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Author Topic: Iam sorry baba  (Read 846 times)

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Iam sorry baba
« on: April 10, 2012, 05:13:21 AM »
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  • dear baba, as u know me, i really love u so much. i trusted u from my young days.u had been with me at all times. now this is the crucial time of my life.this is the time which will decide my future.but iam really feeling helpless baba.and many times i doubted u. iam so sorry.u know how i cried during physics exam. i hope i did bio and che exam well. but really afraid about my cutoff mark.i dont know why baba i really felt very bad. i hurted many in that frustation. i have hurted mom,pavi akka,dad, roja and YOU! iam sorry for behaving badly to u. please dont hate me. i really want ur love throughout my life. plese forgive me. love u always.
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