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Author Topic: SAI’S APPEARANCE IN DREAM  (Read 2856 times)

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« on: February 24, 2007, 12:17:49 AM »
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  •                         It was in December 1967, I began Sai Pooja as initiated by a close Brahmin friend of mine with whom I was staying at HIDKAL DAM near Belgaum.

                          At first I did a Sai Saptaha “reading of Guru Charitra” in a week and concluded on Thursday as desired. The same night Sai appeared in dream and directed me to attend an interview the next day. This dream was in acceptance of my worship and faith in SaiNath. The following day being Friday, as usual after my morning rituals when I returned from Shivalaya, a person was waiting for me with an introduction letter to appear for an interview. I was offered the job without many formalities. The new assignment was not much appealing to me in the beginning when compared to my previous post. My mind was therefore not at rest. I prayed to Sainath for his grace in meeting these challenges. My course of worship was very simple, restricted to always remembering Sai’s name and form. This process slowly purified my mind and redressed my mental state.

                At the inspiration of Sai I devoted my whole hearted attention to my new task, casting aside all my doubts. My ceaseless efforts in introducing a better pattern of accounting  system paved way for my initial success and due recognition in the organization.

    Sai’s acceptance of Naivedya and appearance as a black cat.

           After about three months I had been to Kerala for my marriage. Just prior to my marriage I performed another Saptaha in my home town where many friends and relatives were present on the seventh day. When preparations for arati were being made a black cat turned up before Sai’s photo and gulped at once the naivedya offered to Sai and disappeared. This miracle of Sai surprised those who were present there. They all shared this spiritual feast for the first time and kept wondering at the glory and significance of Sai, who is present in all beings.

    Sai’s appearance as serpent on my birthday

            My faith in Sai grew day by day. In the year 1969 on my birthday I was reciting Sai mantra and offering arati before Sai’s photo along with my wife, when I felt the presence of SaiNath there. At the very moment our attention was drawn to a shining piece of gold in front of Sai’s photo. Soon we realized it as a living serpent of 6 inches in length. My joy knew no bound. My wife was dumbfounded with this Sai leela. At my instruction milk was brought and offered. In a few minutes it had disappeared. My faith and devotion was thus acknowledged. By this time my little pooja room became a place of worship for many simple devotees of Sai Nath. One of these days a saint who came to perform yagnya to this place revealed these sequences as rare glories of Sai Nath.

    K.R.Gopinath B.Com
    Hubli-22 Karnatak State.

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    Once Shri Dasganu Maharaj expressed his desire to go to Pandarpur for taking darshan of Pandurang (Vithal). Shri Sai Baba told him that Shirdi itself is Pandarpur and gave him darshan in the form of the Vithal of Pandarpur.
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