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Author Topic: Baba please bless my family & my sons education  (Read 953 times)

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Baba please bless my family & my sons education
« on: March 07, 2013, 11:18:23 PM »
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  • Om Sri Sai ram,

    Iam whole heartly bow my head to sri sai feet
    Baba  I belive  you are God, everything is possible for you, you make it happen , I left everything to you
     Baba...i believe in you. you are always with us guiding us , because my mother-in- law said that she seen in her dream that you are living with us in our house & you said to her you are cleancing all the negativity in our house
    Eventhough i know very well that I will not pray and ask u to do this and do that. because u know what is best for me & for my family , but the past & present experience of pains , strugles to me & my family  we come across which we unable to bear  & it increase day by day like The health condiotion of me & my wife, my daughters employement & her  marraige proposal yet to settle & then  my sons up to 7 th STD he was excellent in his stedies & top in class , after that  the declain start in his studies ,he lack of intrest in his education he could not abel to concentrate  & success in PUC examination & then he joined DME, in which  there are back log papers pending for IV & V sem , now nearing VI sem Exam., my whole family living without peace of mind -WHY & HOW ALL THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO US  YOU KNOW VERY WELL , BECAUSE WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE NOTHING HAPPEN.
     That is why All i ask u is to bless & protect  me  & my family and let me & my family be  your child always.
    Also Iam  very badly need your blessing & protection to my son to over come obstacles  in his studies which are caused due to  what ever the reasons may be  because that he  unable concentrate / succeed in his studies
    Please Baba help him with your blessings  not only to clear all is DME - IV & V sem. pending paper & coming  VI sem. Exam to succeed .Also make him realise  importance about the studies  & which is the only asset to his carrier. Please protect him from all his frends who are misguiding & diverting  his path
     Baba please forgive my sins or any other mistake of present and past. come to rescue , i need you badly, help me & my family , Make negative situation to positive one.
    I feel that must important phase of my life is governed by an evil.
    Save me & my family  lord . Don't let that evil force harm me & my family anymore.
    Guide me the way to come out of this situation.
    Give me strength ,Protection & your blessing  to face & overcome any pains, problem, Strugles which causes of my karma . Please Baba save my sons  life . he who should not be victimized or punished  because of my karma/sins
    Save my family from the evil
    I am Begging whole heatedly to all my Sri Shridi Sai Baba  devotees . Pray for me & my family & my sons education hurdles to Proctect us from the evil
    Bow to Sri sai feet & peace be to all
    Thank Q to one and all
    jai sai ram
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