuman, vicious, malicious, mischievous and sinful hands and at large in doing good to the human society of which he is a part and parcel, as he can discriminate between good and bad, well and ill and justice and injustice and can try to imbibe and inculcate the one and avert and abrogate the other. His judicious power helps him to sublimate his senses and illuminate thereby in him a sense of selflessness and selfless service to the human society. Here his intellect works like a knife, an inanimate object, in the hands of a doctor, that effects operation on the living being and feels proud of itself for having saved the life of an animate object. Here even this inanimate object has the sense of joy and satisfaction of having done some useful and yeoman service to the humanity.

    An insane, imprudent, an indiscriminate and viscious mind will always fall an easy prey to these senses and adheres to the state of being actuated by mere animal appetites, brutishness, ruthlessness, and sensuality and gives a wrong twist and turn to the intellect and this forces the mind to fall into spoils and to follow the path of his own genesis, the animals. His line of thinking always drags him to¬wards, ruin, distraction and damage to the life and property of the poor and innocent souls. He constantly and invariably prides him¬self in ruining and in the ruins of others Thus he not only mars his own life but mars the life of those around him. Here his intellect works like a knife in the hands of a murderer that wroughts the hedious, murderous and inhuman act of treachery. Here this inani¬mate object-the knife-feels very sorry for having seen the light of the day and being possessed by an inhuman creature, to suffer the hell for having done some inhuman act. Thus such a man becomes a nuisance and an obnoxious person to the society.

    The root cause of this inhuman behaviour is the Ego, 'the I-feeling*. The Ego I all through the life of a man right from the cradle to the grave completely pervades and incessantly dictates the human mind and paves the way for a hedious hell. This Ego ‘I' makes him forget all the invaluable values attached to the sense of honesty, faithfulness, truthfulness, sincerity, compassion, love, non-violence and thereby giving place to unauthenticity, disloyalty, falsehood, frivolity, fraud, distrust, cruelty, hatred, malice, and violence at last. The treasure of all the good qualities is disappear¬ing from the dictionary and vanishing from the human mind and soul.

    This I feeling goads a man to tresspass over the rights of others just for the sake of satisfaction of his own 'selfish instincts. The states and countries also will never prove an exception to this egocentric instinct. The very frequent clashes between nations and nations even with the coming up of U. N. O. with a very benevolent desire to pave the way for universal peace, are the very valid and out¬standing proofs of this inhuman act. As long as man is under the spell of egocentrism he runs after a shadow. Once he throws off this false guise and frees himself from the clutches of illusion then only he begins to think of the substance, the reality. But he gets this spark in him only when he completely submits and surrenders himself at the holy feet and sweet will of Sadguru Sai Baba.

    The prudent man will never give any undue value to this illusory and deluding world and this perishable and muddy body. He will always feel that this life is a peregrination between life and death and he himself a traveller resting for a while in this earth, the caravanserai till his journey's end serving the human souls for which he is sent for and to return to his real and eternal home, the Heaven. This is one way of looking at the life.

    Another way of looking at life is that this Universe is a vessel in which he is journeying in the sea of mundane existence the driver of which is Baba the Almighty and the-all-pervading. Here he submits himself completely to the sweet will of Baba the God either to take him safe to the shore or to drown him half way in the sea as we com¬pletely surrender ourselves to the sweet will and fancy of the driver of a bus, a train or plane when we are travelling during the course of our daily routine life either to take us towards the destination or to meet with some sudden disastrous accident half way.

    This sort of complete surrender and submission to Sadguru Sai Baba will only help the poor suffering souls to attain salvation from the wheel of life revolving on the axis of birth and rebirth.

    By Shri M.  M. Amingad
    Gulunche, Tal; Purandhar, Dist: Pune
    सबका मालिक एक - Sabka Malik Ek

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